First Sunday of the Month News

We have loved having our kids in kindergarten and up join us in service on the first Sunday of the month for the past year! We are still learning how to incorporate our kids into the fold of Sunday services, so thank you for your patience and grace as we try new things.

As we've practiced better welcoming and celebrating our kids in service the last few months, we will be asking them to come forward to worship in front of the stage in the Worship Center during the music portion of our service. We will also be introducing a short kids message that ties in with concepts from the sermon they can grasp onto while listening to the sermon. Coming up to the front is not required, as we know some kids feel most comfortable being with their parents, but the option will be given this Sunday. We value all parts of our church body worshipping and learning alongside one another and we can't wait to do this on Sunday!

Adventure:Kids classes will still be open for nursery through preschool aged. Please preregister your kids HERE

We can't wait to see you this Sunday!

Sermon notes and challenges for families are available on the Adventure: Kids Facebook page,

Don't forget to check out the Adventure:Kids Book of the Month HERE