REAC Impossible Flash News Report
August 27, 2021

Advance REAC Inspection Notice back to 14 Days on October 1, 2021

REAC's has updated its Return to Operations (Inspector Notice No. 2021-02) guidelines.  Changes have been made to REAC inspection scheduling, REAC Inspectors’ personal protection equipment, and the NSPIRE program:
1.   28 Day Notice back to 14 Days: The 28 day notice will end on September 30, 2021.  Starting October 1, 2021, HUD properties will only be given a 14-day advanced notice.
2.   Personal Protective Equipment Changes: REAC Inspectors will not be required to clean their computers, et cetera.  REAC inspectors are no longer required to wear gloves during the inspection, except when inspecting elderly and healthcare properties.
3.   NSPIRE Scheduling Changes: NSPIRE demonstration participants will no longer schedule inspections using mutually agreed upon dates. NSPIRE participants will instead follow the 28-day initial notice and 14-day final notice guidance. Properties may, however, negotiate an earlier inspection date.
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It’s clear that HUD has no intention of loosening requirements for REAC Inspections, just the opposite, it will continue to make it more difficult for owners and managers to provide decent and safe housing for its charges. 
If it’s getting close to the anniversary of your last inspection it would be wide to take measures to identify and catch up on deferred maintenance.  Conduct a Pre-REAC inspection with a qualified consultant or inhouse.
If your last REAC inspection score was below 80 your next inspection is 12 months, 24 months if you scored 80 to 89, and 36 months if you scored 90 or more on your last inspection. At last two months before the anniversary date is the latest to start getting ready for a REAC inspection. 

The reason is the difficulty in finding qualified contractors and hiring challenges. REAC will not entertain hiring excuses when it believes residents’ health and safety is at risk.  REAC wants year round maintenance and the 14 day notice is an attempt at forcing that reality.

Hank Vanderbeek, MPA
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Former Federal Office of Inspector General Forensic Auditor
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