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November 15, 2020
Unveiling Religious Life (URL)
Could you be called to religious life as a sister, brother, or priest? Want to learn more about what religious life is like today? Join a series of three Zoom panels with vibrant and diverse, young men and women called to religious life, starting on Sunday, November 15 from 1:oopm -2:00pm. Register in advance to receive the Zoom link.

Open to exploring religious life in today’s world? Join a community of vibrant and diverse, young Catholic men and women by following @unveilingreligiouslife on Instagram.
Stock Donations
Just a friendly reminder as we approach year end, a gift of securities, including stocks or mutual funds, is a great way to support the Newman Center at UCSD. Contributions are tax deductible and there are no transaction fees or other costs. For more information please visit and click on Giving – Stock Donations at the top of the website. Or, you may contact the Office for Stewardship, Manny Aguilar, at 858-490-8294 or call Daniel Pritchard at Merrill Lynch, the Diocese’s broker, at 760-930-3122. They will make sure that the full value of your donation goes to the Neman Center.
Have an IRA?
A friendly reminder, IRA owners that are 72 or older may make charitable contributions of up to $100,000 per year directly to the Newman Center without paying income tax on the transaction. If you file a joint return, your spouse may also make a charitable contribution of up to $100,000, meaning couples can exclude up to $200,000 of their retirement savings from income tax if they donate it to a charity. Qualified charitable contributions must be made by December 31st each year in order to exclude that amount from income.

If interested, please consult with your personal tax advisor on the donation and the tax implications. You may make donations directly to the Newman Center or you may make it through the Diocese of San Diego at no additional cost. Please contact Manny Aguilar. Director, Office for Stewardship at or at (619) 672-5872.
Emergency Food Distribution Network
During this time of uncertainty, Catholic Charities has created the Emergency Food Distribution Network to assist individuals and families who are in need of food assistance and to provide it in a safe and CoVid-19 compliant manner. Learn more.
Renter and Homeowner Assistance
A resource of San Diego Renter and Homeowner assistance programs.
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