Yes!  I want to register to try-out for the Jr/Sr Elite Team!

Do you want to play on an "Elite Team" that only plays high school players?

Are they pressuring you to sign up now?  There's a reason for that.

Do they have more than one "Elite Team?"
If they have more than one "Elite Team"-
how is that "Elite?"  
It's not...when you have more than one team... it becomes a money maker... and not about showcasing you as a true "Elite" player.

Don't you want to stand out?  

Don't you want to be on a team that wants to showcase you?

Check out some of our past players-

Don't fall prey to being pressured to paying to be on some other team now.  The pressure is to get you locked in now so that you don't wait to tryout for the one and
only "Elite Team" that has been playing area college teams for over 14 years!

Strike Zone Elite Team
does not play other high school teams-

We have our
Fall Baseball League for that at a 1/4 
of the price to compete against other high school players:  
15/16 Fall Competitive League

Our Elite Team is more than just playing games. 
It is an
intricate part of the recruitment process.

We want you to get to the next level and to help you follow your dreams of playing in college.
T hat is why when you register to tryout for our Elite Team, 
you are automatically registered to showcase your skills to area colleges and pro-scouts  at our
Exposure Showcase on August 5.

Once again, 
the Strike Zone Elite Team plays ONLY college teams-
not high school teams on college campuses.

You will have the opportunity to take private tours of the college campuses and actually talk with the college coaches about their program and most importantly- 
show them your skills.
They will know you are on a truly "Elite Team, "
not one of many.

Start your recruitment process now.

Click Here To Be A True Elite Team Player