Sharpen your EMDR diagnostic eye. 
Refine essential tools for safer and more successful treatment outcomes.
Clairvoyance, Rene Magritte, 1936

EMDR Master Class: Foundations of Diagnosis &  Treatment of
PTSD & Dissociative Disorders

J oanne  T wombly

Sat. May 13, 2017    9:30 - 4:30
1253 Whitney Ave, Hamden CT   
Parking: 60 Putnam Ave. Hamden

     This one day workshop will provide participants with an overview of the diagnosis and treatment of PTSD with dissociative symptoms and dissociative disordered clients. Through lecture, video and case examples, clarification will be given on how to work effectively and safely with this population, including: diagnosis, the three phases of trauma treatment, adaptations of EMDR that assist with stabilization, orienting parts to the present, and decreasing negative transferences.  Participants will also learn a protective format for processing traumatic material. This workshop is appropriate to clinicians with any level of EMDR training.

Become Well-Versed in Core Concepts and New Findings on Treatment with CPTSD and Dissociative Disorders

  1. Learn modifications to enhance trauma resolution

  2. Learn strategies to be more successful with clients with complex trauma

  3. Discover highly-integrative methods to address dissociative states including: EMDR Modifications and Ego State Techniques

  4. Review challenges such as working with suicidal or perpetrator parts and learn how to integrate interventions for countertransference

  5. Identify symptoms of dissociation and become knowledgeable about diagnostic tests.

  6. Incorporate EMDR adaptations to facilitate stabilization, orient dissociative disordered clients to the present and decrease negative transferences.

  7.  Prepare client for trauma processing using a protective protocol that can be used with EMDR.

  8. 8. Earn 5.5 CEUs (additional fee)


5.5 CEUs Available

($30 CEU fee)

Complimentary Lunch Will be Served

Enrich your clinical repertoire  &  Network with Colleagues in
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Join us! 

Improve your efficacy in treating presentations of complex trauma, depersonalization, derealization, DDNOS and DID 

Gain essential expertise in the application of fundamental concepts 

 Become aware of the latest findings

Deepen your conceptualization of  effective assessment, planning and phase oriented  treatment

Bring new skills to bolster your practice immediately


Joanne H. Twombly, MSW, LICSW is in private practice in Waltham, MA where she works extensively with people with complex PTSD and Dissociative Disorders. She also provides trainings and consultation in EMDR and Internal Family Systems. She has had several book chapters published on EMDR, EMDR and IFS, and on working with Perpetrator Introjects. Her commitment to providing the optimal space for healing has resulted in her becoming an EMDR Trauma Recovery HAP Facilitator, a Certified Consultant in EMDR, Internal Family Systems Certified, and an American Society for Clinical Hypnosis Consultant.

She is the past President of  the
New England Society for the Treatment of Trauma and Dissociation.
She served on various committees and on the Board of the 
International Society for the Study of Trauma  and Dissociation 
where she received  the
2010  Distinguished Achievement Award.

~ Testimonials ~

Ms. Twombly is gifted in her understanding the dissociative process. In a warm, down-to-earth style, she transmits her extensive experience with clarity, compassion and practical guidance. My knowledge has been enriched by this workshop.

Joanne is an inspiration to therapists seeking to help those struggling with dissociative disorders.  Her contributions to the field are evident in her teaching.

It is a rare occasion to learn from such a giant in the field of EMDR and Dissociation.

An important addition to the skill set of Approved Consultants' and
Certified Clinicians' 
 Contact Sponsor:  Cheryl Kenn   (203) 675-3440