Advanced Water Purification
Survey Thank You


Dear Padre Dam Customer,


Thank you for taking the time to complete the recent mail-in and/or web-based public survey to measure opinions and knowledge of local water supply topics.


We appreciate your input. It will be used to help us evaluate possible future water supply options to ensure Padre Dam's water supply is reliable.


We'd like to share a brief summary of some of the information gathered from the survey.


  • When asked about the use of advanced treated recycled water as part of the drinking water system - a four step process of rigorous state-of-the-art purification technology - a majority of respondents said they were either in favor of the process or wanted to learn more before deciding.

  • The most trustworthy sources of information on East County water issues are the San Diego County Health Department, the California Department of Public Health and university scientists.

  • The top three factors that have the greatest influence in supporting the use of advanced water treatment in the community are the cost to taxpayers, the frequency of testing and endorsement from health professionals.

As you may know, recent drought and imported water challenges have threatened the reliability of our water supplies and highlighted the need for Padre Dam to explore new possible water sources to safeguard the vitality of East County's economy and quality of life.     


Padre Dam has identified an exciting water recycling opportunity that, if it moves forward, would diversify our water supply and reduce dependency on imported water. The project is a demonstration project that will test the feasibility of developing a proven full-scale project that utilizes water produced within the District to serve Padre Dam's customers.  

The Advanced Water Purification Demonstration Project will begin the construction process this fall and is funded through a $3 million state grant and therefore will not impact water rates. It will use advanced water treatment technologies that meet or exceed the California Public Health Department's draft regulations. The water produced during this phase is for testing purposes only and will not be utilized in the drinking water system.   

If the project moves forward it has
the potential to provide up to 3 million gallons per day or enough water for approximately 5,500 households and businesses in Padre Dam's service area per year. This equates to approximately 15 percent of Padre Dam's current drinking water demands. 

Thank you again for your participation in the survey.
Updates will be emailed to you periodically to keep you informed about the project and its progress. 

If you would like to learn more about Advanced Water Purification and the demonstration project or belong to a community group that would like a presentation please visit or contact us at 619-258-4613 or



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