Tuesday, October 11, 2023

Advancement Update

Dear USA Members,

In collaboration with PSU, USA would like to take this time to address the issue of time reporting around assigning UMass Amherst Foundation work to USA members.

Previously, PSU submitted a cease-and-desist to UMass Amherst around assigning any work for the UMAF to PSU members until the university implements a way to track work hours performed in service to UMAF (such as a UMAF time code) and forms a labor-management committee to help members and managers determine which duties qualify as UMAF work for tracking purposes. As of today, management has not complied with these requests (other than offering to meet with us). 

The law (General Law - Part I, Title II, Chapter 15A, Section 37) allows for university employees to spend up to 25% of their time performing services for the private UMAF, and we continue to believe that this law, if followed, is appropriate. However, compliance with this law requires meticulous time keeping and definitions of what constitutes services for the UMAF—this protects our jobs, creditable service, and pensions.

Because management has refused to create a time-tracking code for this work or to define what constitutes services for the UMAF, PSU & USA continue to advise members asked to perform work for or with the UMAF to respectfully request an alternative assignment until a tracking system has been put in place to establish that our work assignments comply with the law. 

We ask that you complete this form to document any work or tasks you’ve been asked to do that you are concerned may be services for the UMAF.

Documenting UMass Amherst Foundation Work (google.com)

To aid USA & PSU in our ongoing fight against the illegal privatization of Advancement and state work, the form also contains a section for you to document any work being performed by the UMAF that has previously belonged or would typically belong to the USA or PSU bargaining unit. (In completing the form, you will have an option to let us know if you don’t want us to share your identifying information.)

The fight to Save our Staff, bring our work back to the university, and protect our pensions is not over. 

In Solidarity with PSU,

Mary Malinowski & Sheila Gilmour

Stay Union, Stay Strong