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August 2019
August Advanced Plan for Health
RISE Webinars
There is still time to register for both of APH’s RISE Association (Resource Initiative & Society for Education) August webinars.  

On August 15 th and 29 th at 1:30 pm Eastern Time, Advanced Plan for Health’s Rick Scheel and Cathy White will be presenting a two-part RISE webinar series.

August 15th’s webinar is titled “Hot Spots Part 1: Find areas of undiscovered management opportunity within your population through analytics.” It will consist of a fireside chat moderated by Kevin Mowll , Executive Director, The RISE Association. The discussion will focus on how healthcare analytics can be used to identify hot spots or areas of focus across entire populations to identify undiscovered management opportunities – current state as well as predicted. You may register* for this webinar via this link .

August 29th’s webinar is titled “Hot Spots Part 2: Examples of undiscovered management opportunities found within client populations through analytics.”  This informative discussion will focus on how APH’s clients use analytics to gain a better insight into plan performance and trends and turn data into action items. You may register* for this webinar via this link .

*Webinar registration is free for RISE members, and RISE membership is free
for Health Plans and Providers. Follow this link to register for RISE membership.

Contact us at marketing@mypoindexter.com if you need help getting registered.
Client Corner
We’re Here to Help Your Business Grow!

During this busy renewal season, we wanted to send a reminder to our clients who are presenting APH / Poindexter as part of your solution set (brokers, TPAs, etc.) Highlighting the capabilities that Poindexter’s advanced and predictive analytics brings to your clients and prospects can help you to separate yourself from the competition for new business and existing accounts. We can help you win more! We can help you retain more!

Let us know what we can do to help you as your market and sell. We have tools, materials and resources that we can tailor to your brand to support your efforts across the full marketing and sales cycle. Contact us at marketing@poindexter.com to share how we might be able to help, and to learn more.
Recap From the Road
APH’s Denis Cremin and Rick Scheel attended the Health Care Administrators Association (HCAA) TPA Summit 2019 in Dallas Texas in July. The 2019 summit was the largest HCAA TPA conference to date, with 400 individuals in attendance. There were several great speakers and topics of interest for those in the self-funded business.  

In addition to an engaging presentation delivered by former Dallas Cowboy Safety Darren Woodson (shown in the image above), additional highlights included the following presentations:
Self-Funding in 2020 and Beyond –True Consumerism Adam Russo , Co-Founder and CEO of the Phia Group and Chairman of the Board of Self-Insurance Institute of America (SIIA) led a high energy presentation regarding the role of engaging plan members for better healthcare shopping. He covered a wide array of topics, including the use of health data analytics to more specifically identify members who will benefit from intervention and incentives. 

He shared that the Phia group has analytically identified providers with the best overall service at the most cost-effective pricing. Phia Group empowers their plan clients to support employee decision-making around planned medical procedures to guide them on what plan incentives exist, and what the most efficient options are for the member and health plan. 

He shared a creative example of their employee pregnancy / delivery incentive program. In this program, when a member agrees to use the delivery facility recommended by the Phia group (which is lower in cost and has better outcomes) they receive $300 in Amazon credit each month for one year to spend on diapers, baby food etc. Thus far, 32 pregnancies have taken the lower cost-alternative and in doing so have saved the health plan hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Differentiating your TPA by Embracing Free Market Providers was the topic presented by Dr. Keith Smith , the founder of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma and Jay Kempton , Free Market Medical Association (FMMA) Co-Founder and President and CEO of The Kempton Group Administrators, Inc.

One very interesting element of their presentation was a Free Market Provider example shared by Dr. Smith. He discussed details the fact that their website provides 100% transparent pricing for all of their surgeries, and it includes the surgeon, anesthesiologist and the facility. He shared that their transparent and direct package-pricing means that the patient knows exactly what the cost of the service will be up-front – which is particularly important as patients find themselves paying more out-of-pocket for services. 

This presentation also covered the importance of TPAs in exploring the Free Market Provider avenue.
A 360 Degree View of the Self-Funded marketplace was presented by Patrick Travis from Deloitte Consulting. In Patrick’s presentation he reiterated the exponential shift driven by digital transformation in healthcare. He emphasized the importance of having a powerful real-time advanced and predictive analytics platform in place to eliminate the need for traditional coverage. He stated that more focus will be placed on personalized medicine with a shift away from traditional symptom / disease management to precision and curative medicine.

Medicare for All, What Does it Really Mean? was presented by Lawrence Thompson from Inventavis, LLC. This thought-provoking topic showcased Lawrence’s estimation of the costs and impacts of a medicare-for-all type of health insurance coverage for the United States. It provided an interpretation of what this might look like if implemented, as well as the potential impacts across the entire spectrum of industry constituents such as providers, PBM’s, drug manufacturers, insurers, brokers, health exchanges and the uninsured / underinsured. The impact of such a plan change would be substantial and would impact virtually all Americans. Lawrence concluded that most would be adversely impacted, paying higher costs and receiving lower quality of care.
For any questions related to Rick and Denis’ experience and learnings at this conference, please feel free to reach out to us at (888) 600-7566 or marketing@mypoindexter.com .
Blog Insights

Barbara Rutkowski , EdD, MSN, CCM - Vice President, Clinical Operations, Advanced Plan for Health

Many of our clients offer incentives and programs to enhance employee and family health. However, too often these initiatives focus on nutrition, activity, rightsizing and common chronic health conditions like hypertension, hyperlipidemia, obesity and diabetes. Less attention is placed on brain health, even though our brains must work at peak performance for a lifetime to guide our bodily operations and functions, store our memories and be our control center.

This blog discusses what we can do to improve brain health which enables us to manage information, be logical, judge situations, keep our perspective and grow in wisdom as we experience life and work productively. Click here to read more of this blog.

July 28th was World Hepatitis Day and in observance we wanted to spread awareness through our blog about this debilitating and costly health condition, as well as some newer areas of cost containment.

APH On the Road
Upcoming Tradeshows and Conferences

The APH team would welcome the opportunity to meet you in person at any of our scheduled tradeshows and conferences. Contact us via our website , email us at marketing@mypoindexter.com or call (888) 600-7566 to arrange a time to meet.
August 26 - 27, 2019 l Raleigh, North Carolina

APH’s Cathy White will be in attendance. This state and local government conference will feature an array of healthcare professionals who will present best practices in relation to lowering healthcare costs, improving health plan design (in lieu of reference-based pricing) and maximizing patient engagement.  
September 9 - 11, 2019 l San Diego, California

Advanced Plan for Health will be a Silver sponsor and exhibitor at this RISE West summit. The focus of the event is on risk adjustment, quality performance improvement, provider engagement, implementation of technology solutions and risk analytics platforms and more. APH’s Rick Scheel, Yvonne Daugherty and Cathy White will be in attendance.
September 30 - October 2, 2019 l San Francisco, California

Advanced Plan for Health is a conference sponsor, and our team will have our exhibit booth setup (booth #714) and will be ready for demos of our Poindexter platform. APH’s Neil Godbey, Denis Cremin, Rick Scheel, Stephen McBride and Cathy White will also be participating in the conference as delegates. This event is focused exclusively on the self-insurance / captive insurance marketplace and typically attracts more than 1,700 attendees.