Tomorrow evening we will continue our Advent study/reflection group at 5:30PM. It should last about 45 minutes or so.. Below is the Zoom link for the group. In "normal" times we have shared Adam Hamilton's short videos after the 8 and 10 Liturgies on Sundays, and they have been very well received. This will be our first attempt to do something like this on Zoom. The Zoom link is below.

We will be sharing Hamilton's Advent Series called "Incarnation: Rediscovering the Significance of Christmas," based on his book by the same name. Each week I'll send out some quotes from his book and a few reflection question you can use to help your Advent observance, whether or not you're able to join us on Fridays. ..

Last week some were interested in hearing the sermon preached by S.M. Lockridge that Hamilton mentioned. Here's a link to an except from that sermon entitled "That's My King"

Here are this weeks excepts and questions:

“I’m reminded of someone who once said to me, ‘Why do Christians spend so much time talking about sin?’ For some people, it feels like sin is the only thing they hear about in church. I want to be clear: if all you ever hear about in church on Sunday is sin, you’re probably in the wrong church. But if you never hear about sin in church, you may also be at the wrong church. The good news of Jesus is not that we’re sinners, but that he is our Savior. But we can’t appreciate his role as Savior if we don’t know we need to be saved.” —Adam Hamilton, Incarnation: Rediscovering the Significance of Christmas (pages 51–52)
How would you respond to someone who asked, “Why do Christians spend so much time talking about sin?”

“My experience, after forty-two years of being a Christian and attempting to walk with Christ daily, is that I am still tempted to think, say, or do things God does not intend. But when I turn to Christ, I sense his strength, his help, and his deliverance. He has transformed, and is transforming, my inner desires. We call this sanctification—the process by which the Holy Spirit changes our hearts and minds so that we become the people God intended us to be.” —Adam Hamilton, Incarnation: Rediscovering the Significance of Christmas (page 59)
When was a time you were aware of the Holy Spirit’s sanctifying work in your life?

“Love came down at Christmas to a stable in Bethlehem, to two poor parents and a handful of night-shift shepherds. That love would be evident in the way he healed the sick, forgave sinners, welcomed children, fed the hungry, and cared for his disciples. But nowhere was that love more clearly seen than on the cross as he hung there, saying, ‘This much. God loves you this much.’” —Adam Hamilton, Incarnation: Rediscovering the Significance of Christmas (pages 75-76)
Who has shared the message of God’s love for you in an especially meaningful way?


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