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"Colonoscopy screening is the most powerful screening tool we have in fighting Colorectal Cancer because we are screening for the precursor (polyps) to colon cancer and if found, we are able to eliminate the problem before it occurs." - Dr. Leroy Darkes
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Curious about what it looks like inside our new, 35,000 sq. foot medical facility in Southeast Raleigh? Join us for a tour!

Wednesday, March 23 rd 4:00pm
Wednesday, April 20 th 4:00pm

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Horizon Healthcare for the Homeless

Referrals to specialty and diagnostic services are available for uninsured patients through Project Access and insured patients through our Referral Center.

Administration has moved!
After over a decade at New Bern Ridge, Advance Community Health operations has completely vacated the building with the move of our Administration to 1001 Rock Quarry Road. With this move, ACH administration staff will be in the same location for the first time in years.
Progressing into the Future: 
Front-line Staff Receives Re-Training
ACH staff participate in split-billing exercise
Recently, Advance Community Health (ACH) front-line staff has been going through re-trainings. As the medical landscape continues to change at an ever increasing pace, ACH must also evolve. Over the past few weeks, our staff has been re-trained on the complexities of ACH's operation as a Federally-Qualified Community Health Center. According to Monica Hagood, ACH's Director of Central Services, "So much of our work and the patient's experience is influenced by front-line staff that we have to ensure proper training." Course content ranges from customer service to understanding our patient population to split billing.

Monica engages staff during the trainings through role-play, games, and interaction, like the Left-Right game pictured above to demonstrate the importance of double data entry for split billing. As ACH moves into a new era of patient service and community engagement, we are working now to ensure our staff is able to best serve our patients and communities. 
I am Advance Community Health... 
Meet Jane Jarvis, Medical Records
I graduated from college with a BA in Elementary Ed and taught for several years before we started a family. However, I didn't keep my certification up and just landed in healthcare on a part-time basis when my children were all in school. I really didn't choose just chose me. 
Jane works in Apex

When my children started college, I attended Meredith College and received my second major in Psychology, while working part time in an Internal Medicine Practice. My plans were to go further with graduate school until I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid  Arthritis. The stress was just too much for me to continue on that path, so I went back into the medical field full-time.  All in all I have 24 years in medical records.

I have been with ACH for 7 years. As  a Health Information Specialist, I am a behind-the-scenes person. While my job doesn't require personal contact with our patients, I always try to offer a smile, a pat on the shoulder, or a helping hand in the hallway. My goal is to positively impact patients by providing succinct & timely reporting to providers, so they in turn can give the best quality of care possible to patients.

I do enjoy being a part of a community who truly cares and provides for the underserved, the underdogs, and some just down on their luck. None of us know our future...we are all in need affordable and caring healthcare.
Voices of ACH:
Jeanette with ACH provider, Alexis Goss, PA
Jeanette, an Advance Community Health patient, knows how important it is to share her family's medical history with her provider. Both high blood pressure and diabetes runs in her family.

Despite challenges such as transportation, Jeanette sees her provider on a regular basis. She knows the importance of preventive care. She said at first she didn't want to go to the doctor because she knew her health was good, but with her family history she realized it was important to get an annual exam.
"They care about my health," says Jeanette. She was even able to get allergy medicine for just $3 through ACH's Drug Assistance Program. She loves to tell others about the services available at a health center, and she makes an effort to be proactive about her health. Even if Jeanette isn't sick, she now understands the importance of getting an annual check-up. 

OUR MISS ION: To deliver quality, compassionate primary healthcare--every patient, every time--in response to the ne eds of our communities.

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