The Church Office is Closed until further notice. 
No meetings or building use will be allowed during
this time of quarantine.  
Thanks for reading our weekly E-Herald. Please read to the bottom to stay up to date on everything happening here at AdventELC. It's an exciting time to be the church!

  • Worship Service at 10:30 a.m. - ONLINE STREAMING
  • Hangout 4 Hope - a new, quick, pick-me-up on Wednesdays
  • Birthdays This Week

The Fourth Sunday of Easter
May 3
10:30 a.m. Streaming Live Online
Today is sometimes called "Good Shepherd Sunday." Jesus is called the "gate" of the sheep in today's gospel. The risen Christ opens the way to abundant life. He anoints our heads with oil and guides us beside the still waters of our baptism. Each Sunday he spreads a feast before us amid the world's violence and war. We go forth to be signs of the resurrection and extend God's tender care to all creation.

Kids Corner :)
We want to help parents and grandparents by providing resources for teaching about God's love to youth at home.

The video provided is a great way to talk about the wonderful Psalm 23 in ways that children can understand and appreciate.

Also, click the link below to download a fun and faithful activity page to print out at home!

A New, Quick, Midweek Pick-Me-Up
At the direction of Church Council and with an enthusiastic thumbs up from Pastor Aaron we are going to have a new, quick, spiritual, casual, pick-me-up, 15-20 minute Wednesday worship time entitled, HANGOUT 4 HOPE.

Each week will PAL will host while a variety of special guests offer devotions, special-sing-a-long music, and one key verse from Scripture.

We hope to start this and hope you'll join us weekly, starting this Wednesday at 7:00pm.

Invite others to come!
THANK YOU for your AMAZING generosity to help others in this difficult time in addition to your regular giving. THANK YOU!!!

This week Pastor Aaron personally handed out $3,000 of aid and looks to do even more next week. This money is a gift. It is a gift to give, to distribute, and to accept. It is a tangible sign of God's love, compassion, and care. Thank you to everyone who has and is contributing to doing God's work with your hands in this special way.

Pastor Aaron now needs YOUR HELP. If you know of someone in our congregation or community who may be in need of assistance, PLEASE contact Pastor Aaron at
Conversational Bible Study
Bible Study with Pastor
Join us for an interactive Bible Study on Zoom (video chat), Thursdays from 7-8pm.

We will be using the Daily Discipleship Bible studies from the ELCA which are based on the assigned Gospel reading to used at Sunday worship!

*Please note the password is the church phone number.
We are seeking candidates for the upcoming council election in June. 

We invite you consider lending your time and talents alongside eight other members of Advent once a month to help guide the business and affairs of our congregation. We have been and continue to be blessed to have many different experiences and perspectives represented in our congregation – please consider adding yours to our Church Council. Each of us something to add!  

Council meets on the third Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. (these days via Zoom.)  Contact Katrina Väänänen at  or at 203-645-2420.
Youth Groups Online
Pastor Aaron Confirmation Class to join in for some learning and hang out time together via Zoom (1hr.)

Matt Pittman also invites the High School Class to do the same starting this Sunday at 6:00pm. Click here.
The Buckeye Bandit!!!
I'm sure you have heard of "The Elf on the Shelf".

Advent now has its own version ...
It is called the Buckeye Bandit!

Pastor Aaron received a scarecrow from the staff several years ago. Since we have been in lockdown, the scarecrow has made its way out of hiding and is doing his part in scaring the staff. He shows up in some of the most peculiar places. He has managed to frighten Jean as he was sitting next to the Pastor's door when she flipped on the light to go practice. Our cleaning person, Jeff, said that the Bandit nearly scared his pants off!
He felt uneasy every time he saw him. Have you seen this rascally Bandit?

Keep an eye out during our live stream services and see if you can find him. He is clever and doesn't like to be caught!
Our High School youth group members have been making phone calls to members of the congregation to check in on them, as we are all brothers and sisters in Christ.

How can we pray for you?
Is there something going on that we can pray with you about?

Please feel free to submit your prayer requests to:
While we can't meet as a church, we can be the church. If you are a regular giver to AdventELC through electronic means, your offerings and tithes will not be interrupted. If you someone who usually writes a check or puts cash into the offering plate, would you please consider continuing your offering by mailing in your offering?

Send checks made to:

Advent Lutheran Church
3660 Kenny Road
Columbus, Ohio 43220

Or go online to and the website will walk you through the simple process.
The staff at AdventELC are in and out of the office at unusual times these days. If you need anything, please try the church office first (614-451-3639). If somebody cannot be reached, please leave a message as we will be directly and remotely checking messages. If you have a pastoral emergency, please call Pastor Aaron directly at 614-570-8807.

If you are in need of any assistance during this time, please let us know. We would like to connect with you and assist you if possible.

We are praying for you. We will be calling to check in on you. We love you and hope to worship with you - either online or in person - soon!

In Christ's service,
Pastor Aaron Layne
Feeling Isolated?
If you are in need of any help, physical, spiritual, mental, please contact Pastor Aaron and he will walk with you.

Happy Birthday!
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