Remote sensing devices and digital data collection team up for success
Three great new functions to improve your efficiency!

1. Need to sign off on a compliance document in the field? Now you can! Wildnote's Digital Signature is at your fingertips on both IOS and Android mobile devices. Just use the "Question Type" field in the web app to set it up.

2. Resources rule! You can now take your project documents with you on your mobile device. In project set-up on the web app, attach any resource documents you need to access offline, sync your mobile devices, and bam - you'll have what you need in the field at your fingertips. ERTCs, reference photos for plants and animals, maps, and more.

3. Raise your hand if you want to save time in the field. Our new Default-Answers function lets you auto-select and pre-populate fields with desired or anticipated answers so you save time on long, or repeating, surveys by not needing to enter data into every field every time.
Catch up with Lacey Hughey Tracking Mobile Species with Mobile Technology and her groundbreaking wildebeest study. Find out how using Wildnote technology saved her team a week and a half's worth of time on a 12-week project in the Serengeti.

What happens if we remove the guesswork and build wildlife crossings in places that wildlife will actually use them? Read about Dr. Winston Vickers collaborative effort to establish Best Practices for positioning wildlife crossings. This interdisciplinary project was initiated t o expand access to genetic diversity for an at-risk mountain lion population in Southern California's Santa Ana Mountains.

Wildnote wins Sustainability Award at the 2018 Cleantech Open Regional Showcase . "The award celebrates startups for exceptional integration of sustainability (environment, social, financial) into their business model, supply chain, and organizational processes and systems." -Ian Foraker, Director, CTO, Western Region
Just published! Jakes, A.F., P.F. Jones, L.C. Paige, R.G. Seidler & M.P. Huijser. 2018. A fence runs through it : A call for greater attention to the influence of fences on wildlife and ecosystems. Biological Conservation 227: 310-318.

UC Davis Road Ecology Center paves the way for wildlife in an emerging global collaboration.

Dead at 53 - The Land and Water Conservation Fund. Or is it? If a compromise bill that passed out of committee remains intact, the LWCF could come out stronger than ever. The fund is widely held up as the country’s single greatest tool for funding conservation. Find out how you can help save LWCF here.


Somebody's been paying attention! Drop it, dunk it, muddy it up; in the freezing cold, blinding light, scorching heat or dark of night - the Cedar CP3 Rugged Smartphone is built to work where you do! Juniper Systems calls it "the most capable rugged smartphone on the market for data collection and communication." Can your clipboard do that? Check it!