June 2019
Adult Day Health Center
District 4 Newsletter
The Adult Day Health Center
The Yolo Adult Day Health Center (ADHC), located at 20 North Cottonwood Street in Woodland, is equipped with well-trained staff and a wide range of services to help families in Yolo County provide better care for their aging loved ones. Having opened in 1984, the center offers short-term daytime care to meet the needs of clients and their caregivers. ADHC assists individuals with everyday tasks, physical or mental support, and managing medications and care.
Programs and Staff
Programs for aged or disabled adults include nursing, therapy, nutritious meals, socialization, enriching activities, and transportation to and from the center. The ADHC team is dedicated to serving patients to the fullest and with dignity. Staff includes physicians, nurses, social workers, rehabilitation specialists, recreation specialists, dieticians and mental health professionals who provide a team-oriented approach to managing complex health conditions while maximizing client independence.
Daily fees may be covered by Medi-Cal, veteran’s benefits and some private insurance; Medicare is anticipated to cover the cost of adult day services in the future.
Attentive Care and Peace of Mind
Eileen was a mother, nurse, and a lifelong equestrian. In her late 70's she suffered a stroke, leaving her with memory loss and the inability to care for herself. Her daughter Mary, with a young daughter and husband, became full-time caregivers as the stroke had left Eileen unable to do most daily tasks. Mary, realizing that she and her family may have to relocate her mother as she required intense care, reached out to ADHC for help. Apprehensive at first, she was delighted with ADHC’s caring attentiveness and activities. Since Eileen loved horses, staff would talk with her about horses and bring pictures to share. With ADHC's help, Mary was able to be a better mom for her daughter and her daughter was able to build a stronger bond with her grandmother. Mary and her family are so thankful that they were able to have had Eileen in their life for so long and for everything ADHC did to help her mother.
Expanding Capacity
The Adult Day Health Center is currently operating at capacity and has a large waiting list for those they cannot serve at this time. In response to this growing need, the partnership that built the center 35 years ago has come back together and under our leadership, we are working to create new space. We hope to double the capacity and create a modern state of the art facility.
For more information about opportunities, services, and costs, please call their number at 530-666-8828.