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December 2019


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Immigrant Justice Team 
Ted Cassidy SM - Chair
Ashley Davidson
Terri Burgin
Neomi DeAnda
Sherine Green
Chuck/Pam Orlowicz
Tiffany Hunsinger
Arlene/Rich Sroczynski
Adam Murphy

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Ask your Senator to Support the Dream Act of 2019
While the U.S. Supreme Court considers the challenge to the current DACA program, it is vital to encourage Congress to act to provide DACA recipients with a path to citizenship. The House passed H.R. 6 which includes a path to citizenship for DACA recipients.
Click here to urge your senators to support young adult immigrants by supporting the Dream Act of 2019 (S. 874) which provides legislative protection for DACA recipients 

Take Action Against the Wealth Tax on Immigrants
The Trump administration is proposing hefty increases in fees for many immigration-related services. For example, the administration has proposed an 83 percent increase in the naturalization application fee - raising it from $640 to a staggering $1,170! Please send a comment opposing these increased fees
Deadline for comments - Dec. 13.

OR   click here  TO WATCH A  ½ MINUTE VIDEO
Record # of Immigrant Children 
Detained in 2019
Read this alarming report  that details how almost 70,000 migrant children were held in government detention facilities over the past year.
Prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe - Feast Day: Thursday, Dec. 12 
Our Lady of Guadalupe,
Hear the prayers of your children
As you promised to Juan Diego.
Ease their suffering and fill them with your unfailing love.
Blessed Mother,
Bring solace to those across the world forced from their homes
Fleeing poverty, violence, and strife.
Protect them in their tribulations,
Strengthen them as they build new lives,
Fill our aching world with your grace and compassion.
Mother of All,
You see beauty and holiness in each of us.
Open the hearts of those who cannot yet see
The dignity of your children seeking refuge.
Unite us to welcome the stranger in your name,
Grant us the courage to break down walls that divide us,
And guide us as we advocate for justice and peace. Amen. 
Dayton & Cincinnati Readers
Join the International 
Human Rights Day Vigil
On Dec. 10, the anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, please gather for a candlelight vigil to call for dignity and justice for immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. The vigil is co-sponsored by the U.D. Human Rights Center and Campus Ministry.
WHEN: Tuesday, December 10,  8-9pm
WHERE: Butler County Correctional Complex, 705 Hanover St, Hamilton, Ohio
RSVP:  Please  register for this event.  
El Deportado
El Deportado

El Deportado
A 22 minute documentary from Creighton University on the causes of immigration and the effects of US policies on the southern border.  Watch at right.
Comments or feedback for Immigration Update  can be sent to   Jim Vogt.