RISEN: Wednesday, April 15th and repeated Thursday April 16th via Zoom
St. Oliver's offers Adult Faith Formation via Zoom
RISEN: Considering the Sunday Gospels of the Easter Season  

Friends of St Oliver Plunkett Parish 

Of course, we’ve all learned new ways to do different things in our lives ----- Parents are homeschooling their children, picnics normally celebrated in a park or on the beach are now in our backyards……and Mass is on YouTube ---- not in the beautiful sacred space of our Church.  With the Lord’s grace, we are making the best of things ---- while we pray for those who have died, those who are suffering and the healthcare workers serving them. 
So it is, in the times of the Corona Virus…..

And so, our Adult Faith Formation, must also undergo a bit of a metamorphosis ---- not a change of focus on our Lord Jesus Christ -- but thru new methods of presentation and discussion. The originally scheduled “RISEN” program will move to the ZOOM platform (audio/video meeting).


RISEN: Considering the Sunday Gospels of the Easter Season -- In the seven weeks of Easter, the Church gives us unique Gospels for each Liturgical Year. Thru the Gospels of the Easter Season, the Lord speaks to us beyond Easter Sunday. Join us as we listen to the ways in which the Risen Lord speaks to us thru these Sunday Gospels of Easter. These presentations will be hosted via ZOOM.  

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