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"We had just lost two cats over the last three months and the house felt empty. We still had Banzai and ZeeZee but there was an empty space where Maia and Toast used to be..."

On October 2nd, 2021, Button began healing the broken hearts of her adopters.

"When we got her home we let her out in the bedroom, keeping a door between her and the other cats. She hid in the closet. When we let her out of the bedroom, she hid behind the couch. I felt so sorry for her. I felt that she was really scared and I didn’t know what to do to help her... I knew I would just have to give her time."

Purrfect Companions

Banzai immediately accepted Button as their new sibling, it took some time for Zeezee. But soon they were a family.

"Button has a playful personality. She still loves playing with bell balls and springs. She'll carry them around in her mouth and prance around the house."

Button is very smart and likes to play fetch.

Banzai, Button, and Zeezee cuddled up together in their adopter's lap.

Button loves spending time with her adopters and often lays in their lap for long naps and snuggles.

Every night, Button follows her adopter to the bedroom and waits patiently for them to finish taking medication so she can receive pets and be held.


"She’s talkative and carries on conversations with herself."

Such a Gemini

Her birthday is June 15th.

In true Gemini fashion, she's playful, smart and friendly.

Upcoming Events!

Come celebrate the holiday season at our Pop-Up Market! Our Holiday Barketplace is happening on December 2 from 11 am to 4 pm. You can support local vendors, enjoy our BHS-sponsored hot chocolate bar, visit our gift shop, and get your presents wrapped!

Special thanks to our presenting sponsor, Poptastic On The Ridge!

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