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September 5, 2019
APH Introduces Rebrand of Clinical Advocacy Program – I Am!

I Am engaged and motivated! I Am taking charge of my health! 
We are very pleased to announce that we are rebranding and expanding access to our clinical advocacy program that we have worked with more than 20 clients over the past 12 years to develop and refine.

APH’s I Am! solution helps those who bear the cost of healthcare understand and address their highest cost / risk areas through analytics-powered RN advocacy.

Our I Am! clinical advocacy solution combines the strength of Poindexter’s analytics insight with caring and expert APH Registered Nurses who work with our clients’ populations to truly impact behavior change and drive results. 
Over the past 12 years, we have worked with more than 20 clients representing nearly 100,000 lives in the development and refinement of I Am!
We design our I Am! programs on a client-by-client basis to tailor them to our clients’ goals and employer culture – providing administrative, strategic and analytical services along the road to better health.

Through Poindexter’s comprehensive member insight our nurses can deeply understand the health situation of each individual, form a meaningful partnership and together create SMART goals which empower each member to own and complete.   Another critical element in the success of our I Am! programs are the ‘runway communications’ we work in partnership with each client to create. They inform the internal leadership team as well as employees and members of the value of the program, and what to expect in their own personal experience. 
I Am! is available as an add-on to our Full Service offering which includes*:
  • Consultative support and executional guidance for building programs that improve member health, positively impact utilization and reduce costs
  • Consultative support in developing impactful multi-channel employee outreach and communication strategies to increase program adoption and participation
  • Guidance, outreach and collaboration with UM / CM / DM vendors
  • Consultative support with Stop Loss
  • Measurement of clinical program results
*Above is a representation of Full Service Consultative Services provided. We customize what is delivered to meet each client’s specific needs.

The I Am! Nurse Advocacy Program provides only administrative, strategic and analytical services and functions and does not make medical diagnosis, provide medical advice or prescribe medical treatments or options.

For any questions or to request additional information about the I Am! clinical advocacy program contact us at marketing@mypoindexter.com or 888.600.5766. 
August Advanced Plan for Health
RISE Webinars
We are pleased to announce that both of APH’s August RISE Association (Resource Initiative & Society for Education) August webinars were very well received. Thank you to everyone who participated and attended the webinars. Below are recordings for both webinars. We hope you will glean some valuable insights from them. 

On August 15 th and 29 th , Advanced Plan for Health’s Rick Scheel and Cathy White presented a two-part RISE webinar series. 
August 15th’s webinar is titled “Hot Spots Part 1: Find areas of undiscovered management opportunity within your population through analytics.” It consists of a fireside chat moderated by Kevin Mowll , Executive Director, The RISE Association. The discussion focuses on how healthcare analytics can be used to identify hot spots or areas of focus across entire populations to identify undiscovered management opportunities – current state as well as predicted. You may listen to a recording of this webinar via this link and request a copy of the presentation deck by clicking here .
August 29th’s webinar is titled “Hot Spots Part 2: Examples of undiscovered management opportunities found within client populations through analytics.” This discussion focuses on how APH’s clients use analytics to gain a better insight into plan performance and trends and turns data into action items. You may listen to a recording of this webinar via this link and request a copy of the presentation deck by clicking here .
For additional questions relating to this webinar series please feel free to email us at marketing@mypoindexter.com or call us at 888.600.5766.
APH On the Road
Upcoming Tradeshows and Conferences

The APH team would welcome the opportunity to meet you in person at any of our scheduled tradeshows and conferences. Contact us here , email us at marketing@mypoindexter.com or call (888) 600-7566 to arrange a time to meet with us.
September 9 - 11, 2019 l San Diego, California

Advanced Plan for Health will be a Silver sponsor and exhibitor at this RISE West summit. The focus of the event is on quality performance improvement, provider engagement, implementation of technology solutions, risk adjustment, risk analytics platforms and more. APH’s Rick Scheel and Cathy White will be in attendance, and will be at our exhibit booth. Please stop by if you are there!
September 30 - October 2, 2019 l San Francisco, California

Advanced Plan for Health is a conference sponsor, and our team will have our exhibit booth setup (booth #714) and will be ready for demos of our Poindexter platform. APH’s Neil Godbey, Denis Cremin, Rick Scheel, Stephen McBride and Cathy White will also be participating in the conference as delegates. This event is focused on the self-insurance / captive insurance marketplace and typically attracts more than 1,700 attendees.