Fall 2015                                                                                                                      Volume 7, Issue 3

Lawrence Garrett3
Fall is here, and for AL and ALY, that means game on!

This year, we've introduced an AL Class of the Year competition for our big Evening with the Stars event. It's been a great excuse for me to meet a lot of you for lunch, after work drinks, and even a painting class! If you're an AL alum and don't know about this, read on.

Our ALY alums had their first ever group social recently, and I was so impressed with you. You are amazing young women and men and you are changing the world day by day.

The 2016 classes have so many mentors to learn from and I know you are each up to the challenges ahead. Get your game faces on and let's do this together!

Best wishes,

Lawrence Garrett
Executive Director
EWTS 2015: Are You IN?
We're counting down to Evening with the Stars (EWTS), our annual dinner and auction that celebrates and supports the AL Nation.  This year we're bringing a new level of star power to this event with a class challenge. Here's what you need to know:

Saturday, October 3rd, 5:30 - 9:00 pm
at the Federal Way Community Center.

*Cocktail Hour *Huge Italian Dinner *Dessert Frenzy *Celebrity waiters *Irresistible Auction Items


(Bob Wroblewski Servant Leadership Alumni Award)

Don't miss the chance to make a scene when you're declared Class of the YearClasses are encouraged to sit together. If you aren't sure if your class has purchased a table (or 2 or 3) yet, check with your class rep or contact Deanne: deanne@advancingleadership.org .

It's also not too late to sponsor this amazing night. You won't find a more accomplished, enthusiastic community to support than the AL Nation!

To buy a table, a sponsorship or individual tickets,  CLICK HERE or visit www.advancingleadership.org .
ALY Students Give Back as Summer Interns
For several years now, we've invited Advancing Leadership Youth grads to give back to AL - and build their resumes - as summer interns. In the past we've worked with one or two interns, typically focusing their energies on administrative support and helping us prep program materials.  This year, we hired four interns and asked them to bring all their strengths - red, yellow, green and blue - to the table.

The 2015 interns,  Ruhama Berta, ALY '15, Cece Cayetano, ALY '15, Ellie Chang, ALY '15, Jordan Crahan, ALY '12, Jonathan Nguyen, ALY '15 and Devon Williams, ALY '13  definitely stepped up! Here's what they did for you in the past few months:
  • Built an ALY alumni network, database and class leads.
  • Held an event to reconnect, gather info, network, and celebrate achievements of ALY alums.
  •  Help prepare ALY program year with ice breakers, reporting metrics, communication tools and service opportunities.
  • Lead communication and outcomes for ALY 2.0 days.
  • Prep AL and ALY opening retreat.
  • Helped coordinate ALY family orientation.      
Those interns  still in town during the school year will continue to build on what they've started. Their next big goals are to reconnect local ALY alumni in serving in Federal Way and during ALY 1.0 and 2.0 class days, help develop connections with their employers and help fundraise.
If you're an ALY alum who will be in Federal Way next summer and are interested in interning with us, contact Deanne at Deanne@advancingleadership.org.
Barcelona on the Beat: ALY Grad is New Station Manager
William Barcelona, ALY '12
William Barcelona, ALY '12, is working on an economics degree. It's a logical step towards a career in business and risk management. But so is his current job - as the GM at Rainy Dawg Radio.

How did he get here? It's all about following his passion - in this case, for local and world music - and being willing to take some risks.

"This was one of the first moments post ALY where I can clearly say I would not have chosen to apply myself and go for this position if I hadn't gained the skills and confidence ALY provides," William admits. "Meeting so many peers and mentors who have followed their passions and found a way to do what they love with the bonus of taking home a paycheck directly led me to getting this job. ALY provides so many opportunities to network and grow."

He started working as Rainy Dawg, an internet-based station, as a volunteer after seeing an info booth his freshman year at University of Washington. It turned out to be a great fit and the next year he applied for a DJ slot. After a year of building his own show, he was ready for the next big step: General Manager. He applied, interviewed and was offered to job. He's four months in and enjoying the challenge.

Streaming 'radio' stations are on the rise, and we asked William to explain them. "As an online streaming station, we have much more freedom than a conventional FM or AM station in terms of FCC compliance...In addition to that, online streaming provides excellent quality,so the user is getting a great listening experience." Listeners can tune in on Rainy Dawg Radio's website or via apps like TuneIn.

As he enters his junior year at UW, William has a lot on his plate. At school, he's an Early Fall Start Community Leader, guiding new freshmen through their transition to college life. He's working as a product merchandiser for a chain of bakeries. Oh, and there's that General Manager gig. It's a diverse portfolio, but that's what he loves about it. 

His advice to the next wave of ALY? "Current ALY students should explore their passions and use them to start planning college majors (if college is their desired path) and careers NOW. It is imperative to start planning for the future as soon as possible. I am a firm believer that in this generation, one can carve out their own career, which will most likely be made up of multiple jobs over one's lifetime. This may sound stressful, but it is also an opportunity to make oneself a flexible, passionate, multi skilled candidate."
AL Gets a Visit From Estonian Student Leaders
Youth leaders with AL Director Lawrence Garrett and Anastassia Kostin, ALY '14 (front)

Last month, AL Director Lawrence Garrett and Anastassia Kostin, ALY '15, welcome a delegation from Estonia and Latvia participating in the International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP), the State Department's premier professional exchange program.
Advancing Leadership was contacted by Taylor Timinsky, Program Coordinator for the World Affairs Council's International Visitor Program about including a visit to the AL office as part of the IVLP delegates' tour. Ms. Timinsky's team had discovered AL during online research for their proposal to host the IVLP youth leaders in the Seattle area. Our organization was selected because of the established success of our Advancing Leadership Youth programs.
The delegates were articulate and enthusiastic as they discussed youth leadership. The key goals for their IVLP experience were "to examine youth issues in the United States, learn how U.S. groups and organizations promote community service and leadership development among youth and explore best practices in communicating in a multicultural environment and across linguistic divisions." Many of the group visiting with us were especially interested in getting the Russian minority youth more involved in mainstream Estonian and Latvian society.

In a follow up report, one of the liaison's stated, "Advancing Youth Leadership received the top votes among all meetings. Everyone in the group found Lawrence Garrett engaging and the program the one model everyone thought would be the easiest to replicate in their home countries."
Anastassia, who was ready to act as a translator and cultural liaison, as well as an ALY representative, found meeting international youth leaders face to face very meaningful. "The meeting gave me a look at how groups connect in real life, on a global scale. This experience allowed me to see the immense amount of work that goes into planning and coordinating youth programs, similar to ALY. My takeaway was that leadership is a very valuable and admired skill that many people hope to cultivate in young people all over the world."
Rising Stars: Small Businesses become Bronze Partners
There are so many AL and ALY alumni giving back to our program and our community. It's why we exist and we're honored to see so many of you embracing servant leadership.

This year, we are proud to recognize some AL 2016 members who are stepping up to support the program as they experience it. Not that's commitment! Each of these new Bronze Partners are small business owners or employees. Their sacrifice of both time away from work and money out of their budget demonstrates an understanding of how important leadership development is - not just to our community, but also to the improvement of their business.

Advancing Leadership is proud to introduce the following new Bronze Partners and AL 2016 members:
  • Jessika Montessi, Braveheart Construction
  • Shawn Armour, CompuKidz
  • Doug Legg, Edward Jones
  • Jesse Sage, Mr. Color
  • Ted Colby, Kurt Kwan State Farm Agency
We also want to recognize the continued commitment of our returning Bronze Partners: Valley Cities Counseling & Consulting and Woodstone Credit Union.  Thanks to all of our funding partners for your commitment to yourselves, your employees and your community.



Introducing The 2016 Classes
We're happy to introduce our Advancing Leadership Learners for the 2015-16 program year. Expect great things from them in the next nine months!
ALY 2016 (aka ALY 1.0)

Josephine Akinlosotu, Alex Argyle, Stacey Baek, Raelena Baldwin, Carla Barbosa, Samantha Bartlett, Faith Brazier,
Richard Chung, Brenda De la Torre, Gabrielle Fuller, Katerine Guzman, July Heng, Jesus Hernandez, Ian Hirons,
Mehria Ibrahimi, Sara Ichinaga, Cindy Imm, Ricky Islas, Justin Kwon, Cindy Lee, Natalie Murren, George Panniker,
Cindy Park, Jennifer Paz Meza, Dejia Phelps, Sidney Stanton, Sergio Velasco, Haiau Vo, Skyler Yesiltepe, Vivia Zhu

ALY 2.0 (second year ALY learners)

Yasmin Azzam, Ellie Chang, Ruhama Berta, Alexa Dannels, Allison Deboer, Sandra Ojeaburu, Eunique  Washington,
Bryan Hsieh, Victoria Cacho, Andrea  Diep, Jason Palmer, Xenia Velasco-Bono, Christopher Williams, Ramon Lallana,
Mikayla  Green, Ashley Kuria, Anastassia Kostin, Jonathan Nguyen, MacKenzie Palmer, CeCe Cayetano,
Dayoung Cheong, Makayla Long, Dongwon Kim, Alexander Wilson
AL 2016
Angelica Afande, Shawn Armour, Rachel Ban, Jeffrey Bishop, Sara Cerda, Angela Coe, Ted Colby, Shakira Erisksen,
Delia Fjelstad, Cody Geddes, Joshua Haglan, Philip Jacobs, Rachael Jamison, Cheryl Jones, Geoff Lawson, Mike Lawson,
Doug Legg, Monna Lux, Jessica Montesi, Martin Moore, Brandon Patoc, Rosa Pena, Lauri Perry, Michaela Popp, Jesse Sage, Andy Schick, Monica Smith, Kyle Sumpter, Terri Turner, Catherine Wedgwood, Lorie Weldon, Judy Zurilgen
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Alumni News
Kelly Maloney, AL '08 is the new Executive Director for Aerospace Futures Alliance .

Bridget O'Connor, ALY '09
was named Federal Way Communities in Schools 2015 Mentor of the Year. She is a past AL Board Director and currently  Vice Chair for Communities In Schools Puyallup, where she's served since 2011.
LeAnn Taylor, AL '11
was named Federal Way Mirror's Citizen of the Month in July.
Matt Tibbles, AL '06
is running for Ketchikan School Board.

Caroline Vander Ark Davis, AL '13 and Board Director
, welcomed baby Charli Hazel on August 26th.
Alumni Feedback
"Advancing Leadership taught me how community stakeholders can rally around common values and achieve great things. AL friendships last forever and the facilitators remain my closest mentors."
AL '04
Alumni Feedback
" ALY solidified convictions and affirmed my direction. It inspired me to lead a legacy of "service over status" and "see a need, meet a need"- my new mottos. "  
Karlo Leonor
ALY '06
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