Adult Formation Classes
Sundays @10am
January 2019
Chapel Class
Our Love For God
Scriptural study
Unit 2: Loving God by Trusting Christ
  • January 6 - Hold Fast to God's Love: 2 Thes. 3:1-5; 2 John 4-11
  • January 13 -Rehearsing Scripture - Rev. Dr. Anna Carter Florence (Combined class in WFH)
  • January 20 -Submit to God in Christ: Phil. 1:12-21
  • January 27 -Global Mission Sunday (Combined in WFH) 

In this weekly Bible study, seasoned teachers provide the lesson using  The Present Word  curriculum and accompanying scriptural texts.
Conversations Class
Frances Browne Dining Room P212
Christianity and World Religions
Jan. 6, 20, Feb. 3, 10, 17
led by Garrell Keesler and others

With nearly 100 million Americans professing a faith other than Christianity, we (and our children) are likely to confront others' claims of faith at some point. How should we respond?

Over 5 weeks, we will compare Christianity to major world religions in an effort to understand how their views, practices and hopes align with ours. What can we learn from other faiths to strengthen our own? How can we love our neighbors better by understanding the things they hold most dear?

This class uses its round-table setting to exchange ideas from the day's lesson about understanding Scripture and applying it to our lives. 
Passages Class
Pattie Cole Room S203
The Apocryphal Gospels
led by Rev. Mary Margaret Porter

Did you know that there is an equally large body of writings about the Bible and Jesus that are not in the books in our pews and on our bookshelves? Many of these carry ancient stories of Jesus as a child, the beginnings of Christianity and some may have even been written by and about powerful women. Why are some books in the Bible and others are not? Who decided what to put in and what to leave out? How do we know about these other biblical writings and what should we think of them? 

  • Jan. 6- Intro to the Apocrypha
  • Jan. 13 - COMBINED IN WFH - Rehearsing Scripture -Dr. Anna Carter Florence shares her methods for interpreting Scripture
  • Jan. 20- Infancy Gospels 
  • January 27 - COMBINED IN WFH - Global Mission Brunch
  • Feb. 3 - The Ministry Gospels
  • Feb. 10 - The Passion Gospels
  • Feb. 17 - The Post-Resurrection Discourse Gospels

This class presents rotating topics that invite exploration of Scripture and ways of living the faith personally and for the world. Teaching and discussion are attentive to the needs and interests of those who are navigating mid-life passages, but
the class is open to all.
Good Samaritan Class
Fresco Lobby
A Call for Unity
class returns to the Fresco Lobby

  • Jan. 6 - "A Call for Unity" - discussion around the letter sent by white clergy in Birmingham to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1963. (led by Ross Loeser)
  • Jan. 13 - COMBINED IN WFH - Rehearsing Scripture -Dr. Anna Carter Florence shares her methods for interpreting Scripture
  • Jan. 20 - "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" - discussion about the letter MLK, Jr. wrote in response to "A Call to Unity" from Birmingham Clergy. (led by Barbara Williamson)
  • January 27 - COMBINED IN WFH - Global Mission Brunch

This class  considers events in our world and focuses conversation on how people of faith respond and live.