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Register now for Advanced Papermaking: Additives
with instructor Gerry Ring
The last WIST papermaking course of 2019 is set for
November 7-8 at UW-Stevens Point

This course provides an overview of the common paper making additives used in the industry today. Clear descriptions of how and why these additives work are presented in classroom discussions. Attendees will participate in discussions focused on where additives are introduced into the paper making process, potential interactions with both equipment and other additives, and the relationship between additives and enhanced performance of paper. Hands-on exercises on the
UW-Stevens Point pilot paper machine put the information into practice each day of the course.

Comments from previous attendees:
Great balance of theory and practical. Will come away from the course with good practical knowledge.
This was a great way to diversify my perspective in the how and why papermaking additives are used in papermaking.
Knowledge about where problems occur and why will help me with troubleshooting issues that occur.

Learn more about and register for the Additives Course
One week to Focal Point 2019: Paper-Based Food Packaging
and Serviceware

There's still time to register for the 2019 conference, the only U.S. conference dedicated to paper-based food packaging and serviceware.

Don't miss this year's great lineup of eight speakers representing McDonald's, Kwik Trip, CP Kelco, Adams County Solid Waste and Recycling, WIST, Sustana, Solenis and the Foodservice Packaging Institute. 

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