Weekly News and Prayers for September 24, 2020

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Click here for the September 15th edition of Synod News
Includes Synod's updated guidelines for re-opening

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Please join us ONLINE thru the Advent website
SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP 10am -- September 27, 2020 
Communion by Zoom at 10:45am (link below)

This is the 17th Sunday after Pentecost 
Readings:  Ezekial 18:1-4 & 25-32  and   Matthew 21:23-32

Zoom link for communion on 9/27/20 at 10:45 is:
Meeting ID: 844 5059 5049    Passcode: 274189

To access the worship service:  
 Go to and then click on the link for the worship service on the home page.
Bulletin available prior to worship on the  home page of the website.

To view all older recordings of our worship services, there are 2 ways from the Advent website:  1) select CONNECTIONS and then "YouTube Videos" from there and you can view any service back to the March time frame (or) 2) if you  want to have the bulletin as well: go to the Worship & Music tab at the top and then "Ways to Worship".  So, if you miss us at 10am on Sundays, you can still view the service.

"Interrupting Silence"  by Walter Brueggemann
Study of Isaiah starting October 11th (see info in New News)
No Sunday School October 4th

To connect:  Go to  ---  click on About Us --- Member Dashboard -- zoom links -- look for Sunday School and click there

"The Bible Project"

This is a weekly video and discussion class about  various books and topics of the Bible.   Prior preparation not required.  Everyone is invited to drop in on Zoom or to participate weekly.  Upcoming topics include The Psalms, "Strength," Ephesians and the Tree of Life.

Click here to connect:
Meeting ID: 835 3346 6442      Passcode: Parlor
Continuing with "Faces of Our Faith" through September 30th
Study of Isaiah starting October 7th (see info in New News)

To connect: to the class:  Go to  ---  click on About Us --- Member Dashboard -- zoom links -- look for Wednesday Spiritual Development Class and click on that link.

(each Thursday except the 3rd Thursday)

(Note that each week is stand alone - no problem if you miss one!)

To connect:  Go to  ---  click on About Us then Member Dashboard then look for Thursday Weekly Prayer and Devotion and click Zoom link.
Contact is Carol Schierlmann

FOR THE CHILDREN   -- "Advent Children's Corner" 
Found on the HOME screen of the website -- Left side under weekly devotion info


Look for the survey!  

You should have already received an e-mail directly to your inboxthat contains a Re-Gathering Survey from the Task Force.  The e-mail will come from knwassum@bellsouth.netviaSurveyMonkey and is titled "Advent Lutheran Church Re-Gathering Survey-We Want Your Opinion.".

Please complete the Survey no later than October 1, 2020 so that your opinion on Re-Gathering can be heard.


OCTOBER 11, 2020

The 2020 CROP Walk is almost here!!! This year it is a VIRTUAL walk and we would love to have 100% Participation. You can plan to walk with an Advent group around College Downs on the 11th, or you can dedicate a time for your family to walk together. Please go to this link to sign up to walk or to donate to Advent's Page .

October 3rd through October 11th
 Radical Love Endeavor Mission Immersion Environmental week

During the week the Advent Congregation is invited to enter into a week of caring for God's Creation.  There will be opportunities to clean a river, the biggest plarn  challenge, and awareness on planting trees in your area, plus so much more! Read below for River Sweep and Plarn Making and stay tuned for other details.
_ _ _ _ _

Arrangements are being finalized to work with Catawba Riversweepers for another of our God's Work Our Hands projects and Advent's Radical Love Endeavor - Creation Care Week.

This is a one-day initiative of pulling trash from the rivers, lakes, and tributaries that feed into the Catawba River. We will meet at Hidden Valley Eco Garden on Saturday, October 3rd, at 9am to work until 12noon.   Participants need to wear work clothes and a mask. Riversweepers will provide everything else.
Please send Carol Schierlmann an email by Monday, September 28th, if you and/or your family are planning to participate in this project so she can provide a headcount of the exact number. She will also provide specific directions to the Eco Garden which is less than 5 miles from the church. Carol is  

For GWOH this year, Advent is making as much "Plarn" as we can before October 11, rolling it into giant balls and crocheting plarn into mats to give to people who are unhoused and sleeping on the streets.
Plarn is simply plastic bags, cut into strips and looped together to make plastic yarn for crocheting. Plarn is easy to make, and a great project for families and individuals. There is a video on Advent Friends describing how to make plarn and this video should also be available on our Advent YouTube channel soon. 
How can you help?
  • Donate your plastic bags. Leave in Gathering Space, or at red door of the church. We need thousands of bags (each mat requires 400+bags), so ask your neighbors and friends to donate also! If you have bags and can't go out, contact Abby Bostian ( - we will pick up and deliver!
  • OR Make your own plarn balls. Cut your bags into strips and loop into Plarn.
  • OR Crochet plarn into mats! Check for a "plarn to mats" video online for instructions, or contact Stephanie Estrella or Jennie. Here is a link to one video: 
Plarn Extravaganza is part of Advent's Radical Love Endeavor - Creation Care project.

You are invited and encouraged to join Pastor Ward and Carol Schierlmann for an in-depth study of the Book of Isaiah beginning Wednesday October 7 at 11:45am and Sunday October 11 at 11:00am.
We will come together as a community to dig deep into the scriptures of Isaiah. This study will run from October through April with some breaks in between for holidays. Drawing from Old Testament Scholars like Walter Brueggemann and others, we are designing a course that combines an examination of the richness of the text as well as the contemporary message that God has for us today. Don't be scared off by the time commitment! Each week, the reading will include a few pages from the Biblical text and 10-15 pages from the companion guide.
Why are we planning to spend so much time in Isaiah? As foundational text of the Bible, Isaiah is the first of the great prophetic books of the Old Testament. We have chosen the book Isaiah for Everyone by John Goldingay for the student companion reading (available on Amazon for $12.99).  This book offers a thorough interpretation of the messages of the prophet's writing to the people of Judah and Jerusalem which included a call for injustice to be recognized, a message of liberation and hope from the oppressors of the people, and a message of the coming day of judgment. These separate messages are held together by the promise of a new age of redemption and peace that lies beyond the crisis of judgment.
Our first class begins with an overview of the book and the context in which it was written. Please let Carol Schierlmann ( know which session you plan to attend so she can get you in the email list that will go out to all participants.


As you know, typically Advent and other churches begin hosting Room-in-the-Inn the first of December.   Roof Above, formerly Urban Ministry Center, sent a survey to all of the host sites asking specific questions about their willingness to be involved with RITI this season because of the Covid-19 virus. Overwhelmingly the response was that because of a potential lack of volunteers, most sites would not be able to be a host site but they wanted to continue to be involved.  As a result, Roof Above has made some major changes to the program just for this upcoming season. I wanted to share the most recent update with the Advent family.   Updates will be provided as available.

This winter, Room in the Inn and shelter overflow will be consolidated into 2-3 large sites.  They are still finalizing locations.  Given the realities of COVID-19, they will prioritize non-congregate locations that allow for more individualized spaces and greater safety for our neighbors experiencing homelessness and who are already a vulnerable population. Roof Above is committed to having as many beds, if not more, for those in need. While in previous years RITI has been predominantly volunteer-run, this season it will be primarily managed by paid staff to accommodate the larger numbers at each site and the safety protocols that will need to be in place.

They still need our help, however, and here some ways you can help:
  1. Please keep RITI, Roof Above and of course our neighbors in your prayers as the weather gets colder and their needs for permanent affordable housing aren't being met. 
  2. As you know, Advent has several active programs that are assisting our houseless neighbors.
    1. We have the Little Free Pantry located at the Wubben-Smith House. More donations of canned foods for this project would be a wonderful way to restock this pantry 3 times a week.  
    2. Bags to Beds is another way to help.   They need plarn, bags, and volunteers to crochet the plarn into beds. 
    3. Your donations to Sandwich-Making enables us to provide lunch bags of food to various locations for distribution to the hungry and homeless.  
    4. There is an ongoing need for the following items (new or gently used): sleeping bags, blankets, hoodies, winter coats, socks, boots & gloves.  Clean out your closets and make these available to distribution. Please let me know ( or 704-608-8474) and I will be happy to do a contact-free porch pick up.
       Thanks so much - Caroline Grubb
Natalie Eklund and Laura Torrence are starting a children's band named B3.  They will meet in Orinson Hall starting the first week of October on Wednesdays from 6:45-7:15 for grades 4 through 7.  Masks and social distancing is required. 



Blessing of bookbags or online technical device!
Celebrating 3rd grade Bible milestone!
Coming up Saturday, September 26!!!


"Live Abundantly" ..  a message from Advent's Health Ministry

Did you know this about mask wear and care?
  1. Not all cloth masks are providing protection because 1) the mask is not double thickness; 2) the mask is not worn properly (it must be covering the mouth and nose) with no gaps at the sides; 3) the mask has become moist; 4) the mask needs to be clean (it should be washed in hot water before reusing.
  2. Surgical masks are intended for one-time use and then you should throw it away!
  3. When removing your mask you should do the following:  1) untie the strings behind your head or stretch the ear loops;  2) handle the mask only by the ear loops or ties;  3) fold the outside corners together;  4) place your mask in the washing machine;  4) wash your hands with soap and water.
What you should know about the upcoming flu season: 
  1. Flu symptoms are similar to Covid19 symptoms.
  2. More testing will be needed to determine if you have the flu or Covid19.
  3. The number of flu cases may be fewer this year because 1) more people are working remotely;  2) there is more hand washing than in the past;  3) wearing masks and social distancing are now the "norm";  4) no hand-shaking
  4. Immunizations for the flu are available now -- don't wait -- the cost of flu shots is covered by most health plans.


During the month of September, we'd like to fill hungry stomachs with pastas and sauce, macaroni and cheese boxes/packets, and canned pasta meals such as Beefaroni, SpaghettiOs, etc. Flip-top cans are ideal, but we'll accept any! These foods will be placed in Advent's regular food pantry and the Little Free Pantry. 

Please set food items inside the entrance near the offices.  If you do not have a means of entry, please contact Abby Bostian at regarding your donation.    Thanks!

Lots of need in this country and in the world!!!

You who live in the shelter of the Most High, who abide in the shadow of the Almighty, will say to the Lord, 'My refuge and my fortress; my God, in whom I trust'"
 (Psalm 91:1-2).

Imagine you're home and you hear a knock at the door. An official tells you to pack your essentials and evacuate, as a wildfire is speeding toward you. This is the situation many of our neighbors in the western part of the country are facing right now.

Fueled by a heat wave and unfavorable winds, devastating wildfires are raging across California, Oregon, Washington and other western states. At least 20 people have died, hundreds of thousands of people are under evacuation orders and more than 3.5 million acres have burned across the three states. Some evacuees face the difficult decision of whether to stay in a shelter during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to the ELCA disaster response to the devastating wildfires, they also bring God's hope, healing and renewal to people whose lives have been disrupted by other disasters in the U.S. and around the world.  When the dust settles and the headlines change, LDR stays to provide ongoing assistance to those in need.   Currently, LDR is responding to:
  • Recent hurricanes
  • Wildfires in the western U.S.
  • Derecho storm in the midwest
  • Covid-19
  • and more ....
If you would like to make a donation to Lutheran Disaster Response, you can make a donation to Advent either by check or through Online Giving.   Just be sure to write Disaster Response on the memo line of the check or fill it in on the OLG screen.   All offerings received for this will be sent to the ELCA and we will ask Wubben to match donations made by members.


If you are interested in doing volunteer work at Second Harvest Food Bank or at Med Assist, please contact Jim Hintz (   Jim coordinates groups of Advent folks interested in serving.    

We have lots more listings for opportunities to serve.

Any ongoing help and support will be greatly appreciated during these times  
  1. You may mail a check to the church at 8840 University City Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28213. All offerings received will go to General Fund unless otherwise designated on the memo line.
  2. You may use bill pay through your personal bank or credit union.
  3. You may use Online Giving.   See the info below for details on using this tool. 
  4. If you have a FOB and want to bring your offering by the church, please place it on the counter near the door to Pastor Ward's office.
Using Online Giving: 
You may make a one-time gift through Online Giving or you may set up recurring donations which you can modify or cancel at any time.
  1. This tool allows you to use a credit card, debit card, or bank checking or savings account payment.
  2. The church does pay a small fee for payments made through cards and American Express is not permitted because their fee is too costly.   The tool asks if you'd like to add a small amount to offset our cost.
  3. You can also designate where you want your gift to go.... General Fund for operating expenses or other special fund. A number of special funds are built into the tool already but if your choice is not listed, you can choose OTHER and type the name of the fund you want to get credit. You can do multiple donations in one entry.
  4. To use this tool you can go to the Advent website ( and click on GIVE in the upper right-hand corner of the main screen, OR you can click on the icon here in this note, or you can click on the GIVE symbol that is in each weekly eNEWS.  Click here to access Online Giving now

(Remember to give to sandwiches and World Hunger --  Just add to your regular offering and mark appropriately on the memo line.)         

Office closed because of the Shelter in Place mandate.  The church office normally would be open 10 hours a day, Monday through Thursday and closed on Fridays.  Contact staff by email or phone as both are being monitored by staff from home.

Making plans for an event at Advent, are you the leader of a small group or ministry leader with monthly meetings?  Whatever the event or gathering  (even zoom meetings) be sure to let the church office know the date, time, and room or space.  Doing so is a big help in keeping the church online calendar current while communicating Advent activities and avoiding the possible mishap of overbooking a particular area.   Call us at 704-549-1555 or email Harriett ( or Pam (   Thanks, we appreciate your help.

Spiritual Development 

Come and join the Advent Book Club.   WE WILL BE ZOOMING AS LONG AS NECESSARY.   See connection info below.  All are welcome. Contact  Jennie Henderson (   Group will be meeting every 2 weeks through October, on Fridays, 6pm.

October 2 - "Wrong Place, Wrong Time:  Trauma and Violence in the Lives of Young Black Men" by John Rich
Upcoming suggested books:
For November - "The Sandcastle Girls" by Chris Bohjalian
For December - "Finding Chika" by Mitch Albom
For January - "Pachinko" by Min Jin Lee
For February - "Half Broke Horses" by Jeanette Walls
For March - "The Book of Longings" by Sue Monk Kidd

Connection info: 
Click here for zoom link to book club meeting!      Meeting ID: 854 3805 8321       Password: 388838            

If you are interested in receiving short daily prayer and devotions, please email with the name, cell phone# and email or you may sign up online at under the Prayer of the Day tab.

There are more Radical Love podcasts available.  Please take some quiet time to listen to these messages that have been created as a labor of love from your Spiritual Development and Worship Teams.  You can find a link to the podcasts on the website or you can access via ITunes or your podcast app on android phones. Feedback is welcome.  

Nurture, Support & Fellowship 

"A great way to connect with people"              "I love applying the Bible to my daily life"

NOTE:   Small groups can continue to meet using the church subscription to Zoom or to WebEx.  Contact or to make your request and schedule the day/time on the church calendar.

For men: 
What does it mean to be a man in contemporary American society?  This group meets one Tuesday night a month in the evening and will discuss current events, read books and consult the ancient texts as they seek each other's wisdom and friendship.  See Pastor Ward for more info.

Theology on Tap:  This group meets with new friends from Newell Presbyterian Church monthly at the Armored Cow Brewery in the Sam's University parking lot at 7pm to discuss contemporary topics.   Please see Pastor Ward or Carol Schierlmann with questions.

Micah 6:8 Ministry:  This group focuses on issues of racial and social justice.   They take advantage of local opportunities to learn about and advocate for social justice.   Meeting dates and times are at 7pm on the 4th Tuesday of the month.   Beginning book study of "America" Original Sin" by Jim Wallis.  Contact is Diane Wassum.

Bible in Action:  This group will study the Bible together utilizing many different platforms.    Contact is Pastor Ward. 

Jennie has a job opportunity so needs to rearrange the schedule.   She is contacting regular participants individually with the times coming for weeks of 9/21 and 9/28 and a new schedule will be published here as soon as it is available.
Mondays 10am-11am
Meeting ID: 821 6403 3901 Passcode: 792778  
Meeting ID: 825 5020 8645 Password: 592797

Join the closed "Advent Friends" Facebook group to stay abreast of events and see photos.
Don't forget - when shopping on Amazon, access the site through , and simply do all of your Amazon on-line ordering through Smile.Amazon.   Amazon will donate 0.5% of what you buy to Advent - not much, but if you're shopping anyway with Amazon, why not use Smile.  Every penny will be used in service to God and His people.

If you shop at Harris-Teeter, be sure your VIC card is linked to our Adventure PreSchool ...  we are group #5494.


     Your US Representative is determined by which district you live in. To find yours, use this link and key in your zip code:
     For your NC state Senator and Representative. To locate yours, go to this site and key in your full address:
     For local level leaders such as city council, county commissioners, and school board members. Here are sites at which to find such information. Mecklenburg County:       Cabarrus County:

If you wish to financially aid those devastated by hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, or other natural disasters, Lutheran Disaster Response will directly reach victims.  To donate, make your donation payable to Advent with "ELCA disaster relief" in the memo line, and we will send your contribution in with others received.   

Youth at Advent       

Check out the new "Advent Children's Corner" 
Found on the main screen of the website
Left side under weekly devotion info
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GODLY PLAY --  Available by link on the website 
See main screen in lower left corner under the Advent Children's Corner    or
Go to Connections and select YOUTUBE VIDEOS -- Scroll to the video
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Zoom link to join:
Meeting ID: 843 9148 4685         Passcode: 866800

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Stay up to date with youth communications!!!
Grades 6-12 are invited to join Brooke Summerour on GroupMe at
 "Advent LUTHERAN CTL 6th-12th" 
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Also we have a Advent Youth Instagram page
You can find our page on Instagram at adventluyouthctl

Prayers Requested 

Before adding someone to our prayers, please be sure you have the person's permission.  Please let us know when prayers may no longer be needed.  Names will be removed from the list after two months unless updates are received.  An asterisk (*) after a name means an update is needed.    Please contact or to provide updates.

Illness or Other Needs
Ashton Family, daughter and family of Esther Abdel-Hameed
Josh Baker, nephew of Abby Bostian
Lindsey Baker, niece of Abby Bostian
Sheryl Belk, friend of Betsy Brown
Lemont Bell, friend of Gene Reid
Abby Bostian, member
Anne Brown, mother of Teleah Amaker
Tim Caldwell, member
Ida & James Chisolm, members
Freda Christ, member 
Thomas Clement, uncle of Jennie Henderson 
Paul Coleman, friend of Advent VDC community
Carol DiRe, member
Charliese Eichler, sister of Marylou Kuklentz 
Mike Eleazer, father-in-law of Katherine McKittrick Eleazer
William Ensley, friend of Janet Rasmussen
Antonio Estrella, former member of Advent
Ann Farabee, sister of Abby Bostian
Emma Fettig, member
Eileen Folkerth, mother of Susan Goerke
Jan Frick, friend of Marylou Kuklentz
MaryJo Gouge, friend of Janet Rasmussen 
Consuella Harge, friend of Marie Cochran 
Dwight Hartsell, member
Richard Henderson, nephew of Sharon Thrower
Jeannie Jones, former Preschool teacher & friend of Marie Cochran 
Dick Kuklentz, member
Waylon Kuklentz, grandson of Dick & Marylou Kuklentz
Phyllis Lester, mother of Sharon Thrower 
Michael Mason, nephew of Brenda Reid
Ray Matthews, father of Jesse Priser
Hilda Mertz, mother of Diane Jowers
Justin Mertz, nephew of Diane Jowers
Rick Messina, member
Joan Moeller, member
Dick Moser, the uncle of Sharon Thrower 
Clyde Mullis, brother-in-law of Dwight Hartselll
Tyler Oddman, friend of Harriett Easley
Anita Ortiz, mother-in-law of Herbert & Lenore Watson's Son 
Nadine Osborne, daughter-in-law of Gerry & Carolyn Osborne
Dot Park, mother of Dave Park
Kalvin Roberson, member
Shannon Roberson, member
Richard Schulz, brother-in-law of Dan & Jan Otolski
Pam Simyon, daughter-in-law of Dick & Mary Lou Kuklentz
Elaine Slattum, member
Mark Steele, brother of Jennifer Frisina
Myra Steele, sister-in-law of Jennifer Frisina
Kirby Strickland & family, members
Mary Faith Strickland, former member
David Townsend, friend of Esther Abdel-Hameed
Dan Trabilsy, grandson by marriage of Peg Buckstad
Laura Tucker, friend of Marylou Kuklentz
Linda Ann Wassum, sister-in-law of Keith & Diane Wassum
Herbert Watson, member
Beverly Williams, member
Lewis Williams, member
Lisa Williams, member
Renaté Wilson, mother of Tanya DeGrace
Gerry Wisner, brother of Terry Wisner
Terry & Carol Wisner, members
Jeff Woods, uncle of Carol Schierlmann


Deaths - We remember and celebrate the lives of those who have died, especially..
Eric West, husband of Tammy Jones West on September 10
Jessie Amaker, grandmother of Teleah Amaker on September 13
Freddie Bridges, mother of Michelle Hagle on September 17

Always keep ELCA Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton and NC Synod Bishop Tim Smith in your prayers.  

For additions or updates to this listing:
Please contact Pastor Ward at, or 704-549-1555 ext. 102
or Harriett Easley at, or 704-549-1555 ext. 101 or Pam Rhynes at ext 103