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Physical Sciences Edition, October 2018


Welcome to the SciTech Physical Sciences Newsletter highlighting the latest technology innovations in sCMOS, CMOS, EMCCD, SWIR, THz, high speed , image analysis software and lasers.

PCO Dicam C1     
- intensified 16bit sCMOS camera  
The PCO.dicam C1 is the first camera to combine a high resolution 25 mm image intensifier with a 16 bit (4.2 MP) sCMOS sensor via an ultra-efficient tandem lens. It has the ability to detect individual photons at the shortest possible exposure times of 3ns - 1s.
Camera Link HS guarantees uncompressed and secure data transfer. The latest standard of high-performance data interfaces enables the bridging of long distances via fibre optic cable.
  • 104 fps at full resolution
  • 2048 x 2048 pixels
  • ultra-low readout noise of 1.1 e-

iX Cameras i-SPEED 508 Camera  
- for high speed imaging 
i-SPEED 508 is the first mid-range high speed camera from iX Cameras. Designed with value in mind, the model 508 strikes the perfect balance between speed, size, and memory. With a full HD sensor running at 8 GPx/second, the 508 has plenty of power for laboratories, research and test range applications.     
  • Up to 4000 fps at full HD resolution
  • Up to 500,000 fps at reduced resolution
  • Up to 144 GB RAM
  • Mono ISO 8,500D (sat) / 68,000D (sat)

  • Color ISO 3,060D (sat) / 24,480D (sat)

  • Removable hard drive

Nüvü HNü EMCCD Camera 
- for ultra-low light imaging
Nüvü's EMCCD cameras push the limits of detection in ultra-low light applications. Fields of application include Fluorescence, Bioluminescence, Spectroscopy, Super Resolution, Astronomy and OEM.  

  • ≥ 90% of photons counted
  • Highest SNR for demanding low light imaging
  • Minimal background noise (<0.001 ē/pixel/frame)
  • Highest EM gain (1-5000)

Photon Etc ZEPHIR - SWIR Camera 800-1700nm     
- near infrared InGaAs 
Based on a sensitive InGaAs FPA, and integrating a four-stage TE cooler, ZephIR 1.7™ delivers an astounding 200 frame-per-second rate while reaching unrivaled low noise levels. Perfectly adapted for challenging scientific applications. 
  • 200 frame-per-second
  • 4-stages TEC
  • Low noise level
  • InGaAs FPA
  • Optimal from 0.8 to 1.7 µm

Camlin Photonics Atlas Series
- Czerny-Turner Monochromator  
The Atlas Series of Czerny-Turner Monochromators provide a customisable range of high quality, direct-drive monochromator systems. These systems incorporate multi-grating turret design features, and come available with focal lengths of 150 mm,300 mm, 500mm and 750mm. At the shorter focal lengths, they provide a cost-effective tool for low to medium resolution spectral analysis or tuneable light sources, whilst the longer focal length instruments provide the resolution needed to conduct high precision measurements in photo-luminescence and laser fluorescence.
Key Features:
  • High precision wavelength accuracy and repeatability
  • Choice of slit and port configuration on both inputs and outputs
  • Interchangeable grating turret on precision kinematic mount
  • Extensive range of high quality gratings

Ximea xiB Cameras
- CB500 48MP PCIe CMOS 
XIMEA has announced an 8K version of its existing xiB series of PCIe embedded-vision cameras. The new camera, called the CB500, incorporates a CMOSIS CMV50000 sensor with 47.6Mpixel (7920 x 6004) resolution at 12 bit conversion depth.  

  • 20Gbps PCIe Gen2 x4 system interface
  • CMOSIS CMV50000 sensor with 47.6Mpixel (7920 x 6004) resolution at 12 bit conversion depth
  • Operates at 30 fps at full resolution.
  • Available in either colour or monochrome
  • Physical dimensions of only 60 x 60 x 38 mm and 175g

Omicron Lasers 
- BrixXHUB® High Power Laser Combiners
The BrixXHUB® High-Power Laser Combiner can be equipped with up to 5  DPSS or diode lasers of different wavelengths (two of the same per wavelength are possible) in a compact and rugged design. Wavelengths between 375nm and 808nm and optical output powers, up to 2500mW per laser line, can be installed. The BrixXHUB is available in free-space emission or with fibre coupled output. 
  • Wide-field super resolution microscopy (PALM, STORM, SIM)
  • High-power RGB applications
  • Optogenetics
  • Test and Measurement
  • Machine Vision

Media Cybernetics Image Analysis Software 
- Image Pro v10 

Image-Pro is an image analysis software platform that delivers intuitive tools that make it easy to capture, process, measure, analyze and share your images and valuable data. Add one or more of the Image-pro modules to expand the functionality of the platform to match your needs.   
  • Implement Local Network Licensing using Licensing Server (optional feature) 
  • Improvement to the Stack Alignment Function with sub-pixel alignment
  • Image-Pro setup installs the latest patch
  • Capture to existing image destination (overwrite or append)
  • Add TWAIN support in 64-bit Image-Pro
  • Add Tick Marks to Calibration Marker
  • Add a checkbox for setting macro command interactivity
  • Add support for the Image Set Analyzer App to macro batch processing
  • Add the ability to use Count/Size segmentation methods to define the cells for intensity tracking
  • Tiling View includes a Calculate Overlaps feature
  • New options to flip TWAIN captured image in capture group
  • Measured lines may be merged and/or split

Terasense: Tera-4096 Camera 
- teraHertz imaging
The Tera-4096 terahertz imaging camera by Terasense is the largest standard THz imager model with a large 4096 pixels (64 x 64 array) imaging sensor making it the ideal terahertz imaging camera where high speed image acquisition rates of up to 5000 fps are required.

  • pixel size of 1.5 x 1.5 mm 
  • responsivity of 50 kV/W
  • noise equivalent power 1 nW/√Hz
  • certified frequency range 50 GHz - 700 GHz
  • 5V USB powered

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