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February 6, 2020
Here We Grow Again
Advanced Plan for Health has evolved significantly since we moved our headquarters to Westlake, Texas (a Dallas suburb) two years ago. The office space was designed to encourage innovation and team collaboration - which has resulted in numerous APH developments, i.e. Poindexter’s new predicted events enhancements and the advent of our I Am! program.

We have many new and exciting projects currently being developed at headquarters that will help improve your Poindexter user experience and ultimately, improve the health outcomes of all populations.
We look forward to hosting our valued clients and prospects in 2020. Stay tuned as we will be announcing additional Poindexter enhancements and noteworthy projects very soon!

Poindexter User-Tip of the Month
Financial Reports: Claims Classification 

The Claims Classification report combines claims based on procedure code, place of service, and service type to evaluate where and how members are using healthcare services. 

Why it Matters: The report compares two-time frames to show trends on cost and utilization to determine “hot button” areas that can be targeted for intervention.

-         Inpatient Hospital
-         Outpatient Facility
-         Outpatient Laboratory
-         Outpatient Radiology
-         Outpatient Pathology
-         Emergency Care
-         Evaluation and Management
-         Other Outpatient Services
-         Procedures
-         Medicine
-         Anesthesia
-         Ambulance
-         Unknown
When viewing the Claims Classification report you can expand each Claims Class to show the subcategories of each Claims Class by clicking the (A) “Expand All” button or (B) clicking each individual Claims Class.
*As with all Poindexter reports, any underlined metric in any report can be clicked, and a separate tab will appear with a more specific breakdown.
For questions or concerns, reach out to us at poindexter@mypoindexter.com or call us at 888.600.6577 
Did You Know?
APH has an extensive library of materials you may use to share the Poindexter value-prop with your downstream clients and prospects as needed. Collateral copy, Poindexter demo videos, PowerPoint slides, best practice guides, proposal language and Q&As and more.  
We want to be sure you know we are here to support you in featuring APH and Poindexter as a competitive differentiator! The APH team is available to conduct training for internal client sales, account management and power-users as well as for downstream clients who will be utilizing the system. 
For more information reach out to us at poindexter@mypoindexter.com or call us at 888.600.6577 
Blog Insights
Medical Cost Trend:
Behind the numbers 2020 by PwC Health Research Institute (HRI) Condensed and presented by Advanced Plan for Health
The Advanced Plan for Health team regularly scans the health market for trends, analysis and insight. In our research, we found The PwC HRI Medical Cost Trend: Behind the Numbers 2020 report to be full of valuable healthcare market information and thought our readers would benefit from the report findings. We decided to condense and present the PwC HRI report in a bi-weekly blog series to highlight what we found to be most pertinent to our readers and to better understand factors that could potentially affect the 2020 medical cost trend.  Below are sessions 3-5 of 11 sessions, per the PwC Health Research Institute (HRI) report. 
February Health Observances
February is American Heart Month and Cancer Prevention Month. 

The team at Advanced Plan for Health (APH) is passionate about improving the health and well-being of as many healthcare consumers as possible, so in honor of American Heart Month, we are sharing this Consumer Guide to High Blood Pressure for you to use to share details on the risks of hypertension and some preventative measures with your member, employee and patient populations. 

February is also Cancer Prevention month. Poindexter’s analytics help end-users to determine the likelihood of cancer in the next 12 months, and cancer in the next 10 years.

For more information on Poindexter’s cancer prediction abilities, you can reach out to us at poindexter@mypoindexter.com or call us at 888.600.6577 
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