Fun fact: over half of the Judge Rotenberg Center's population are adults!  
Our adult clients participate in a wide variety of activities including social events, fun exercise groups, yoga classes, talent shows, music classes, Bingo Night, group socials, dances, and so much more.
Ashi enjoying time at his computer.
Eric learns a new beat.
Gideon enjoys a social op with his friend Diane.
Ashley whips up a new recipe.
Our clients obtain competitive jobs working at nearby stores and restaurants. They also work paid, part-time jobs in our kitchen, our food services department, at our receptionist area, and as assistants doing copying, filing, and shredding in various departments.
Greg stocks shelves at a local Target and Damian is part of the housekeeping crew at JRC.
Andrew enjoys his shredding job!
J RC clients are involved with many fundraising and volunteer opportunities in the local community. These include bake sales, charity walks, food drives, volunteering at a local food pantry, and collecting toys for children during the holiday season.
A walk to fight Cancer - one step at a time.
Helping at a local food pantry and making cookies for our annual bake sale to support breast cancer research.
Evenings and weekends include fun activities such as cooking, community outings, crafts, playing games, along with swimming and barbecues in the summer months. Let's not forget some much needed rest and relaxation!
Jacque enjoys celebrating his sister Julia's birthday.
Benaiah taking a much needed break and Sharah goes on another shopping spree!
Erica and Sue enjoy an afternoon bike ride.
Irene and friends spend some time at the bowling alley.
Luigi meets a new friend in the park.
Our clients take part in many outings such as dining out, shopping, and other recreational activities such as a "Joy of Golf" clinic. Some clients also compete in the Special Olympics each year.
Janine at Dunkin'!
Louis and Brian practice their swing at a golf clinic.
Keigan and Laura participating in the Special Olympics.
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JRC has an open admissions policy throughout the year. If you are interested in learning more, please email Julie Gomes at, or speak with a member of our Admissions Staff at 1-888-575-9375.

Information on admissions and referrals can be obtained Monday-Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Eastern.

We also welcome parents and agencies to tour JRC's beautiful and unique school and residential facilities at any time. Contact us to schedule a tour!

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