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Fall 2023

October 4, 2023

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Checking Accounts

Stay connected, stay protected! Our convenient, affordable, safe, secure accounts and debit cards have you covered.

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ID Safe Choice

Peace of mind all year-round. Keep your identity safe and secure with fully-manged identity recovery and more.

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Credit Cards

Celebrate, spend, and save with an Advanz Rewards Mastercard®! Earn as you shop with rates as low as 10.90% APR.*

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Protecting Your Heart and Wallet: Beware of Romance Scams.

What's a Romance Scam?

It's when scammers create fake profiles to trick individuals into false romantic relationships. Once trust is built, they might ask for money or financial details with made-up reasons.

Spotting a Scam:

  • Too Perfect Profiles: Watch out for profiles that seem too polished or use stock-like photos.
  • Quick to Change Platforms: Be alert if they urge moving to email or texts soon after meeting.
  • Frequent Emergencies: Scammers often claim sudden crises needing financial help.
  • Evasive on Details: They might dodge personal questions.
  • Poor Grammar/Spelling: This could indicate a non-native English speaker.

Keeping Your Data Safe:

  • No Financial Sharing: Never give out personal financial details.
  • Stay Skeptical: Money requests from someone you've never met? Red flag.
  • Research: Cross-check their photo, name, or profile online.
  • Choose Trustworthy Dating Sites: Opt for sites that actively weed out suspicious users.
  • Report Doubtful Behavior: Inform platform admins and consider notifying the police.

Genuine people will respect your caution. Always safeguard your personal and financial data. For any concerns, contact us directly. Stay vigilant and safe!

Community Engagement Corner

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  • Kentuckiana Heart Walk - We've got passion for Community at Advanz! We’re thrilled about our team’s spirit of giving back. This year, our dedicated employees once again joined the 2023 Kentuckiana Heart Walk, raising $1,365 - almost TWO TIMES last year's total! Thank you for stepping up and championing heartwarming causes with us!
  • Home of the Innocents Bake Sale - Did you buy a sweet treat in August at one of our branches? Then you helped us raise $857 for the Home of the Innocents. Thank you to all those who participated!
  • Upcoming Ways to Support - We’ll once again be supporting the Home of the Innocents this holiday season with a donation drive. Donations will be accepted beginning 11/1/23; plan your giving by viewing the most needed items here.

Skip Your Loan Payment This Season

The holidays are coming up, so who couldn't use a little extra savings? With the Advanz Skip-A-Pay program, you may be eligible to skip your loan payment in October, November, or December for a low $20 fee!


  • Can only skip once per calendar year, per loan
  • Real estate/home equity loans are not eligible
  • Must be current on all loans/accounts

Contact us today to skip your loan and save this holiday season!

Your Never Too Old to Improve Your Money Smarts!

Navigating your finances just got a whole lot easier with Advanz Credit Union's Online Financial Wellness Center, in partnership with Banzai:

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  • Guides & Resources: Embark on a journey from understanding basic savings to mastering advanced financial strategies.
  • Expert Coaches: Have in-depth financial questions? Our seasoned experts are here to help.
  • Practical Tools: User-friendly aids crafted just for you, ensuring you sail smoothly through your financial journey.
  • Banzai Lessons: Dive into real-life scenarios that break down complex money matters into bite-sized lessons.

In addition to these resources, remember that with AdvanzScore, you can check your credit score anytime while using online banking. With both these offerings, you’re set to truly grasp and control your finances!

Ready to elevate your financial wisdom? Step into the Financial Wellness Center and get started!

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Congratulations to our team on celebrating these milestones! We thank them for their service to Advanz.

  • Corey Helms: Member Service Representative (Highview) - 4 years
  • Kevin Lush: VP of Lending (Main Office) - 36 years
  • Troy Windhorst: Lending Processor (Main Office) - 30 years
  • Marie Strange: Branch Manager (Highview) - 24 years
  • Diana Stoess: Share Draft Representative (Main Office) 21 years
  • Liz Petty: Support Service Representative (Main Office) - 6 years
  • Joel Voyles: Senior Vice President (Main Office) - 11 years
  • Brenda Halpin: Member Service Representative (Indiana) - 9 years
  • Emma Grant: Branch Manager (Main Office) - 5 years


Our branches will be closed for business on the following dates:

Monday, October 9

Columbus Day

Thursday, November 23

Thanksgiving Day

Friday, November 24

Day After Thanksgiving (Closed after 12:30 p.m.)

Monday, December 25

Christmas Day

Monday, January 1, 2024

New Year’s Day

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