November 2018 Newsletter from Lovejoy Travel Agency
Punta Cana | Dominican Republic
Every time I travel, I fall in love all over again. This last trip was to the Dominican Republic. Just arriving at the PUJ airport had me in love with the culture and the pride they take for their country. The airport was clean, the people were friendly, and they had a mariachi band singing away. Punta Cana’s beaches and resorts are the biggest draw for tourist. Having had the opportunity to visit 18 properties, it was hard to find one that I did not like (and yes, I have a list of resorts in other locations that I loathe). Let’s dive into what Punta Cana has to offer. 
Punta Cana is on the far east side of the island, were the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea. Its 40-mile, award-winning, white sand and turquoise water is a huge draw to tourism. These are some of the best waters for deep sea fishing, SCUBA diving and cave exploration. 
Because of the gorgeous beaches, Punta Cana has a number of wonderful resorts. Some resorts are boutique and small, other are huge. When I say huge, I mean they have 6 resorts on one property and three castles, like Grand Bahia Principe . Grand Bahia Principe. I, personally, love big resorts because there is so much to do without having to leave the property. The resorts in Punta Cana have a great emphasis on ecology and wildlife, which makes for a mystical experience. 

There are two adventure parks in the Punta Cana area that I need to rave about. Scape Park offers top activities all in one place. You enter the park, take photos with exotic animals, zipline, go horseback ride, ride adventure buggies and enjoy the water activities. Bavaro Adventure Park is an adrenaline seekers paradise. Go paint balling, bungee jump on the trampoline, climb the ropes course and check out Jurassic Park, featuring more than 20 animatronic dinosaurs with a natural setting. 

Just because you are in Punta Cana, don’t forget about the other towns. Santo Domingo is the capital of Dominican Republic and is the Caribbean’s most culturally rich and historic destination. The cobblestone streets, the authentic cuisine, the museums, galleries and theaters all make for a romantic experience. Puerto Plata is an ecological paradise with adventure, waterfalls, windsurfing and diving. La Romana has some of the most picturesque areas in the country. Altos de Chavon is an impressive replica of a 16 th -century Mediterranean village that will drop your jaw.