What is a Validated Listing and Why is it Important?

Hundreds of IAM member companies have already Claimed their Mobility Exchange listings. (If your company's listing hasn't been claimed, why not? Claiming your listing is free - read more here.) When you are ready to expand your listing to show your full range of qualifications and capabilities, and put your listing among the top ranks of every relevant search result, the next step is Validation.
The IAM Mobility Exchange Validation Program offers quality companies an opportunity to further differentiate themselves by providing trading partners an assurance that their membership, quality and compliance qualifications have been independently vetted, reviewed and validated.

Companies are Validating their IAMX listings every day - click this map to see the live status, bookmark it, and check back often! Currently, 127 companies have Validated their listings or are in the process of Validation.
Mobility Exchange carefully reviews the information presented by each company in our directory, but our Validation program goes one step further. An IAMX Validated company has voluntarily submitted information that allows us to validate their membership and certification claims. When appropriate, scanned copies of documentation can be uploaded. Expiration dates for memberships and certifications are recorded and tracked.

When people are searching for a company in your area or with your expertise, selecting a Validated Service Provider provides an assurance that they are selecting based on objectively-reviewed and validated qualifications. For this reason, we give priority placement to Validated Service Providers in every search. Present your company in its best light to leading industry partners - get Validated.

Use these links to learn more about Mobility Exchange and what it means to your company:

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