Witness to Love
Just as you did it for one of these who are members of my family... (Matt. 25:40)
Opportunities for diving deeper
Advent Candle Liturgy
You are encouraged to use these liturgies daily, setting aside a time in your day to light the candle for the week. Additional time for quiet devotion or reflection with others is also encouraged.

Weekly Blessing & Reflection
As you begin your day: God has blessed you! May you find ways to rejoice today knowing God loves you, and may you be a blessing to others.
At the close of day: What do you celebrate about your day? Where have you seen God’s love alive?
For Children and Families
Smack-dab in the Middle of God's Love
by Brennan Manning and John Blase, Illustrated by Nicole Tadgell
Read for you by Molly Davis
Godly Play Theatre Box

Signs of Love & Thanks
Making Sopapillas
In the story Smack-dab, Ana makes sopapillas for the children as an act of love. Use this recipe
to make sopapillas of your own.

Delivering Sopapillas
Think of a friend, family member, neighbor, or church member you might share your Sopapillas with and create a card illustrating that they are smack dab in the middle of God’s love.
For Youth & Adults
Bible Study
Love and Matthew 25
Dismantling Racism: Starting Within
National & North: An Experiment on Empathy
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