Giftees for the Holiday and
Everything Else Keep Rolling In!
These Are Just a FEW of the Many Treasures.
infant hats
infant hats
infant hats
infant hats
 The best-dressed little animals must have these charming little hats. Super soft, knitted polyester, available in (2) sizes: 3-12 months and 12-24 months.
Tyvek wallets

     Tyvek wallets are back! -- in a variety of styles. Check out the Harriet Tubman $20 bill! These are slim, rugged and waterproof, and folded brilliantly to house
bills and credit cards. $17 

Thanksgiving cards
Thanksgiving cards (and of course, Holiday and
every other occasion) $5

Snow globes
Snow globes

     Snow globes are back! Here are just a few.
Laboratory-Inspired Drinkware.

     Laboratory-Inspired Drinkware.
Enjoy your favorite beverage and raise your glass to Science!
Set of 2 whiskey glasses: $30
Set of 4 beaker shot glasses: $20
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Video Tour of the Shop.
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fragment of Mother Sun
fragment of Mother Sun
c2020 Luana Kaufmann
One of Many Archival Pigment Prints of 
Luana's Cut-Paper Collages 
If You'd Like to See the Full, Ample
Array of Luana's Collage Prints,
Please Peruse (on a Device Bigger than a Phone) 
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We Keep Forgetting to Note the Beautiful Music that You Are Hearing in the Video Tours of the Shop. This Is Music That We Play Here at Emporium Collagia and We Have Some for Sale in CD Format. We May Be Able to Order Those That We Have Sold Out Of. I Know Many Folks Don't Use CD's Anymore (!),
But Please Do Inquire If You Are Interested.
In This Video Tour 6, You Are Hearing an Album by Lokua Kanza called Nkolo. 

A Little Navigation Tip.........
If You're Driving, You'll Need to Use Ann Street or Wolfe Street to Visit Us. (Thames Street Has Now Become One Way Westbound, Which Means You Cannot Turn Left from Broadway Onto Thames..)

Warm regards, 
Purveyor of Fine Goods
Collagist of Found Imagery