November 22-29, 2018
Living Christ in This World

November 22 . THANKSGIVING DAY The Rev. Peter J. Speropulos
November 25 .... The Rev. Andrew J. Archie
December 2 The Rev. Gretel Wakeham
December 9 The Rev. Peter J. Speropulos
We have some exciting news as of Sunday we have received 232 pledges for a total of $1,313,681.84. Our goal is $2,000,000, we are over halfway there! We want to be sure our records are correct. Please see the list of those who have made a pledge. If your name is missing and you have made a pledge, please contact Laurie at  
Please contact the church at 314.721.1502 or Laurie at if you need a pledge card. 
Each and every pledge makes a difference.

Thank you for your pledge!
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Albinson
Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Allen
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Anderson
Ms. Beverly Anderson
Dr. & Mrs. Craig Anzilotti
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Aplington
Rev. & Mrs. Andrew Archie
Mrs. Sara Arn
Mrs. Carolyn Arneson
Mr. Nicholas Ayling
Mrs. Ann Babington
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Baker
Dr. & Mrs. Richard Baldwin
Mr. Robert Barrett
Ms. Gretchen Barry
Ms. Sandra Behrens
Dr. Walter Benoist
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Bickel
Ms. Suzanne Billhymer
Mr. & Mrs. Van Lear Black
Mr. & Mrs. David Breckenridge
Mr. & Mrs. Derek Bremer
Mr. & Mrs. James Brigham
Dr. & Mrs. David Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Dwyer Brown
& Nancy Reynolds
Ms. Jeanie Bryant
Mr. Doug Burden & 
Mrs. Jeanne Allison
Mr. Jack Burks
Ms. Michelle Burks
Ms. Ann M. Burroughs
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Burroughs
Mr. & Mrs. Dean Bye
Mr. & Mrs. T.R. Bynum
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Carswell
Mr. John Casamento
Mrs. Ann Case
Mr. Timothy Chapman
Dr. & Mrs. Will Chapman
Ms. Caellen Christner
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Clarke
Mr. & Mrs. Sander Coovert
Ms. Alyssa Cornell
Mr. C. Baker Cunningham
Mr. & Mrs. John Curby
Dr. Joseph Cusumano & 
Dr. Mary Ann Cook
Dr. & Mrs. Ralph Dacey
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Daiber
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Daniels
Mrs. Anne Davidson
Ms. Marianna Deal
Mr. Patrick Deaton & 
   Mrs. Pamela Ross
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Demerath
Ms. Laureen Di Bisceglie
Mr. & Mrs. Adalbert Dietz
Mr. & Mrs. James Dodds
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Douglass    
Mr. & Mrs. Ian Duncan
Mrs. Patricia Edenburn
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Eichenberger 
Mr. Marty Einig
Mrs. Gay Einig
Mr. Stephen Eisele & Mr. Ian Mackey
Mr. Edgar Ellermann
Mr. Phil Estepp &
   Mrs. Mary Carpenter
Ms. Ruth Ezell
Mrs. Nancy Ferriss
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Feutz
Dr. & Mrs. Andrew Fiore
Mrs. Midge Fischer
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Fischer
Ms. Linda Flaherty
Mr. & Mrs. James Foley
Ms. Mary (Carolyn) Forsen
Mrs. Mary Forsythe
Mr. & Mrs. Lucien R. Fouke, Jr.
Mrs. Barbara Fraser
Mr. Joseph Freund
Mr. & Mrs. James Gallagher
Mr. Arthur Gallagher
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Giessow
Ms. Nancy Gillespie

Mrs. Nichola Gillis
Mr. & Mrs. J. Todd Glass
Mrs. Joan Goodson
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Greenlaw
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Guarraia
Mr. & Dr. Thomas Guignon
Ms. Carla Haack
Dr. & Dr. Ian & Andrea Hagemann
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hagemeister
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Hall
Hon. Jean Hamilton
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Harper
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Harper
Mrs. Katherine Harris &
 Mr. James Craven
Mr. David Hatfield
Mrs. Ann Hawken
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Hays
Mr. & Mrs. John Heil
Mr. & Mrs. Jere Hochman
Mr. Richard Hoffman
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Holbrook
Dr. Sandra Holmes
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Holmes
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Horlacher
Dr. & Mrs. Eddy Hsueh
Ms. Jeannette Huey
Mrs Doreen Hunter
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Hyers
Mr. & Mrs. Joel Hylen
Mr. & Mrs. Jan Jacobi
Mr. & Mrs. Brett Jagger
Mrs. Christy James
Mr. & Mrs. T. Frank James III
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Jarvis
Mr. & Mrs. David Johnson
Ms. Polly Jones
Ms. Norma Deen Juracsik
Ms. Nancy Kennedy
Mrs. Jane Klamer
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Klein
Dr. & Mrs. Dacre Knight
Dr. & Mrs. Nicholas Kouchoukos
Dr. Frederick Kraus & 
   Mrs. Gayle Jackson
Miss Katherine Krause
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Krutewicz
Mrs. Laura Lambrix
Mrs. Patricia Lane
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Law
Ms. Sherry Leeds
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Likes
Dr. & Mrs. James Littlefield
Mr. Jeffrey Luker
& Mr. Grasiano de Souza
Mr. & Mrs. John Peters 
Ms. Barbara Madison
Dr. & Dr. Jay & Sue Marshall
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Martens
Ms. Sarah Martin
Mrs. Virginia McCann
Mr. & Mrs. Guy McClellan
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick McCoy
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy McCoy
Mr. Bryan McDonald & 
   Ms. Elizabeth Wehrle
Dr. Marjorie McFarland
Mr. & Mrs. James McGrath
Mr. James McGregor II
Mr. Timothy McNutt
Mr. & Mrs. James Metcalfe
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Miles
Mr. Jack Miller 
Mr. Jefferson Miller & 
   Ms. Abby Castle
Mr. Joe Mokwa
Ms. Laurie Moore
Mrs. Isabelle Moore-Shepley
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Moppins
Mr. Gerald Mueller
Dr. & Dr. John Nash
Mrs. Judith Neely
Dr. Johanna Nicholas
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Niemann
Mr. Chris Nitzsche & 
   Mrs. Caroline Springer
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Noland
Mr. Wayne Norwood
Dr. & Mrs. Henry Ollinger
Mrs. Robert Pommer
Mr. Paul Powell & 
   Mrs. Janet Jorgenson
Mr. & Mrs. Shelby Pruett
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Ray
Mrs. Carolyn Rhett
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Rice
Mrs. Margaret Richardson
Mr. & Mrs. Allan Roney
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Rowe
Mrs. Marjory Russell
Mrs. Louise Salmon 
Ms. Janice Sample
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Sanders
Mr. William (Web) Sant III
& Mrs. Angie Metcalf
Mr. Gentry Sayad
Mr. & Mrs. E. Boone Schlanker, Jr.
Ms. Carol Schlueter
Mr. & Mrs. Bevis Schock
Ms. Ann Scott III
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Sewell
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Sheehan
Ms. Lori Lea Shelley
Mr Steve Shepley
Mr. & Mrs. James Sherby
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sherwood
Mr. & Mrs. Robert O. Sherwood
Mrs. Caryl Simon
Mr. & Mrs. Sam Sked
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Smith
Dr. & Mrs. Jamieson Spencer
Mrs. Eve Spencer
Mr. Michael & Dr. Nofa Spencer
Rev. Peter & Mrs. Jess Speropulos
Mr. & Mrs. William Springer III
Mr. William Springer & Ms. Patricia West
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Stanton
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Stephenson
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Stokes
Mr. & Mrs. Nathaniel Stonner
Dr. & Dr. Eric Strand
Mrs. Molly Strassner
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Ott
Mr. & Mrs. David Ott
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Panke
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Streett
Mrs. Georgia Streett
Mr. & Mrs. G. Carroll Stribling
Mrs. Ann Stupp
Brothers Stupp
Mrs. Marjorie Sundfors
Mrs. Liz Teasdale
Mr. James Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Thomsen
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Throdahl
Mr. & Mrs. C. M. Turley
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Valier
Mr. & Mrs. William van Luven
Mr. & Mrs. James von der Heydt
Mrs. June von Weise
Mr. & Mrs. Marc Vorih
Mrs. Sandra Vuitel
Mr. & Mrs. John Wallace
Mrs. Carol D. Wells
Mrs. Joanna Werner
Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey Whitlock
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Wiedle
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Wilhelm
Mr. Leon N. Wilson
Mr. Dennis Wilson
Ms. Rita Winters
Ms. Eleanor Withers
Mrs. Barbara Wohltmann
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Woods
Mr. William Wulfing
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Zaccarello
Sunday, November 25
RECTOR’S FORUM : Please join the Rector as he leads a study of “Caesar and the Christians” from 10:30-11 AM in the Taylor Room. Everyone is welcome.

CSL SILENT AUCTION BIDDING in the Great Hall includes a quilted tree skirt, rockers, quilts, an olive oil tasting party, a portrait of your home, nativity, and a hand-painted Christmas tree. December 4 Christmas Luncheon reservation forms are also available.

Items ordered from the Youth Ministry greenery sale are available for pickup this Sunday from 9 AM until Noon on the Playground. Thanks to the generosity of our parishioners and friends, we raised nearly $3,000 to provide scholarships for students participating in Youth Ministry events such as retreats and mission trips!

Ingathering, today! “Our change changes lives.” Through United Thank Offering (UTO), every penny of your donation is turned into a grant for innovative mission and ministry throughout The Episcopal Church. UTO’s mission-oriented work is much like the Eucharistic Liturgy: It begins with offerings and thanksgiving, and ends with us being sent out “to do the work you have given us to do”. When we make an UTO offering, we are putting gratitude for all our blessings into practice.
UTO Blue Boxes can be found around the Church for those who enjoy having one at home as a reminder of UTO’s “personal daily spiritual discipline of gratitude”. UTO envelopes are also in the pews. UTO Blue Boxes can be returned to the Church bookkeeper at any time. All money collected by CSMSG during the Fall Ingathering is sent to the Diocese in early December.

NICARAGUA POINSETTIA SALE: Beautiful poinsettias in a variety of colors and sizes are now on sale for the holidays. No price increase in nine years! Orders can be placed in the Great Hall this Sunday, November 25. Plants can be picked up in the Great Hall on Sunday, December 2 & 9. All proceeds benefit the World Service Mission Ministry to Nicaragua. For more info, contact Jennifer McGrath at or 412.334.6398.

FAITHFUL GENERATIONS: will not meet this Sunday. Please join us December 2 from 10:30-11 AM in the Wydown Meeting Room. 

NAMETAGS: Please wear your nametags. If you cannot find your nametag, please write your name on the clipboard in the Wydown Narthex. A nametag will be waiting for you on the clipboard next week.
Did You Know that Meals A Month program operates all year long with food that is distributed to Trinity Church in the CWE? They also make casseroles that feed 8 people (average 12 per month) and 150 sandwich lunch sacks to Gateway 180 Shelter downtown once a month. The casseroles are assembled at Church and volunteers take them home to bake and freeze and return them to the Church; sandwiches are also assembled at Church and distributed directly. They are working to feed the hungry.
Thursday, November 22
THANKSGIVING DAY: 10:00 AM Holy Eucharist 

Friday, November 23

Monday, November 26
MONDAY MORNING BIBLE STUDY: How We Got This Bible: Sixty-six books (or more?) written over the course of hundreds of years, copied by hand, and translated into hundreds of languages–how did we get the Bible we have today? All ladies of the parish are invited to come investigate the history of this sacred book and explore an overview of the whole biblical story, from creation to new creation, Mondays from 9-9:45 AM in the Armstrong Room.

 Tuesday, November 27
Sverdrup Room, 10 AM-2 PM

Ladies, you are invited to the Tuesday, working meeting of the Church Service League. Many worker bees needed, please. 
  • 10 AM Bazaar Prep, Great Hall
  • 11:30 AM Holy Eucharist, St. Mary’s Chapel
  • 12 Noon lunch (bring your own), continuing Bazaar preparation
Reservations to Sandra Vuitel at 314.300.8858 or no later than 4 PM, November 25, please.
*Please remember to bring a can or two or three of food for the Hunger Ministry.
CSL Christmas Luncheon reservation forms are due Tuesday, November 27. Forms may be found on the big bulletin board near the receptionist’s desk, at the display case above the drinking fountain near the women’s restroom, and on the table in the Wydown Narthex. Forms may also be found online at
Friday, November 30
FRIDAY MORNING WOMEN'S BIBLE STUDY: We will be studying the Gospel of John. We meet Friday mornings in the Library from 7:30-8:30 AM.
Saturday, December 1
Advent Quiet Morning
with Gretel Wakeham
Saturday, December 1 
“Hidden Treasures of Advent”
8:00 AM Continental Breakfast
8:30-Noon Quiet Morning more information
Sunday, December 2
GRETEL WAKEHAM will be our Guest Preacher at the 8 AM, 9:15 AM, and 11:15 AM liturgies.

A CANDLELIGHT SERVICE OF ADVENT LESSONS AND CAROLS: at 5 PM; A wonderful and meaningful way to usher in the season of Advent is through the service of Advent Lessons and Carols. This service, originally composed by The Very Reverend Eric Milner-White for use at King’s College Chapel, Cambridge, proclaims in word and song the promise of God to redeem the world through the Advent of His Son. The metaphoric procession through the liturgy – from darkness into light – is intended to prepare the worshipper for the coming of the true Light, Jesus Christ. Please plan to join us and be a part of this beautiful liturgy to mark the closing of the day as we begin a new liturgical year.

A Holiday Reception will follow in the Great Hall. Plan now to attend one of the biggest parties of the year! All are invited and encouraged to bring a friend to the Advent Lessons and Carols at 5 PM.
Please bring a dish to share with parishioners old and new! 
Tuesday, December 4
The 2018 Church Service League Holiday Bazaar and Luncheon.Questions? Contact Alison Wiedle at or 314.307.8300. RSVP for lunch here.
Thursday, December 6
CSMSG BOOK CLUB: Before he died last spring, Skip Schumacher planned to lead the Book Club in a reading of two spy novels by John LeCarre: The Spy Who Came in From the Cold and A Legacy of Spies . In honor of Skip, we will continue with that plan. We will meet in the Sverdrup Room at 7:30 PM on December 6 and in the Library December 13 and January 10 and 17. Please read the first half of The Spy Who Came in From the Cold for the first meeting. Contact Jan Jacobi at 324.725.0859.

WOMEN'S RETREAT: Save THIS date: Weekend Retreat - Friday, March 1 - Saturday, March 2, 2019 (held at the Mercy Center) Our Women’s Retreat leaders, Gail Watkins and Nancy Enderle, invite you to a new understanding of the term "spacious." At the Retreat, you can begin to listen for God’s voice and actions in your everyday life. Come, be still, and pause. Please contact Laurie at if you have any questions.

Sunday, May 19, 2019
PILGRIMAGE TO WALSINGHAM: The Church of St. Michael & St. George is offering a pilgrimage to the Anglican Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham in North Norfolk, England. Led by Fr. Jeremy Davies, the former Canon of Salisbury Cathedral and a beloved friend of CSMSG. Jeremy has put together a special week with access to areas only Jeremy could talk his way into! Join us for this special journey of spiritual formation in community. See more information here or contact Laurie Brown at or 314.721.1502.
FOLLOW UP ON OUR WWI VETERAN CPL. BATDORF: John Tyler recently found additional material on Cpl. Batdorf and has written a “supplemental paper” on the corporal. This information will be included in the church archives in honor of Cpl. Batdorf. Batdorf Supplemental Information.pdf . Thank you John for all of your time and talent !
The Rector is pleased to announce that on Sunday, January 13, 2019, the Rev. Tom Albinson will join the clergy staff of The Church of St. Michael & St. George as Assistant Rector. Tom is a priest in the Church of England currently serving the combined parishes of St. Giles’ and St. Margaret’s in Oxford, England. He has been ordained for six years. Tom is married to St. Louis native Anna, and comes with a dog named Steve. We look forward to their arrival at the start of the new year.
RESPONSE FUND FOR HURRICANE EPISCOPAL RELIEF AND DEVELOPMENT (ERD) , the Episcopal Church’s primary instrument for providing disaster relief, has people on the ground offering direct assistance to those affected by storms. We will be sending a gift from The Church of St. Michael & St. George to ERD to assist the victims of the hurricanes. If you would like to contribute to this effort, please enclose a check in the envelope found on the table in Narthex, payable to CSMSG, and indicate Episcopal Relief and Development in the memo. 
The Church of St. Michael & St. George (we welcome volunteers from all faiths!) has been providing a hot breakfast on Sunday morning to the families at the Shelter for over 25 years. Please consider devoting time to help! We welcome all volunteers - if you are willing, we can use you! Families can volunteer together, and youth - you can earn service hours.
Gateway 180 Shelter is located at: 1000 19th St, St. Louis, MO 63106
If you have questions, please feel free to contact Nick Clifford at 314.973.6322 OR ( NICKCLIFSR@YAHOO.COM).
By now, you've heard the devastating news about Jan Torrisi-Mokwa. Jan was invaluable in enhancing the Women's Ministry at The Church of St. Michael & St. George, as well as founding the ECW Steering Council by lovingly guiding the group through a process that brought our value and mission statements to fruition. One of the ways that her memory will be honored is by establishing a fund to support the Women's Retreats that Jan so dearly loved. The money will be used to pay for retreat leaders as well as provide scholarships for attendees. If you would like to contribute, please make your check payable to CSMSG and note "JTM Women's Ministry Fund" in the memo. Please contact Laurie Brown at if you have any questions.
You can donate online to your favorite ministry by texting on your cell phone. This feature is provided by ACS, the church's data software. Download instructions.
Please review the CSMSG weekly
e-newsletter to keep abreast of our events. Visit our online calendar for event informatio n. 
A hearing loop for hearing aid and cochlear implant users has been installed in the main sanctuary. Loop listeners are available for those without a compatible hearing device. more  
Is there someone you haven't seen recently at Church? If you or someone you know is ill or hospitalized, please let us know how we can help. Please call us at 314.721.1502 or contact Debbie at or Laurie at .


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