November 2015
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Advancing Fields Ertel 
Project Partners

Ohio Department of Transportation


Warren County Transportation Improvement District


Hamilton County Transportation Improvement District


Warren County 

Engineer's Office


Hamilton County

Engineer's Office


Deerfield Township


Symmes Township


Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments 

Project Goals
*   Ease congestion 
*   Improve safety 
*   Expand access to business &          shopping 
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"Proof that government 
can do great great  things." 
- Warren County Commissioner Dave Young
 Traffic Light Timing is Being 
Adjusted  at the Fields-Ertel/ Mason- Montgomery Intersection 
We've highlighted two primary benefits of the new loop ramp -- for traffic driving north on Mason-Montgomery Road, you can now bypass the primary intersection and continue heading north on Mason-Montgomery avoiding several traffic signals. This also helps traffic using the "traditional" exit, because there are now fewer cars cycling through that signal. 

Some of you have noted that the signals however are still timed to support the heavier flow of traffic. First, please keep your feedback coming -- we appreciate hearing from all of you on how your drive through the area is going. Second, we wanted to make you all aware that we've been in communication with our partners at the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) about the signal timing, and they've said that they are closely monitoring traffic patterns through the interchange area. As the amount of drivers using the new ramp increases daily, and with less people going north through the intersection, it will eventually allow for longer green lights for those traveling on Fields-Ertel Road. 

And speaking of Fields-Ertel Road, ODOT plans to widen and resurface a portion of Fields-Ertel next year. 

Keep Your Feedback Coming! 
Public involvement has been and continues to be an integral component of our work. Your feedback has shaped the work we've done to date and we appreciate hearing how improvements have affected your drive. 
Here's a few snippets of comments we've received over the last few days -- keep 'em coming -- we always appreciate hearing from you directly at 

- Traffic was significantly reduced on the ramp to Fields-Ertel. Commendable job!


- Remarkable job by all and I think the new loop will absolutely relieve the congestion around this area.


- Job well done! Smooth sailing this morning.

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