Cradle of Liberty Council, BSA | Official Adventure Card Fundraiser Newsletter
Final Reminder... Money Due by Friday, June 14

Invoices were emailed to unit Adventure Card coordinators. If you need an invoice, please email All unit balances are due  no later than Friday, June 14, 2019. Payments may be made via check, cash or unit account. This is also the last day to return any cards. Please see leader guide for details (below).
"Strive for 25" Winners

Each of the following superstar Scout sellers will receive a $25 Amazon gift card! Cards will be sent certified mail to the unit Adventure Card coordinator. Please present the cards to your Scouts at your next meeting.

Week #8:
  • C. Adams, Boy Troop 98, Baden-Powell District
  • R. Bachman, Boy Troop 16, General Nash District
  • Z. Gender, Boy Troop 100, Roosevelt District
  • M. Miller, Boy Troop 98, Baden-Powell District
  • J. Senegeto, Boy Troop 3, Washington District
Week #9:
  • M. Bofinger, Pack 1855, Northern District
  • R. Ekobenit, Boy Troop 100, Roosevelt District
  • F. Lesmes, Crew 1842, Constellation District
  • E. Pleis, Boy Troop 563, Roosevelt District
  • T. Ryan, Boy Troop 243, Constellation District
Super Drawing:
  • $50 Amazon gift card: R. Seifert, Boy Troop 272, Minquas District
  • $75 Amazon gift card: K. Francis, Boy Troop 2, Conestoga District
  • $100 Amazon gift card: M. Saar, Pack 268, Lafayette District