Welcome to November - The weather is changing, leaves are falling, and the days are getting shorter! Make sure to check out this month's Newsletter below. There is a lot of information in this edition: Christmas party info, update on Deb, info for free flu shots, yoga classes scheduled, and much, much more! Have a great rest of your week!
November Newsletter - 2017
Caregiver Recognition Dinner
We would like to congratulate our Thurston County based caregivers who were honored at the 17th Annual Senior Network Caregiver Recognition Dinner: Stacy, Dianna, Cynthia, Erin (not pictured) and Brenda (not pictured). We are so proud of you and inspired by the stories that were written about you by your clients. Stacy represented AHC this year in taking home the top "caregiver of the year" honor. Thanks to all of our wonderful caregivers who make a difference every day! To view more pictures from this great event, click here.
We want to say CONGRATULATIONS to Jillian D., on passing her state CNA exam recently! Congrats on your promotion and enjoy your raise!
New Advanced Health Care Employees:

  • Lena A.
  • Casey B.
  • Sarah B.
  • Matthew B.
  • Anthony C.
  • Mackenzie F.
  • Shannel K.
  • Karla M.
  • Salena P.
  • Kailee S.

We are happy you have chosen to be part of our team!
Cold vs. Flu & What You Need To Know:
With the rain and the leaves falling, so also comes the cold and flu season. Just how do you know if you have a cold or the flu, and when should you stay home from work? Often it is difficult to distinguish between the two as their symptoms can be quite similar.
Here are some guidelines:
A cold will have symptoms such as a sore throat, nasal congestion, cough, body aches, and malaise (feeling tired). The big difference is that with the flu you will also usually run a fever of greater than 101F.

Most of the time a cold will start out with a sore throat for the first 1-3 days. It is actually at this time that you may be contagious and may need to decide to stay home. However, after this time and the cold has turned into a cough or congestion you are probably past the contagious period.

The flu will usually have some of these same symptoms but you will also run a fever. While you are running a fever, this is the period during which you may be contagious and should most likely stay at home. Once your fever resolves and does not return for a period of 12-24 hours, you are most likely safe to come back to work.
Prevention is Key:
As an important reminder, frequent hand washing is important during a cold or flu to prevent it from spreading further. Please call the office if you are sick and need to stay home or ask an RN Supervisor if you have further questions about your symptoms and if they may adversely affect your client. A flu shot is a great prevention measure and you can receive the flu shots at most any drug store or even stores like Walmart. See our article this month about flu shots for all the information on our reimbursement program.

 Stay healthy, Sharla RN
Save the Date: Friday, December 15th
Employee Christmas Party
Tacoma & Olympia Offices
New this year: yoga and meditation classes offered during the day! More details to come.
Your Nursing Supervisors Want to Remind You: Always carry a flashlight when you go to work during these dark days. It’s helpful when looking for an address, walking to & from your car. 
Our Olympia Office Has Moved
We are getting settled into our new office space the past couple of weeks. Both Procare Academy and Advanced Health Care have beautiful, larger spaces to conduct business and classes in now. Drop by and see for yourself! We would love to show you around. It's proof that we have wonderful caregivers/staff and we continue to grow! Make note of our new address: 3773-A Martin Way E, Suite 101 - Olympia, WA 98506.
Many of you have been asking, “Where’s Deb?” – our wonderful nursing supervisor and clinical leader for the last 15 years. Unfortunately, Deb’s cancer, that she successfully beat 20 years ago, has returned and she is undergoing treatment to battle this disease once again. While Deb is unable to be in the office right now, she is able to work from home. You’ll continue to hear Deb’s voice on the phone when you call with a nursing question or to go over assignment sheets. On weekends and evenings she rotates nursing on-call with the other supervisors. Deb appreciates your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. She is available by phone or email djones@advanced-healthcare.com
  November Anniversaries to Celebrate:
Darlene P. 19 years
Lori W. 9 years
Deborah B. 8 years
Erl P. 8 years
Larisa J. 5 years
Tony B. 3 years
Karen E. 3 years
Corrine H. 3 years
Yolanda S. 3 years
Mary L. 2 years
Bryce R. 2 years

Wow! That's a lot of long time employees to recognize this month. And you read that right - Darlene celebrates 19 years this month!
Thank you for your dedication to Advanced Health Care and to the clients you faithfully serve!
Happy 15th Anniversary, Daun!
If you have been with Advanced Health Care and ever had to use the after hours answering service to talk with us, no doubt you've heard our "voice in the night", Daun Lenz. She celebrates 15 years working with us as our after hours and weekend scheduler. She is always dependable and has a heart of compassion for our clients and caregivers alike! Thank you, Daun, for your dedicated service. If you'd like to thank her yourself, click DAUN to send her an email.
"It is impossible for me to express the extraordinary admiration I have for you in person, because I am AHC’s voice and client care coordinator after hours. I want you to know how deeply grateful I am for all you do each and every time you enter a client’s home or facility where they reside, remembering that you are their trusted advocate for their quality of life. I am proud to work with each of you on our AHC Team!"
Flu season is upon us! Because you work with vulnerable adults on a regular basis, we strongly encourage each of you to receive a flu shot. If you haven’t gotten your flu shot yet, please do so soon! There are a few options for you to get your flu shot covered:
1. Most insurance companies cover flu shots at 100%
2. If you do not have insurance coverage, Advanced Health Care will reimburse you for your flu shot - up to $40.
3. If you are unable to pay for your flu shot up front, contact Selina in H.R. for a location that will provide you your flu shot at no cost to you.
What Clients Are Saying
About YOU:

We are so proud of all of the work that you do with our clients. You each make such a difference every day you go to work. Click on the link to see what your clients are saying here! 

You may just see your name!