Flexy 205 Machine IIoT Gateway
Providing remote data and remote access
The eWON Flexy 205 is an advanced internet data gateway that allows Machine Builders to monitor and collect vital KPIs for analysis and predictive maintenance. With data logging, alarming, built-in web interface, scripting and enhanced internet connectivity, the Flexy 205 is a modular Internet Gateway for your IoT deployment. It also supports VPN Remote Access for easy troubleshooting of your distant industrial equipment.

  • Secure VPN Remote connectivity - Ethernet, Wifi or Cellular 
  • Data Acquisition - Support all major PLC protocols 
  • Data Logging & Retrieval - Up to one million time-stamped data values
  • Email & SMS Notifications - Send notifications using Talk2M services
  • OPC UA - Embedded to offer easy-to-deploy data integration within factories

Ethernet Compatible Servo Amplifier
With CC-Link IE Field Basic
The MR-JE-C servo and compatible HG-KN and HG-SN motors provide a user friendly, high quality, low-cost, feature rich servo solution. Advanced One-Touch Tuning™ sets gains and filters in real-time, continuously tuning to optimize gains and minimize setting time and eliminate cumulative errors.

Inherent MR-JE servo features support pulse train command, analog voltage command, and absolute position detection.

CC-Link IE Field Basic one-network solution enables a highly-flexible and low-cost system, and seamless connectivity within all levels of manufacturing by SLMP (Seamless Message Protocol).
This feature allows CC-Link IE Field Basic Network compatible products, and Ethernet compatible products, to be connected on the same Ethernet based network enabling a flexible and low cost system. The MR-JE-C also supports Modbus TCP/IP communication over Ethernet providing additional options for communication directly to the drive.

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