February 2017 News
The National Adoption Center celebrates its 45th birthday this year! 
When we opened our doors in 1972, we didn’t know whether anyone would want to adopt a child who had a special need—a little girl with Down syndrome…an 11-year-old with cystic fibrosis…3 siblings who wanted to stay together…a 14-year-old who still wanted a family.  

We are grateful that once people learned that these children, all living in foster care because their parents couldn’t raise them, were available to be adopted, they began to inquire about them.  
Today, thousands of children across the country have found the moms or dads they longed for because we believe that “there are no unwanted children…just unfound families.”  With your help, we’ll continue finding them.

Match Event for Youth in Foster Care
On Saturday, January 21, the National Adoption Center hosted its first match event of the New Year! The event was held at Le Gourmet Factory Cooking School in Englewood, NJ.

Ten families and twelve youth attended and prepared a meal together. The menu included fresh honey scones with orange rosemary butter and french toast dippers with maple yogurt. They all had a great time participating in preparing the food and everyone was very excited to eat.

NAC's cooking events are always popular because cooking and eating together is a perfect way to connect and get to know each other.

Wednesday's Child
Daevon is only 10 years but he plays basketball like a pro! He loves to practice and wants to be a professional basketball player. He also enjoys riding his bike and playing video and computer games.

Daevon’s love of basketball took Vai Sikahema and the Wednesday’s Child crew to St. Joseph’s University to practice with the team! Daevon and Vai played a game of H.O.R.S.E. and then were joined by the players! Daevon visited the lounge area with the team and played video games and shared some laughs.

Daevon has the potential to reach his goals but he needs help to get there. He would thrive with a patient, committed family that will give him unconditional love and a structured environment with strong male presence. He should be the youngest child in the home. Daevon has a very strong bond to his younger siblings and
it is important that they remain in touch. For more information, contact
Paige Roller at proller@adopt.org or 267-443-1872.

Success Story
In January 2015, a shy 11 year old boy named John was featured on Wednesday’s Child. John loved baseball and was searching for his forever family. Around the same time that John’s segment was filmed, Jim and Jose were finalizing their first adoption and talked with their social worker about adopting another child. She suggested they watch that week’s Wednesday’s Child segment. Jim says that he knew the minute they saw the video that John was meant to be part of the family.

Jim and Jose shared many great stories about the process of becoming parents to two boys. Jim says that they knew they were meant to be parents to children living in the foster care system and Jose says that their sons bring them a profound amount of joy. John says that he loves being part of a family
and that he knows that he is home. 

Article in SWAN newsletter
Every year, the National Adoption Center works with Pennsylvania's Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network (SWAN) to host two match events for youth and prospective adoptive families. SWAN included a great article about the Western Pennsylvania event at Camp Agawam in their latest newsletter.  Click here to read more.

Thank you Wendy's!
Thanks to the Wendy's franchisees who generously donated holiday gifts to youth involved in NAC programs! They really helped brighten the holiday season for so many youth in foster care.

Wendy's is holding their annual keytag campaign benefitting NAC through February 12. Purchase a keytag for $1 at your local Philadelphia area Wendy's and receive a free Junior Frosty all year!

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3/25 Match Event @ Citizens Bank Park *homestudied families only
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5/17 Celebration of Family - Annual Gala @ Citizens Bank Park
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