In 2016 Kelsey adopted her cat, Leo. This little kitty had been cared for by a foster family, which sparked Kelsey's interest in fostering as she began to learn more about what that really meant. Soon, she knew that she wanted to become a foster parent too.

When Kelsey bought her first home in 2019, she created a kitten room in one of her spare bedrooms and enrolled in the KHS foster orientation. In September of that year, she took home her very first litter of foster kittens! 

Since September of 2019, Kelsey has fostered almost 50 kittens! As we head into the 2021 kitten season, we know that number will keep growing.

Kelsey is such an asset to the foster team and takes in kittens of varying ages and conditions, including moms with neonatal kittens, kittens who aren’t fully weaned, kittens with ringworm, kittens with tummy issues, kittens with colds, and kittens with other medical conditions. If there is a kitten in need, Kelsey is always there. She truly offers a safe haven to kittens who need a little extra TLC.