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Rumple (now RockyMiles) was often overlooked at the shelter for his marathon runner energy, and overly eager greetings. 

Michelle was looking for a long-distance running partner who could keep up with her and be well-trained for hours at the end of a leash.

Even though he wasn't skilled on a leash, she saw potential and began meeting with him for lunch every day for a week.

"I wasn't able to adopt him right away as I had a planned vacation out of state and I had to pray that his “jumpy excitement” might turn other could-be adopters away. We prayed for him to be waiting when I returned, and we were so blessed that he was!"

Marathon Not a Sprint

"I began leash training and basic commands, learning his boundaries and of course letting him get comfortable in a home full of dog stuff left from the recent angel in heaven."

"In 75 days, we built a fantastic partnership and love for running early morning watching the sun come up. (We call it a RUNrise). He's learned how to sit, stay, shake, down, fetch, swim, and “clean up on aisle 3” (food dropped on the floor). Also, he has become a great runner and is now my marathon trainer as he is easily running 25 miles per week."

RockyMiles has channeled his overly eager greeting with people, dogs, bikes, and even squirrels as he and his adopter can now just run on by with a look (no bark or lunge).

He loves watching Dog TV on the couch waiting for his adopters to come home from work.

While some people saw his energy as a negative, it seemed like a match made in heaven for Michelle. 

"In certain poses, the white mark on his chest resembles a heart. This was during his longest run - 11 miles!"

"He will get to take his first family vacation in November and we are hoping he loves the beach as much as we do!"

#SubaruLovesPets Month

October kicks off #SubaruLovesPets month and we are excited to partner with Courtesy Subaru of Chico to help our animals find their own adoption success story.

They will donate $100 to Butte Humane Society for every pet adopted during the month of October and provide exclusive Subaru-themed Bark Boxes for every dog adopted this month!

Learn more here!
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