May 2017

Dear SBP community,

This month, SBP is making headlines nationally, a new faculty member received a prestigious award and three new trustees joined our Board.

An international study led by Evan Snyder explained a molecular basis of bipolar disorder, and may lead to new diagnostics and drugs that are safer and more effective than lithium. Also Alexey Terskikh and Alex Strongin discovered a compound that prevents the Zika virus from spreading – a step toward a drug to treat Zika.

I’m pleased to recognize Peter Adams who received a Glenn Award for Research in Biological Mechanisms of Aging from the Glenn Foundation for Medical Research. I also want to welcome Donald J. Rosenberg, J.D., Kazumi Shiosaki, Ph.D. and James Myers to our Board of Trustees.

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Perry Nisen

Underlying molecular mechanism of bipolar disorder revealed

Almost 50 years after lithium was approved to treat bipolar patients in the U.S., an international study led by Evan Snyder, M.D., Ph.D., has identified the molecular mechanism behind its effectiveness in treating bipolar disorder patients. The research, published in PNAS, is the first to explain the molecular basis of the disease, and may lead to new drugs that are safer and more effective than lithium. 


New Zika virus inhibitor identified

New research led by Alexey Terskikh, Ph.D., and Alex Strongin, Ph.D., could be the first step toward a drug to treat Zika infections. Their study, published in Antiviral Research, discovered a compound that prevents the virus from spreading.

New insight on triggering muscle formation

Lorenzo Puri, M.D., Ph.D., has published new research in Genes and Development that identifies a previously unrecognized step in stem cell-mediated muscle regeneration. The study supports efforts to form new muscle in patients that need it—typically geriatric individuals.


Slowing down the "aging clock"

A study published in Genome Biology by Peter Adams, Ph.D., provides further evidence of an 'epigenetic clock'—a pattern of chemical tags across our chromosomes that help determine which genes are read. The research may help people live longer, healthier lives.

Battling infectious diseases with 3D structures

Adam Godzik, Ph.D., is part of an international team of scientists that have determined the 3D atomic structure of more than 1,000 proteins that are potential drug and vaccine targets. The research could help combat some of the worlds’s most dangerous infectious diseases. 


SBP appoints three new members to the board of trustees

SBP announced three new members to the board of trustees: Donald J. Rosenberg, J.D., Kazumi Shiosaki, Ph.D., and James Myers. The newly appointed board members bring expertise in legal, corporate governance and biotechnology to our Institute,” said Perry Nisen, M.D., Ph.D., and CEO of SBP.

Peter Adams receives prestigious Glenn Award

Peter D. Adams, Ph.D., professor in the Tumor Initiation and Maintenance Program at SBP, has received a Glenn Award for Research in Biological Mechanisms of Aging from the Glenn Foundation for Medical Research.

Welcome to our newest and recently renewed President's Circle Members!

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• Carolyn Armstrong
• Cindy and Stephen Aselage

• Kathy and Ed Brown

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You brought it to Bring It!

Nearly 300 people joined SBP for a fabulous, fun-filled night at the “Bring It!” fundraiser at the Del Mar Fairgrounds on April 27, 2017.

SBP steps out for science

Scientists from SBP participated in the March for Science on Saturday, April 22nd. The passion and commitment to support biomedical research is alive at SBP!

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