The Gospel:
A Revelation of Life through
God's Extravagant Love

"...ushered in through the Crucified..."
Matthew 27:32-61

Last week we began our Lenten sermon series, with two messages about "The Good News of God's Kingdom..." This week we'll continue our Gospel-centered study with the crucifixion story. When, out of pure extravagant love, the God of the universe, who created everything in it, was beaten and killed to save us. We'll consider why it happened the way it did, and reflect on a question Pastor John will pose about another man in this story...
Who is Barabbas?

Weekly Devotionals, Daily Prayers and Corresponding Life Group Curriculum will be available at the church or to download from the website on Sunday.
Sunday Service Info & Registration

Special Update: The Worship Center has been at max capacity given the current restrictions, please consider alternating which side of the building you worship on to allow space for new guests to participate in the Worship Center after they come in the main doors. We've re-arranged the seating in BOTH the Worship Center & Friendship Center to make it more accommodating.

If you plan on attending service on Sunday on-site, don't forget to reserve your spot by signing up for the Friendship Center or Worship Center HERE! You'll find that you can register all the way through Easter! If you forget to reserve your spot, please still join us and we'll find room for you!

And as always you can find our services live Sunday morning on our facebook page or uploaded to YouTube by the afternoon!

You do not have to be a Facebook member to be able to see the LIVE facebook video, just visit facebook.com/adventureoffaith at 10am Sunday morning and scroll down to find the live video!
No matter how you plan to worship, we are so happy to have your kids participate with us in Adventure:Kids! For more info on our in-person or at-home worship options, visit the website!

Sign up for Adventure:Kids at-home or in-person options each week using this link. Please remember that registration is required each week for Adventure:Kids in-person classes.

Sermon notes and challenges for families are available on the
Join us THIS SUNDAY! February 28th at 12:30pm
for our second attempt at this years Nerf War!

We will meet in the Friendship Center. We will start off with a group Devotional and transition into our games.

For the first round the other side of the church will be closed off, though you will be allowed to utilize designated outside areas! Please bring your own equipment! It is recommended you write your initials on your darts to be able to locate your own when the games are over.

To ensure we are following guidelines:
*Masks are required!*
If you do not have one upon arrival, one will be given to you.
I look forward to seeing you all again!
If you have any questions or concerns please contact
Wednesday, March 3, join us as we kick off
our new BaseCamp theme: Discipleship!

For February, March, and April BaseCamp will be digging into our church's three core values: Adventure, Discipleship, & Authenticity! We hope you'll join us as we explore what it means to be devoted to the mission of our church through our values!

See you at 5:30 in the building (feel free to bring your own dinner!)
or 6:00 on Facebook Live!

Haven't joined us yet and curious about what this is all about? You can still join us, there is always room for you! Visit the BaseCamp web page for more info and to register to participate. If you have questions about getting connected or registering contact Candice!

Don't forget, there are many ways to participate! At home or online. With just your family, with a neighbor, with a small group...
Choose your own Adventure!
We recognize this will be a lot of information, but we hope you will please read through it carefully as these are big (and exciting!) updates and announcements for our church family!

After great care and consideration our Pastor Nominating Committee is ready to make a formal recommendation to the congregation for CJ Young to be called as the next Senior Pastor/Head of Staff after Pastor John's retirement.
Pastor John has called a Special Congregational Meeting
for March 7, 2021 at 11:15am
The purpose of the meeting is to:
  • Request the presbytery to dissolve the pastoral relationship between Adventure of Faith Church and Pastor John Foreman, effective upon his retirement, March 31, 2021

  • Vote on the recommendation of the Pastor Nominating Committee to call the Rev. CJ Young to serve as Senior Pastor of Adventure of Faith Church, beginning April 1, 2021

  • (If the vote on #2 is in the affirmative) Request the Presbytery to approve the call of the congregation of Adventure of Faith Church to the Rev. CJ Young to serve as Pastor, effective April 1, 2021.

Because of the anticipated attendance of this Congregational Meeting, both the Welcome Center & Friendship Center are reserved for MEMBERS ONLY, aged 6th grade and up. The parking lot will also be open with a radio broadcast of the meeting, and it will be available via Facebook Live as well. Anyone is welcome to join us in the parking lot or online, and we will be monitoring questions and votes in those locations as well. Please reserve your spot for participation in the building and for Childcare needs HERE as soon as possible.
We are also planning to celebrate Pastor John's retirement with a Goodbye Party
on March 21, 2021.
This will be Pastor John's last Sunday with us. After worship we hope that you can join us to celebrate him with memories, encouragement and prayer. While we can't have the kind of celebration we would all like, we are planning an event that you can attend by registering for specified time slots so that we keep our numbers within current requirements.
Reservations for the Special Congregational Meeting & Pastor John's Goodbye Party are REQUIRED. Please read the two letters below detailing the events to come, and the Pastor Nominating Committee's process & introduction of CJ & then register for these events HERE.

Church Financial Update
This will be updated the second week of each month with the previous month's numbers. Thank you for your generous and faithful contributions! For giving information or to set up your one-time or recurring gift click HERE.

January budget                     59,591
January gifts                          46,935    79%
YTD budget                            59,591
YTD gifts                                 46,935    79%
$1 for One
Your $1 donation will go to support one specific need within the congregation or community. Donation boxes are located in the lobby outside the Worship Center and Friendship Center. Checks can be sent in made out to Adventure of Faith with "One for One" in the memo line.
This section is a weekly reminder that God is Good!
He is good to us every single day & we will praise His name!
As we're nearing a year since the first stay-at-home order, and all of the chaos, transitions, unknowns, and hardships that have since been felt by our congregation, our community and our world, we just wanted to pause and recognize all the ways we've continued to see God's goodness.

We've seen God's goodness through the use of technology to pivot our connections. We've seen His goodness through increased intentional reaching out by some of our members to other members and those in need in our community. We've seen God's goodness through your continued financial support of our church and its mission. We've seen His goodness in the provision of our staffing. We've seen God's goodness through a renewed sense that it's not so much about the building, but the people... we are the church! And as the church, especially during this Lenten season, we are praying that God continues to prompt us to lay down the things that distract us from God and abundant life and turn in devotion to the things that bring true connection with our Savior and those he has placed in our lives. God is Good!
If you have stories of God's goodness, hit reply to this email and send them our way. We would love to hear them and talk to you about sharing them.

To spur your thoughts to God's goodness start by asking yourself these questions:
What Good have you witnessed recently?
What Good has God brought into your life?
What Good has God prompted you to do for one another?
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