8840 University City Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28213
Weekly News and Prayers on May 6, 2021
(Submission Deadline: Noon Wednesdays to Pam at

OUTDOOR WORSHIP -- Sunday, May 6, 2021 - 10am
Service will be livestreamed at
(In case of rain, service available through online only -- Check website if in question)
If you are joining us from home, please have your communion elements ready to participate in Holy Communion with the congregation.
See important tips below for outdoor worship

6th Sunday of Easter --- Readings are Acts 10:44-48 and John 15:9-17

To access the worship service:  
 Go to and then click on the link for the worship service on the home page.
Bulletin available prior to worship on the home page of the website.

Advent will hold outdoor services at 10am for each of the Sundays in April and May, weather permitting and will be livestreamed from our website. If weather necessitates the cancellation of the outdoor service, only an online worship service will be available. Additionally, if weather forces cancellation of the outdoor service, a notice will be placed on the Advent website by 8am on Sunday. 
We are continuing to see the best possible set up for the service. When we have wet weather, we will definitely be on the asphalt. As it gets much warmer, we will also be on the asphalt as there is more shade. While the weather is still very mild and dry, we will try different configurations on the grass. Please be patient with us. This is new territory for all of us.

In some situations there will be orange lines painted on the grass. In that case please line your chairs up on the lines but space yourself out from the next family/person please. When we are on the asphalt, there will be chairs in a line space 6 feet apart. Please line your chair up with those red chairs and again, space yourself from the next family/person.

When you arrive at the church on Sunday morning, try the main entrance first but if there are cones across it, you'll need to enter from the rear of the church as the service will be on the asphalt.

When we know the service is going to be on the asphalt, we will attempt to block off the parking lot on Saturdays so if you come to the church before Sunday and the lot is closed off, please park at the kitchen and come in that door or plan to park on the parking lot side near the woods.   The only entrance that will be open on Sunday morning will be in the rear of the church.
Here are some OTHER important tips for our outdoor services. Please review so that you will have all necessary information.
·       Masks are required at all times except during the time we celebrate Holy Communion. NO EXCEPTIONS!  Please be sure to return your mask to the proper place as soon as you finish Communion.
·       Social distancing is also required. Families should spread out from other families. No hugging, please.
·       If the service is cancelled because of weather, a notice will be published on the website by 8am on the day of worship.
·       We will add your name to the roster as you come in an entrance. Be prepared to give your name if we have different people handling this responsibility because it can be difficult to recognize people with their masks sometimes. The primary purpose of this is for contract tracing.
·       Plan to arrive 20-30 minutes prior to service start time. This gives time to park and get situated with your chairs.
·       Bring your chairs; however, if you forget or don't have one, we will have some red ones available.
·       Those who wish to stay in their car for the service will be able to tune in to FM station 91.1 to hear the service better. Those cars will park facing the grass or the SEATING AREA, depending on the location of the service. There is room for only 7 vehicles when we are on the asphalt so others will have to be further back. Please do not park in any of the spaces inside the cones or any of the spaces around the grass unless you're planning to stay in your car.
·        Dress comfortably for whatever type of weather we are having.
·       There will be a table with an offering box for those who wish to bring offerings to the services. There will also be some extra bulletins and communion kits on the table.
·       We will continue to have special musicians and vocalists who will maintain a safe distance from the gathering when they are singing.
·       With outdoor services, there are always more challenges to getting the livestreamed service started. Please be patient. If you are watching from home and there are delays, it may be necessary for you to close out your browser and go back into the church website to access the service. Please be sure to try this if you're having problems after 10am.
It has been wonderful to see so many of our Advent family in person! We look forward to seeing many others during these upcoming weeks!

Study of the book of Mark - lead by Pastor Ward and Carol Schierlmann

To connect:  
Meeting ID: 824 6793 5162  Password: 967619

12 noon via Zoom -- Remaining session is 5/10
 Discussion of "LOVE IS THE WAY " by Bishop Michael Curry

To connect:
 Meeting ID: 863 8714 4586   Passcode: 484478

"Justice or Just Us?" -- discussion and videos
All are invited to participate!

To connect:
 Meeting ID: 853 1322 3733 Passcode: 405710

Study of the book of Mark - lead by Pastor Ward and Carol Schierlmann

To Connect:
Meeting ID: 828 0443 8239   Passcode: 043459


We offer Godly Play and other videos to our families with children. They are made with love and we hope you enjoy sharing a close time with God and your family through these offerings right in your own home. 
You can access these videos in several ways: 1) From the home screen of the website in the lower left side; 2) from the Advent Lutheran Church Charlotte ELCA YouTube channel; 3) or by clicking directly on this link:

Full details of these events elsewhere in this email

Sunday, May 9 -- 10am Outdoor Worship
Monday, May 10 -- 12 noon DEVO "Love is the Way"
Sunday, May 16 -- 10am Outdoor Worship
Sunday, May 16 -- 4pm Salty Sunday Gathering
Sunday, May 23 -- 10am Outdoor Worship & Confirmation
Sunday, 5/23 -- 4:30pm REAP via Zoom


Tiger’s Blood snow cones, Nutty Buddies, Pop Ups, Jolly Rancher Bomb Pops, and more from Buck’s Ice Cream Truck! Plus giant Zenga, sidewalk chalk, crafts and treat bags. What could be better on a warm May afternoon with our friends at Robinsdale!

Thank you, Advent! Our May Celebration was a “sweet” success. We saw beautiful chalk drawings on the basketball court, Zenga competition with the loud laughing “no” when the pieces fell and learned of college and academic successes from some of “our kids.”

Everyone had their selection of an ice cream treat (and sometimes two) and your donations almost to the dollar paid for the treats. A big thanks to the volunteers who showed up to chat, to help with ice cream choices and Mothers’ Day jewelry boxes, and to fill treat bags with blow-ups, snacks, and fun. And Sharon Thrower, thank you for pulling it all together!

Advent and the Social Ministry Board have an ongoing relationship with the Robinsdale community and enjoy seeing our friends during these fun events.

The Advent Family is invited to join us on the 2nd Sunday of each month (unless announced otherwise) at 4:30 via Zoom for the REAP (Racial Equality Action Partners. Meeting dates are May 23 (rescheduled because of Mother's Day), June 13, July 11, August 8, September 12, October 10. Click this zoom link to join:
Meeting ID: 832 7471 0159 Passcode: 060475.


Thank you to these Advent folks who volunteered their time at Second Harvest Food Bank on April 29! Not shown in the photo is the person behind the camera, Diane Wassum!


Thank you so much for helping me celebrate my 50th birthday this past weekend! From the “drive-by” birthday to all the cards and well wishes, plus the cakes and singing Happy Birthday to me on Sunday, I am overwhelmed by your love and deeply grateful for your thoughtfulness.
Pastor Ward
From the Basilice Family .......

The last 6+ months have been incredibly challenging for our family. From our granddaughter being born into a complicated situation, my father dying, Trevor's horrific car accident and subsequent recovery, and, most recently, John's mom suffering a stroke and then losing her fight last month

Throughout it all, we have felt the support, encouragement, and love from our Advent Family. There is no way to express the gratitude we have for all that you have done.  So very much has been done to lift our family up during this period of time: meals, baby diapers, baby clothes, cards, calls, emails, texts, and prayers. There were also a couple of anonymous people who helped our family. To all of you, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you so very much. Thank you for pulling together to help us when we felt like we were drowning. Thank you for showing true love and compassion. Thank you for your prayers and for lifting our family up time and time again. 

Being in need of so much help has been an incredibly humbling experience. John and I have always been ones to deal with what life throws at us on our own. We raised our kids away from both families and always just did what we had to do. Asking for help was really, really hard, but you, Our Advent Family, made it much easier because you just gave instead of waiting for us to ask. Our Advent Family seemed to know what we needed even before we did. 

Thank you, Advent, for being the kind of church that truly walks the walk. There is really no way to give the kind of thanks that everyone deserves, so just please know, that what you did mattered more than anyone can realize and we are beyond grateful that all of you are in our lives. Please continue to keep our family in your prayers.  
Sincerely ... Kristen and John Basilice
"Our Neighbors' Plate" will serve the first meal on May 6th and continuing for at least 6 weeks. There is much enthusiasm about this new ministry of Advent and you are invited to participate. We need the hands of many folks to help make this a success as Advent continues to address food insecurity in our community. and we hope you will be a participant.

Please click on the Sign-Up Genius link below to see how you might help. If there are questions, you may contact Carol Schierlmann at

Sign-up Genius:

Advent has so many ways we are trying to feed the hungry. Would you like to help with the GRAB & GO ministry? This is the preparation of bags to be distributed to Roof Above each week. We have a group of Advent teens who have been assembling these bags for over a year now but they can use some help.

How can the entire congregation help with this ministry? There are several ways at this time:

One: Financial contributions for the purchase of items for the bags are always welcome. Be sure to put ‘sandwiches’ on the memo line.

Two: You can purchase some of the needed items yourself. Especially needed are cans of easy-open meat items such as Vienna sausage and cases of bottled water. Leave them on the marked table in Orinson Hall. Please contact Abby Bostian ( for pick up at your home or at Advent.

Three:  Volunteers are needed to drive the bags to Roof Above every other week. Please contact Debra Efird at if you are willing to join her crew of deliverers, who enjoy the flexibility of delivery days/times since all is nonperishable.

Thanks for always helping the hungry, whose numbers and needs are greater than ever.

Just a reminder, Advent Family ....  Our Little Free Pantry is always in need of items to be able to keep it fully stocked.  There are several ways you can help:
  • Bring non-perishable food items and place them directly into the Little Pantry which sits in the side yard of the Wubben-Smith House.
  • Bring non-perishable items to the church and place them inside the red doors.
  • Go to Amazon and access the Wish List that has been established for supplying items.  The link is . Remember to select the shipping option that says "Sharon Thrower's Gift Registry Address". This is to facilitate delivery since the church is still closed.
Sharon is the contact from the Social Ministry Board for the Little Free Pantry.   If you have questions or ideas about the pantry, including donations and how to become more involved, feel free to contact her at Our Little Free Pantry is located on Bonnie Lane in the side yard of the Wubben-Smith House.


If you are interested in participating in the Living Saviour trip to Germany, September 1-12, 2022 to visit significant places on the "Luther Road" as well as other sightseeing and fellowship experiences and to attend the Passion Play in Oberammergau, please contact Barbara Avard of Living Saviour Lutheran Church ( with questions and to start the registration process.

Detailed information and the itinerary can be found at Go to "current tours" and scroll to the tour "Renewed in Faith: Luther, Oberammergau, and You". Barb Blish (,
1-703-431-0585 is Advent's contact for this trip.
 If you are interested in doing volunteer work at Second Harvest Food Bank or at Classroom Central, please contact Jim Hintz (  Jim coordinates groups of Advent folks interested in serving. We have lots of ways you can serve.  Click this link for more ways to serve!

  1. You may mail a check to the church at 8840 University City Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28213. All offerings received will go to General Fund unless otherwise designated on the memo line.
  2. You may use bill pay through your personal bank or credit union.
  3. You may use Online Giving.  See the info below for details on using this tool. 
  4. If you have a FOB and want to bring your offering by the church, please place it on the counter near the door to Pastor Ward's office.

Using Online Giving: 
You may make a one-time gift through Online Giving or you may set up recurring donations which you can modify or cancel at any time.
  1. This tool allows you to use a credit card, debit card, or bank checking or savings account payment.
  2. The church does pay a small fee for payments made through cards and American Express is not permitted because their fee is too costly.  The tool asks if you'd like to add a small amount to offset our cost.
  3. You can also designate where you want your gift to go.... General Fund for operating expenses or other special fund. A number of special funds are built into the tool already but if your choice is not listed, you can choose OTHER and type the name of the fund you want to get credit. You can do multiple donations in one entry.
  4. To use this tool you can go to the Advent website ( and click on GIVE in the upper right-hand corner of the main screen, OR you can click on the icon here in this note:  Click here to access Online Giving now

(Remember to give to sandwiches and World Hunger -- Just add to your regular offering and mark appropriately on the memo line.)      
All church office staff continue to work remotely.  Contact staff by email or phone as both are being monitored by staff from home.
Making plans for an event at Advent, are you the leader of a small group or ministry leader with monthly meetings? Whatever the event or gathering (even zoom meetings) be sure to let the church office know the date, time, and room or space. Doing so is a big help in keeping the church online calendar current while communicating Advent activities and avoiding the possible mishap of overbooking a particular area.  Call us at 704-549-1555 or email Harriett ( or Pam (  Thanks, we appreciate your help.
Spiritual Development 

Come and join the Advent Book Club.  WE WILL BE ZOOMING AS LONG AS NECESSARY.  See connection info below. All are welcome. Contact Jennie Henderson (  Group will be meeting twice a month on Fridays, 6pm, per the schedule below.

Upcoming dates and suggested books:
May 7 -- "If You Ask Me (and, Of Course You Won't)" by Betty White
May 21 -- Check in
June 4 -- "Tortilla Flat & Cannery Row" by John Steinbeck
June 18 -- Check in
July 9 -- "The Last Year of the War" by Susan Meissner
July 23 -- Check in
August 6 -- "Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents" by Isabel Wilkerson
August 20 -- Check in
September 3 -- "The Giver of Stars" by Jojo Moyes
September 17 -- Check in
October 8 -- "Becoming" by Michelle Obama
October 22 -- Check in
November 5 -- Check in
November 19 -- "The Chocolatier" by Jan Moran (currently on sale on Kindle for $5.99)
December 3 -- "The Light Between Oceans: A Novel" by M. LO. Stedman
December 17 -- Check in

Meeting ID: 854 3805 8321    Password: 388838        

If you are interested in receiving short daily prayer and devotions, please email with the name, cell phone# and email or you may sign up online at under the Prayer of the Day tab.

There are more Radical Love podcasts available. Please take some quiet time to listen to these messages that have been created as a labor of love from your Spiritual Development and Worship Teams. You can find a link to the podcasts on the website or you can access via ITunes or your podcast app on android phones. Feedback is welcome.  
Nurture, Support & Fellowship 

"A great way to connect with people"        "I love applying the Bible to my daily life"

NOTE:  Small groups continue to meet using the church subscriptions to Zoom. Contact or to make your request and schedule the day/time on the church calendar.

For Men:  If you are interested in participating, please contact Pastor Ward for more info.  

Theology on Tap: This group meets with new friends from Newell Presbyterian Church monthly to discuss contemporary topics.  Please see Pastor Ward or Carol Schierlmann with questions.

Tattoos on the Heart (formerly known as "Bible in Action": This small group has reading and discussing Tattoos on the Heart: The Power of Boundless by Gregory Boyle. This small group is meeting on Zoom. Please contact Pastor Ward for more information.
Regular stretching releases stress and tension in our body. Jennie Henderson, an ACE CertifiedPersonal Trainer, is leading some stretching sessions for the Advent Family through Zoom. All skill levels are welcome. Modifications are offered. All you need is a water bottle, a chair, a space to lay down, and a resistance band/long towel. Any questions can be directed to

Classes are currently held on Tuesdays & Fridays at 3pm. via Zoom. 
Meeting ID: 847 4089 4973   Passcode: 382321 
Join the closed "Advent Friends" Facebook group to stay abreast of events and see photos.

Don't forget - when shopping on Amazon, access the site through and simply do all of your Amazon on-line ordering through Amazon Smile.  Amazon will donate 0.5% of what you buy to Advent - not much, but if you're shopping anyway with Amazon, why not use Smile. Every penny will be used in service to God and His people.

If you shop at Harris-Teeter, be sure your VIC card is linked to our Adventure PreSchool ... we are group #5494.

   Your US Representative is determined by which district you live in. To find yours, use this link and key in your zip code:
   For your NC state Senator and Representative. To locate yours, go to this site and key in your full address:
   For local level leaders such as city council, county commissioners, and school board members. Here are sites at which to find such information. Mecklenburg County:    Cabarrus County:
It seems there is always a natural disaster somewhere in the world that is very tragic. The ELCA is well known for assisting victims of hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, or other natural disasters. The team and the funds contributed directly reach victims. To donate at any time, make your donation payable to Advent with "ELCA disaster relief" in the memo line, and we will send your contribution in with others received.  We also typically ask the Wubben Distribution Board to match any offerings made by the congregation.
Youth at Advent    

We offer Godly Play and other videos to our families with children. They are made with love and we hope you enjoy sharing a close time with God and your family through these offerings right in your own home. 
  You can access these videos in several ways: 1) From the home screen of the website in the lower left side; 2) from the Advent Lutheran Church Charlotte ELCA YouTube channel; 3) or by clicking directly on this link:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Confirmation Zoom meetings:
Meeting ID: 815 6245 3705    Passcode: 765488
Remaining Schedule:
May 22 – Afternoon of Honor from 3:00 – 4:30
May 23 – Confirmation at Sunday Service (Pentecost Sunday)
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
EVERY 1st AND 3rd SUNDAY 4-5pm
6th - 12th graders

Zoom link to join:
Meeting ID: 843 9148 4685     Passcode: 866800
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Prayers Requested 

Before adding someone to our prayers, please be sure you have the person's permission. Please let us know when prayers may no longer be needed.  Names will be removed from the list after two months unless updates are received. An asterisk (*) after a name means an update is needed.   Please contact or to provide updates.

Illness or Other Needs
Lizzie Akins, former Spiritual Development intern for Advent
Augustin Aragon, father of Mercedes Aragon
Josh Baker, nephew of Abby Bostian
Lindsay Baker, niece of Abby Bostian
Trevor Basilice, member 
Lemont Bell, friend of Gene Reid
Ida & James Chisolm, members
Dallas Collins, family member of co-worker of Gloria Peters
Carol DiRe, member
Jordan Doctor, son-in-law of Abby and Phil Bostian
Deborah DuBose, friend of Abby Bostian
Charliese Eichler, sister of Marylou Kuklentz 
Eileen Folkerth, mother of Susan Goerke
Jan Frick, friend of Marylou Kuklentz
MaryJo Gouge, friend of Janet Rasmussen 
James Hall Family, cousin of Tim Caldwell
Marla Hamilton, cousin of Janet Rasmussen
Richard Henderson, nephew of Sharon Thrower
Linda Hoffman, friend of Peg BuckstadDonn
Donnell Horton, former member of Advent and daughter of Leo Peeler
Nylah Howard, member of Advent's brownie troop
Chris Jackson, friend of Teresa Ledford
Waylon Kuklentz, grandson of Dick & Marylou Kuklentz
Teresa Ledford, member
Amy Leonard, friend of Harriett Easley
Ray Matthews, father of Jesse Priser
Billy Mercer family, cousin of Vanessa Caldwell
Hilda Mertz, mother of Diane Jowers
Justin Mertz, nephew of Diane Jowers
Robert & Kathryn Mertz, nephew and grand-niece of Diane Jowers
Rick Messina, member
Lucy Mullis, sister of Dwight Hartsell
Judy Murphy, mother of John Schierlmann
Anita Ortiz, mother-in-law of Herbert & Lenore Watson's Son 
Leo Peeler, member
Pattie Quigley, mother of Jennie Henderson
Joan Readling, step-mother of Carol Schierlmann
Kalvin Roberson, member
Richard Schulz, brother-in-law of Dan & Jan Otolski
Pam Simyon, daughter-in-law of Dick & Mary Lou Kuklentz
Spillars and Dunn families, friends of Jennifer Canipe
David Townsend, friend of Esther Abdel-Hameed
Laura Tucker, friend of Marylou Kuklentz
Herbert Watson, member
Velia Watson, member
Beverly Williams, member
Lewis Williams, member
Renate Wilson, mother of Tanya DeGrace

Praise and Thanksgiving - We rejoice with these people and their families ...
Birth of Belle Josephine Reid, grand-daughter of Gene & Brenda Reid, born April 22

DeathsWe remember and celebrate the lives of those who have died, especially..
Charlie Anderson, friend of Pastor Ward on April 19
Bryce Tomberlin, friend of Pam Rhynes on April 23
Kathleen Basilice, mother of John Basilice on April 18
Jessica Embry, friend of Jennifer Frisina on April 18
Dent Goodyear, friend of Jennie Henderson on May 4

Always keep ELCA Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton and NC Synod Bishop Tim Smith in your prayers.  
For additions or updates to this listing:
Please contact Pastor Ward at, or 704-549-1555 ext. 102
or Pam Rhynes at or 704-549-1555 ext 105