Cradle of Liberty Council, BSA | Official Adventure Card Fundraiser Newsletter
Congratulations! Your unit is on its way to funding adventures. Whether it's for summer camp, equipment, or that special high-adventure trip, Adventure Cards can help your unit meet its fundraising goals.

Thank You to our unit and district Adventure Card volunteers for coordinating the fundraiser and making it happen!

Haven't got cards yet? The sale doesn't end until June 14, so your unit still has time to participate.

Need more cards? Order online or visit the website to see if there's a local distribution location near you.
Please note that the pre-purchase option for the Landis Supermarket version of the card is currently unavailable due to stock running low. For units that used the risk-free option for large quantities of the Landis cards, please evaluate your inventory and return any cards that you don't have a reasonable expectation of selling so we can get them to units that need them. Thanks!
Latest "Strive for 25" Winners

Each of the following superstar Scout sellers will receive a $25 Amazon gift card! Cards will be sent certified mail to the unit Adventure Card coordinator. Please present the cards to your Scouts at your next meeting.

Week #4:
  • J. Caetano, Boy Troop 3, Washington District
  • S. Cottman, Pack 485, Conestoga District
  • M. Matez, Boy Troop 98, Baden-Powell District
  • X. Payne, Boy Troop 512, Conestoga District
  • N. Thomas, Pack 485, Conestoga District
Week #5:
  • T. Garner, Boy Troop 414, General Nash District
  • J. Martin, Pack 229, General Nash District
  • S. Miller, Troop 126, World Scout Jamboree
  • D. Reber, Pack 17, Washington District
  • G. Rorer, Pack 17, Washington District
Only four "Strive for 25" drawings left, so get in those entries!
Plus, don't forget that all entries from the weekly drawings will be put into a Super Drawing at the end of the sale for even larger prizes!
Use the "Strive for 25" as a motivator to get your Scouts to sell.
Please... Don't Hold On to Unsold Cards!

Please don't wait until the end of the sale to return large quantities of risk-free cards. At this point, if your unit has received risk-free cards, hasn't sold them and has no plan to sell them, please return the cards ASAP so we can redistribute them to units that need them and can sell them. Contact your local district volunteer or professional, stop by a local distribution location (see website) or the Firestone Scouting Resource Center in Wayne to return cards. Thank you for responsible fundraising!
Sell at SEPTA Stations

Through a partnership with SEPTA, Cradle of Liberty Council units have the opportunity to sell at select stations in our area through the end of May (pending availability and approval).