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Physical Sciences Edition, May 2018


Welcome to the SciTech Physical Sciences Newsletter highlighting the latest technology innovations in sCMOS, CMOS, EMCCD, SWIR, THz, high speed , thermal, hyperspectral, acoustic imaging, surface metrology and much more.

iX Cameras: i-SPEED7 High Speed Camera Series    
- elite performance 
With maximum performance and outstanding image
quality, the i-SPEED7 cameras are ideal for engineering and research applications that require analysis accuracy.
  • Ultra-fast recording, up to 26 GPixels/second
  • High resolution 3.1MP sensor
  • Best performing: HD1080p at 12,500 fps

First Light Imaging: C-RED 2 InGaAs SWIR camera
- For high resolution Short Wave InfraRed (SWIR) imaging
The new high speed C-RED 2 camera from First Light Imaging is a revolutionary ultra-high speed, low noise camera designed for SWIR imaging. It incorporates an InGaAs SWIR camera capable of capturing images at 400 FPS, full frame, whilst emitting a read-out noise of less than 30 electrons. It is tailor-made for low-light applications in the fields of biological imaging, industrial science, astronomy, semiconductor inspection, solar cell inspection, hyperspectral imaging, spectroscopy, raman spectroscopy, quality control, laser communications and production control.    
  • Integrates a 640 x 512 InGaAs PIN Photodiode Detector
  • Full frame image capturing capabilities at 400 fps
  • Read out noise < 30 electrons
  • Flat quantum efficiency between 0.9 to 1.7 µm (70% QE)

In fratec ImageIR® 8300 HP Camera
- for high speed thermal imaging  
The ImageIR® 8300 HP high speed thermal imaging camera offers full-frame rate of up to 355 Hz in the format (640 × 512) IR pixels, outstanding thermal resolution better than 0.02K, integrated trigger interface and reaches a 3 times higher frame rate in full frame mode. In combination with ultra short integration times, ultra fast industrial processes or research tasks can be recorded and analysed with maximum detail.

Ximea xiC Cameras
- Miniature USB 3.1 Sony (Pregius™) CMOS cameras 
The Ximea xiC cameras featuring the Sony Pregius™  CMOS sensors are the smallest measuring only 26.4 x 26.4 x 33mm and lightweight at 38 grams. These cameras are fully featured and represent excellent value for performance.

  • High speed, high frame rate: from 2.3MP at 165 fps to 12MP at 31 fps
  • Support for Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, ARM and embedded platforms
  • USB 3.1 Type-C and proven Micro-B connectors

Nüvü HNü EMCCD Camera 
- for ultra low light imaging
Nüvü's EMCCD cameras push the limits of detection in ultra-low light applications. Fields of application include Fluorescence, Bioluminescence, Spectroscopy, Super Resolution, OEM and Astronomy.    

  • ≥ 90% of photons counted
  • Highest SNR for demanding low light imaging
  • Minimal background noise (<0.001 ē/pixel/frame)
  • Highest EM gain (1-5000)

PCO Panda 
- back illuminated sCMOS camera 

CO.panda 4.2 scientific CMOS back illuminated camera incorporates the latest innovations in scientific CMOS technology to maximise photon detection in low-light imaging making it the cameras of choice in countless microscopy applications 
  • 16bit back illuminated sensor
  • up to 95% quantum efficiency
  • Ultra-compact size: 65 x 65 x 65 mm³
  • 2048 x 2048 pixel with 6.5 x 6.5 µm² pixel size

Nanosurf  CoreAFM
- value for money AFM  

Nanosurf's CoreAFM is a compact, cost-effective research AFM that offers a combination of functionality and simplicity by integrating the key components of AFM to realize versatility and user-friendliness.

Consisting of a flexure-guided scanner, a fully digital 32-bit controller, XYZ sample stage, camera, and air-flow protection in a single all-in-one unit results in a complete AFM system.  All the essential functions of modern AFM are integral components of the CoreAFM system; thus, only connecting power and USB is all that is needed for a fully operational CoreAFM.
  • Compact and robust atomic force microscope for stand alone and large stage operation
  • Easy and quick cantilever exchange and alignment reduces downtime
  • Automated batch measurements and scripting interface for system integration

Terasense: Tera-4096 Camera
- TeraHertz imaging 
The Tera-4096 terahertz imaging camera by Terasense is the largest standard THz imager model with a large 4096 pixels (64 x 64 array) imaging sensor making it the ideal terahertz imaging camera where high speed image acquisition rates of up to 5000 fps are required.

  • pixel size of 1.5 x 1.5 mm 
  • responsivity of 50 kV/W
  • noise equivalent power 1 nW/√Hz
  • certified frequency range 50 GHz - 700 GHz
  • 5V USB powered

Signal Interface Group: ACAM120 Acoustic Array
- For acoustic imaging 
Create an acoustic image overlaid onto an optical image to visualize sound sources at different frequencies with 40 digital microphones on a 40cm x 40cm plate. The microphones are sampled simultaneously, providing accurate phase information for digital signal processing algorithms.

  • 5MP optical camera
  • one USB cable for microphones, optical camera, digital I/O and power
  • can be bundled with beam forming software as a complete system for end-users
  • or, as an unbundled open platform for developers, system integrators and researchers 
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