This Advent, like so many other times this year, will be different in some ways. (What a year! We offer our prayers for everyone.)

But Advent will be the same as always, too. We wait with hope, peace, joy, and love! And love will come down. . . at Christmas!
all in a circle, the shape of eternity:
WEEK ONE: HOPE - purple, the color of royalty
WEEK TWO: PEACE - purple again
WEEK FOUR: LOVE - purple once more
and, if you choose, a CHRIST CANDLE for the center of it all

Click here for this Advent candle printable.
Here's a simple & sweet fill-it-yourself calendar for the whole year. It's your choice: add dates, or activities, decorate each block - or in Advent, journal the #AdventWord of the day!
It's a classic! Click here to print the awesome Thomas Mousin Advent Calendar.
Click here for this starry Advent calendar printable.
is a global online
Advent calendar!

Each day from the first Sunday of Advent (Nov. 29) through Christmas Day, #AdventWord offers meditations & images to inspire & connect individuals & a worldwide community to the themes of Advent.

What's the word of the day? Click here!
A color-and-cut creche of your own! Click here to print out - then, time to wonder & play!
Send me photos of your Nativity scenes - from your own collection, or make the own above, or maybe you would like to create a living Nativity at your house, with pets or stuffed animals, dolls, and more?
Here's a friend's special creche - she owns and displays dozens, each with its own story! Share yours!
Enjoy this Pennsylvania Dutch recipe for "Advent Cookies" - molasses, brown sugar & cocoa cutouts that are meant to be baked ahead & stored for the holidays: click here.

P.S. Let me know if you make them! Happy baking!
Click to print; do what you can to spread cheer!  
Muffin Tin Advent Calendar - what will they think of next? To check out this cute craft, click here! You'll need a mini-muffin tin (24 spaces), magnets, cute paper, and - treats/activities/surprises!
Blessing of a Christmas Tree:
Most Holy and Blessed One, you sent your beloved Son into the world to show us the path to true life. May the green of this tree remind us of the everlasting life you offer. May the boughs of this tree remind us that we are the living branches of your love. May the life of this tree remind us of the Cross on which your Son gave his life. May the lights of this tree remind us that Christ is the light of the world. As we gather round this tree, we gather in your name, and in your light, and in your love. Amen.
(Anne E. Kitch)
Blessings to you during all these days of waiting! Before you know it, we'll be saying "Merry Christmas!" Sending lots of love - Linda