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Growing up in the American West, we have a view of the church, which has given us a different perspective than those who came before us had in mind when they talked about "church." We tend to be consumeristic, self-focused, comfort-oriented, and only loosely devoted to our chosen worshipping community. Throughout history, especially in the early church, the people of God were called to be a family. They were covenant people. They were the people on mission together. We realized that the church wasn't a building to go to or an organization or a business we support, but it was us. We were the church.

Weekly Devotionals/Life Group Curriculum and Daily Prayers
will be available at the church or to download from the website HERE on Sunday.
Communion Sunday!
See you on Sunday at 10:00 am!

- Come together for live on-site worship at the church after
registering HERE or join us live on Facebook.

- If you are joining us from home, make sure to prepare your Communion supplies to participate with us!

- For Communion Sundays Adventure:Kids ages kindergarten and up will be joining their parents in worship. A:Kids classes are only available for our littlest kids, ages preschool and below.

A recording of service is available on YouTube Sunday evening.
Pastor CJ's Installation as Senior Pastor
THIS SUNDAY, May 2, 2021 at the end of Sunday Service.

This Sunday, on May 2nd, we will be installing Pastor CJ Young as our Senior Pastor. Some of you may be wondering what installation is and didn’t we vote for Pastor CJ to be our Senior Pastor already? Just like with Elders and Deacons, who we vote for during a congregational meeting and then months later do ordination and installation, the same is true of pastors. Pastor CJ is already ordained through ECO and now needs to be installed as our Senior Pastor. It is a requirement from our Presbytery and ECO to have a formal installation. May 2nd during service Pastor CJ will be installed.

After service we want to be able to celebrate as a church family with a bring your own picnic lunch and we will provide dessert treats! So plan on staying after church to celebrate!
Staff Update:
Adventure Staff are gathering this Friday and Saturday for a retreat to really dig into the role of staff in the life of the church, to talk about our church culture, to hone in on prioritizing discipleship in our personal lives, and overall come together in a way that helps us all be on the same page and moving forward toward what God wants for us and our church.

We would appreciate your prayers as we lean into what God has in store for us.
No matter how you plan to worship, we are so happy to have your kids participate with us in Adventure:Kids! For more info on our in-person or at-home worship options, visit the website!

This Sunday, as it is Communion Sunday, Adventure:Kids in kindergarten and up will be in the main service to worship, learn, and observe or participate in this holy sacrament. We value all parts of our church body. From young to old, we believe that everyone belongs here and plays an integral role in who we are as a church. Adventure:Kids classes will only be open for our littlest kids who are preschool aged and below.

Sign up for Adventure:Kids at-home or in-person options each week using this link. Please remember that registration is required each week for Adventure:Kids in-person classes.

Sermon notes and challenges for families are available on the
TREK Upcoming Events:

May 27th, from 4-6pm we will be having a TREK STUDY/COFFEE time in the Cafe. Teens can study and get homework done, but also have some coffee, pizza and snacks! Join us!

Summer Camp June 26th-29th!
For more info, visit the registration page HERE.

If you have any questions about Trek or any of the upcoming events you can always talk to Karen or Kaitlyn for more info!
Doing some Shopping?

Did you know that if you are shopping at
Rite Aid or Fred Meyer you can sign up to support our church through some
Community Rewards?

By signing up at one or both of these places, each time you shop you earn our church a small proceed. This does not effect your personal rewards! To sign up click HERE for Fred Meyer details and HERE for Rite Aid details! Thank you!

And while you are shopping, consider picking up a few things for a
Stay Connected!

At Adventure we value relationships and intentionally living into them. It is literally part of our core value statements. Be a part of what we're doing here... get connected and stay connected with our life at Adventure!

Whether you have been here at Adventure for years or you are brand new, please take a moment to fill out the form HERE. This will help us know the best way to stay in contact and ways we can help you get more connected. 
Staffing Transition Forum
Sunday, May 16 from 11:30-12:30

We are celebrating exciting times here at Adventure! We have had the opportunity to welcome CJ Young as our new Senior Pastor and we are learning from him through his sermon series on the direction the church will be taking on Sunday mornings. In addition to our new Senior Pastor, we have had other staffing changes. We want to share with you what these changes are and how that fits into the Mission, Vision and Values of the church. Join us on May 16th after church from 11:30-12:30 as we discuss those changes.

Here is the link to a form that gives you an opportunity to ask questions prior to May 16th. We hope to be able to address all questions during the hour-long forum, however due to time restrictions we may not be able to answer all questions. If your question is not answered during the forum, someone will reach out to you personally to answer your questions.

We also want to let you know that children are welcome to attend! Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about what Adventure is doing! 
Outdoor Church Clean-Up
Saturday, May 15 from 9-11 am

Join us as we spend a couple of hours taking care of the outdoor areas of our church property. Grab your weeding tools, gardening gloves or anything you think might help with clean up and meet us outside in the church parking lot!
Adventure Walking Path Work Party
Saturday, May 22 from 9 am-4 pm

We're creating a walking path on the undeveloped section of our property! It's about a half a mile long and we hope it will be used by our congregation and community alike! To start clearing this trail please join us for a work party on Saturday, May 22. Come for all or part of the day and bring whatever tools you think would be useful - shovels, picks, rakes, pruners, chain saws, bulldozers, etc... For any questions about this project please contact our Don Van Doornik!
Baptism Class
Sunday, May 23 from 1-2 pm

If you want to find out more about baptism, or are considering baptism for yourself or your child, please join us. Child care is available upon request. Sign up at the Welcome Center or contact Candice Brady for more info.
Confirmation Class Service Project
Now through June 6

The 2021 Confirmation Class is doing a service project through June 6, collecting items for South Kitsap Helpline. Please consider donating items food, blankets, socks, detergent, toiletries, cleaning supplies, etc. Leave them where the coffee cart used to be under the tvs near the welcome center. Watch the video above for more info and if you have any questions please contact Michelle Stigler or Karen Eckland.
Church Financial Update
March budget        59,591
March gifts             72,826  122%
YTD budget          178,773
YTD gifts               174,101   97%
Weekly Schedule:

Sunday, May 2:
Communion Sunday & Pastor CJ's Installation @ 10 am

Tuesday, May 4:
Adventure Prayer Night @ 6 pm, contact Jhem for more info

Wednesday, May 5:
BaseCamp May Kick-off @ 5:30pm onsite, 6 pm on Facebook Live

Thursday, May 6:
Scripture Out Loud @ 5:30 pm, contact Tish for more info

Upcoming Important Dates:
Sunday, May 2: Pastor CJ's Installation, 10 am
Saturday, May 15: Outdoor Church Clean-Up Day, 9-11 am
Sunday, May 16: Staffing Transition Forum, 11:30 am-12:30 pm
Saturday, May 22: Walking Path Work Party, 9 am-4 pm
Sunday, May 23: Baptism Class, 1-2 pm
Thursday, May 27: TREK Study & Coffee Time in the Cafe, 4-6 pm
Sunday, June 6: Graduation Sunday

Don't worry if you haven't heard of some of these yet...
put them on your radar and know more details are coming!
This section is a weekly reminder that God is Good!
He is good to us every single day & we will praise His name!
When the Holy Spirit is showing up during Sunday's worship set and the Senior Pastor can't help but take a video of our sound guru, Norm, rockin' out...
God is Good!!
If you have stories of God's goodness, hit reply to this email and send them our way. We would love to hear them and talk to you about sharing them.

To spur your thoughts to God's goodness start by asking yourself these questions:
What Good have you witnessed recently?
What Good has God brought into your life?
What Good has God prompted you to do for one another?
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