Spring/Summer 2014                                                                                   Volume 6, Issue 1

ALY 2014 grads
Congratulations to our AL and ALY 2014 graduates! I'm proud to welcome these 62 new leaders to our alumni AL Nation. They have already demonstrated exceptional ability and passion, and I look forward to working with them on the program for our new participants.

As I recently announced at the AL '14 graduation,
AL 2014 grads
the 2014-15 program year will be my last as executive director.  It has been an honor, a pleasure and the best kind of 'leadership challenge' serving you in this capacity. 
Advancing Leadership is stronger and more relevant than ever before, and I can step back with confidence knowing that we will all continue to work together to build on our vision of a community of leaders.

In service,

Teri Hickel
Executive Director
AL '14 Project Helps Community Gardens Bloom
AL '14 presents check to FWCGF

Our latest Advancing Leadership grads have a lot to be proud of.  Their work with the Federal Way Community Gardens, the chosen focus of their team project, has moved the nonprofit forward "by at least three years," according to FWCGF Board President Cynthia Kannenberg.


The AL Class of 2014 partnered with FWCGF to review programs, goals and needs, then created a plan to address high priority issues. To increase funding and community awareness, AL '14 helped revamp the Day of Gardening and Organics event, creating a community festival atmosphere, promoting the event extensively and bringing in gardener celebrity Ciscoe Morris as a guest speaker. The event netted $13,000 in sponsorships and donations.


To ramp up the gardens' education efforts, the class helped create and staff a new summer gardening camp for kids. Finally, AL class members worked with the FWCGF board to review and update their strategic plan. The nonprofit was so impressed with the skills and passion of AL '14 that they invited class member Karen Saunders to join the board.  Congratulations on leading the way, AL '14!


Read the news release for more details, and visit the Federal Way Community Gardens site for photos.

Staff & Board Changes Bring Opportunity
Executive Director Teri Hickel with the AL '14 class

As the 2013-14 program year wrapped up on June 30, we celebrated the great work completed by departing board members and welcomed some exciting new additions.  Past president and favorite program speaker Dan Shea bid us farewell as he headed to California for his new job; Bridget O'Connor, AL '07 has finished her term on the board, but will stay connected as a volunteer.


Incoming board members are Miles Drake, recently retired community leader, Melanie Freiberg, Weyerhaeuser's HR Director of Leadership Development, Caroline Vander Ark, AL '13, of Getting Smart and Jenny Vasquez, AL '13 and General Manager of the Federal Way Courtyard Marriott.


Another big change for the upcoming 2014-15 program year is the departure of Executive Director Teri Hickel. In a message to Advancing Leadership alumni, Hickel stated, "It is with sadness and excitement that I formally step aside from this amazing program and provide an opportunity for a new director and vision. It has been a privilege watching this program grow, connections develop, and leadership emerge in this great city.  The very best part has always been you, the participant. Thank you for making this experience so incredible."


Hickel will continue to work with the program and the new director through early 2015.  If you are interested in the position of Advancing Leadership Executive Director, click here to apply, or contact admin@advancingleadership.org.  Applications will be accepted until July 25th.

Renewing Partnerships Enable Youth Progams
ALY '14 loved their visit to Starbucks

Three organizations have renewed their support of ALY for the 2014-15 year. Starbucks, Franciscan Foundation, and Umpqua Bank have all awarded grants to our youth programs, and plan to continue their face-to-face involvement as well.


Starbucks has been involved with Advancing Leadership since 2010, awarding us three Youth Action Grants, sending John Carnahan to serve on the board and several other employees through the adult program.  Each year, Starbucks executives and young staffers in the Rotational Development Program work with the AL staff and board to create a special program day for our youth at their corporate headquarters. Students learn Starbucks' corporate philosophies and strategies for successful community projects, and the RDP staffers, all recent college grads, share what they did in college to prepare them for career success.


Doug Baxter & Kathy Schmidt of Franciscan with ALY '13

Franciscan Health Systems has supported Advancing Leadership for over a decade. St. Francis Hospital has provided funding, in-kind meeting facilities and catering and sends a staff member through the adult program every year. Several hospital executives have served on the AL board, and St. Francis CEO Tony McLean is a regular guest speaker at both AL and ALY sessions.  Franciscan's partnership branched out in 2012, when ALY chose the FHS Youth Violence Prevention Initiative for their team project.  In 2013, Franciscan Foundation awarded ALY our first grant.


ALY boys enjoy ice cream with Umpqua's Marty Markey, AL '11

Umpqua Bank is also a long-time partner, offering grant funds, volunteer help and in-kind appearances of their infamous ice-cream truck at ALY project days.  Umpqua Sr. Vice President Jim Storvick is an Advancing Leadership founder and current board member, and many Umpqua employees have completed the AL adult program.  This year, Umpqua will be working more closely with ALY 2.0 to support planning and facilitation.


We are proud to be keeping company with these amazing companies.  Thanks to our renewing partners!

Internship Reunites AL and ALY Grads
Herman Brewster IV, AL '12 & Jordan Crahan, ALY '12 at the law office

Herman Brewer IV, AL '12 and Jordan Crahan, ALY '12 met in December 2011, when they were paired up during Servant Leadership Day, the only AL/ALY joint session each year.  "It was a wonderful day," Herman remembers, "one of my favorites."


As they got to know each other, they quickly discovered an important common bond, recounted by Jordan: "When he found out I was interested in becoming a lawyer and in running my own business that became the topic of our conversation for most of our time together. I really appreciated his willingness to share about his experiences in those areas, as well as his leadership experiences and his time in the program."


At the end of the day, Herman - who owns the Law Office of Herman C. Brewer IV, LLC - encouraged Jordan to stay in touch. "We kept in touch mainly via email, I would periodically email him with questions about the legal field, the law, etc.," Jordan told us. "Herman would respond with answers to my questions or resources I could explore on my own that would help me learn."


Jordan graduated high school and started college at Western Washington University.  This spring, he asked about the possibility of a summer internship, something they had discussed back in 2011. "I informed him it was a good time, but nothing would be given to him. He would have to apply, interview, and compete with other applicants for the position," explains Herman. "Jordan completed an application, writing, sample, and interview. His credentials were off the chart. He also received positive reviews from all his recommendations."


Herman and Jordan are currently working together during the summer, and Herman says that if it works out well, he will extend the offer of a continuing paid internship during all of Jordan's school breaks.  They both credit Advancing Leadership as the catalytic experience that brought them together and prepared them for this innovative, win-win experience. As Jordan puts it, "The ALY program empowered me to pursue leadership opportunities that would help develop me as a person, and achieve my goals - this internship is a great example of that. ALY changed my life."


Herman encourages other AL alumni to extend similar opportunities to youth. "Be flexible, be open minded, and make a difference in a young person's life by giving them valuable early work experience." Advancing Leadership salutes Herman for leading the way!


Are you an AL or ALY alum, board member or volunteer? Would you like to make professional connections within the AL Nation?  Request to join our Linkedin Group.

AL Inspires Alum to Reach for New Goal
Asst. Principal Sara Nollette, AL '12

Sara Nollette, AL '12, expected to learn a lot about her city and some strategies for work when she applied for Advancing Leadership. She recognized that her job title implied leadership, but saw herself as a support person - which didn't seem like the same thing. Now she acknowledges, "Not all leaders are the ones at the head of a company; many are quietly getting things done in the ranks."


Understanding leadership styles wasn't the only take-away for Sara.  She began to realize that part of why she kept a low profile at work wasn't just her style. "Reading The Leadership Challenge, and through reflection and discussion, team project, and activities with peers and community members, I began to see I was capable of more. I started to see my leadership potential," explains Sara. "I had always been more of an observer before. I realized I was more than ok taking a more active and visible leadership role." So when it came time in AL to set some future goals, Sara had a new vision for herself: getting her certification to become a secondary school principal.


"It was not my plan all along. It was through the leadership lessons and reflection that I thought, 'I CAN do this, I WANT to take on that role.'"


This fall, Sara will begin a new journey as Assistant Principal at Graham-Kapowsin High School in the Bethel School District. "I'm so looking forward to the new challenges! I just love the energy the students have, seeing them thinking about college/careers, and becoming more adult in their decisions." Sara also has some great experience under her belt, having volunteered as an ALY facilitator.


Reflecting on the progress she's already made in her leadership journey, Sara encourages future AL and ALY participants to prepare for growth. "Keep an open mind as you go through this program. You will see connections! Reflect on them, and be open to paths that may open up for you. Think 'pie in the sky': what would you do if you could? What's your deepest dream? Then figure out how to get there! Anything is possible."


Congratulations, Sara, on scoring this goal - Team AL is cheering you on.

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Alumni News

Keenan Curren, ALY '12 has earned a $450,000 scholarship to the U.S. Air Force Academy . His goal is a military career.

Joshua Dawson, ALY '13 received a renewable $200,000
Gates Millennium Scholarship. He plans to study microbiology and attend medical school at the University of Washington.

Amy Johnson, AL '08
is the new National Our Whole Lives Coordinator (faith-based sexuality education) with the United Church of Christ.
Julia Kim, ALY 13 is serving as Advancing Leadership's summer intern.  Thanks for the great help, Julia!
Brook Lindquist, AL '11 has been accepted into Shoreline's Nursing Program and is completing her first quarter of study.
Corey Obungen, AL '12 is now a personal trainer and fitness assistant at Star Center Metro Parks Tacoma.  Watch this video to see him promoting his adaptive recreation classes.

Elke Sanborn, AL '02
has a new job: Senior Manager of Payroll Services at T-Mobile.

Douglas Smith, ALY '13 was valedictorian at FWPS Internet Academy and will be an assistant mentor for the Washington Aerospace Scholars summer session.

Suzanne Smith, AL '05 recently celebrated the unveiling of a new art installation at Sunnycrest Elementary School, after serving on the volunteer art selection committee with the Washington State Arts Commission.

Tara Sorensen, AL '03 has published her book Where's My Purse, about her journey through Alzheimer's Disease with her mother.

Eric Stavney, AL '07
has a new role as an Instructional Designer in the Learning and Development Dept. at ADP-Cobalt in Seattle.

Alice Stevenson, AL '12 is now a Small Business Admin Instructor at Highline's Start Zone program - a great resource for people interested in starting their own business.

Casey Yamasaki, ALY '10 has been awarded a research fellowship from Cornell University's ILR School in New York City to study discrimination in labor and employment law.   

Congratulations to all the ALY alums who received Federal Way Rotary scholarships:
Jessica Llamas and Dain Yoshizumi, both ALY '12 and Shawntel Bali, Danalyn Fernandez and Hsin (Amy) Hsieh, all ALY '13.
Alumni Feedback
"It is so cool to see how I've progressed in the goals that ALY has helped me create and what an impact ALY has had on me in just a year and a half. Thank you for that opportunity!" 
Courtney Walker
ALY '13
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