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June 2, 2017, Vol. 119

Weekly Calendar
Upcoming Events

Sunday, June 4 Day of Pentecost - Whitsunday
Choir practice: 8:30a
Holy Eucharist:  10:00a

Tuesday, June 6  
Executive Committee: 8:00a

Wednesday, June 7
HE and Healing Service:  12:00p

Monday, June 5
Contemplative Prayer:  11:00a

Tuesday, June 6
Executive Committee Meeting, 8:30

Tuesday, June 13
Vestry Meeting 8:30a

Tuesday, June 13
Men's Group at noon

Wednesday, June 21
DOK Meeting 11:00a

June 17 -27
Father Mark on Vacation

Advent's Calendar of Events
Day of Pentecost - Whitsunday 

This Sunday at our Holy Eucharist we celebrate the day when Jesus gave the disciples the gift of the Holy Spirit.  The Color of the day is Red and I ask that all of you wear red as we celebrate the ways that God, through the Holy Spirit, is working in our lives as the Body of Christ at Advent Church.  

Serving Smoked Turkey and Fixings after Church this Sunday in celebration of the Feast of Pentecost!

Fr. Mark is Smoking the Turkeys and Joni is making Dressing.  We need more sides such as Mashed Potatoes, Salad, Green Beans, and Desert.  Please respond to this email if you can bring a dish for this Sunday's Pentecost Feast. 
Advent's New BBQ/Smoker Trailer

Advent has a brand new BBQ/Smoker trailer and to celebrate Pentecost Sunday, we are serving smoked turkey after church this Sunday.  

Many of you enjoyed smoked brisket and pulled pork last Sunday in the successful trial run of our new BBQ machine.

Sharing Faith Dinners 

I am pleased to announce that we have over 30 folks signed up for "Sharing Faith Dinners."  For a church our size that is a remarkable number.  It shows the love and commitment that you all have for Christ as members of Advent Church.  I am so honored to serving among you.

Contemplative Prayer Group -  Mondays at 11:00 A.M.

Advent is pleased to announce the formation of a new prayer group that will help all who regularly attend learn and grow through the intentional practice of contemplative prayer.

Mark and Martha are jointly starting this group and we sincerely hope you will join us in the foyer of the main church building  every Monday at 11:00 A.M.  

At each prayer meeting we will.
-  Opening prayer
-  Short reading concerning contemplative prayer. 
-   Read from Scripture or Meditation. - Lectio Divinia 
-  20 minutes of silence - listening for Christ's Word and activity in our lives.
-  Follow up, Discussion and motivation if needed.
-  Blessing and Dismisal

Also, we will be finishing around lunch time and I hope that this group goes and break bread together from time to time.

Please join us at 11:00 A.M. every Monday.

Pleas keep in your prayers:

Our Congregation:   Carol & John Waller, Charlotte Befay, Jerry Fuller, Jeanne and Charley Keenan, Hank Mudgett, Margaret Scott, Priscilla Condon.   Our friends:  Nancy Dickerson, Bryan Rider, Jackie, Malcolm Jerry Gogdell, Rylee Hale, Bruce Teare, Kay Clapp, Hoyt Massey, Daniel Rosson, and the Cubbages.
Birthdays and Anniversaries

June Birthdays
Janet Gilmore (06-01)
Jean Ray (06-07)
Doug Howie (06-09)
Carolyn Vokes (06-17)

June Anniversaries:
Joni & Mark McDonald (06-04)
Jean & Gerald Ray (06-09)
Elaine & Albert Christiansen (06-14)
Cheryl & Warren Josephson (06-15)
Leslie & Kenny Lomers (06-24)

If you have a birthday and/or anniversary that you would like us to recognize, please get the information to the office.  Just call 251-961-2505.
Ministry Schedule 

June 4
June 11
Greeter & Usher:   
Janet Gilmore & Donna Ellis
Pamela & Paul LaBrosse
Eucharistic Minister
Evelyn Long
Paul Condit
David Long Billy Cunningham
Prayers of the People:
Donna Ellis Kathy Cunningham
Janet Gilmore & Kathy Cunningham Sharon Paine & Audrey Fuller

Please note:  If you are unable to make your scheduled day, please find a substitute or call the office.
A Bit of Humor from Rachael
The Most Popular Guy
Bubba's boss was getting tired of Bubba proclaiming that he "knew everybody" in the world.
"Okay, Bubba," his boss said one day, "Prove to me that you know everybody in the world. Do you know Tom Cruise?"
"Oh, me and Tom go way back," said Bubba.
So the boss bought airline tickets to Hollywood, and pretty soon Bubba was knocking at Tom Cruise's door, and was shortly admitted by the butler. Tom rushed to greet Bubba and invited him for lunch, and they had a good time discussing movies and things.
"Well, I'm impressed," said the boss when they left. "But I bet you don't know President Bush."
"Aw, sure I do," said Bubba, and with that they were off to Washington, and pretty soon, the White House guard was escorting the two men into the Oval Office.
"Hiya, Bubba!" said the President, warmly embracing him.
After a nice visit and a chat with the Cabinet secretaries, they left. The boss was suitably impressed, but not giving up.
"Okay, Bubba, I'm going to ask you if you know the ultimate celebrity -- the Pope."
"Why, for sure I do!" said Bubba, and pretty soon they were on an airplane to Vatican City.
They found themselves in St. Peter's Square in a crowd of thousands, and Bubba said, "Heck, I can't see nothin' from here," and so he went right up to the Swiss Guards and the doors opened to him.
The boss waited outside in the square. Pretty soon the door to the upstairs balcony opened, and out comes John Paul II and Bubba. They began to smile and wave at the crowd, with their arms around each other. Shortly thereafter Bubba decided to return to the Square. When he got there, an ambulance was loading his Boss into the back.
Bubba rushed up and said, "What happened, Boss?" The boss says, "I was doing fine until you came out on the balcony and the guy next to me says, 'Who is that guy on the balcony with Bubba?'"

The Mission Statement of the Episcopal Church of the Advent is to provide opportunities for worship, fellowship, joy, spiritual growth and community service, all for the love of God.

Vestry, Church Staff and Diocese

Jean Ray - Sr. Warden
Kenny Lomers - Jr. Warden
Kathy Cunningham - Vestry Clerk
Don Lewis
Gloria Sims
Sandy Dorsett

Church Staff and Treasurer
The Rev. Mark W. McDonald - Vicar

Episcopal Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast
The Rt. Rev. J. Russell Kendrick

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