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Below you will find all the most up to date information on Sunday Service, our Weekly Rhythms, and Upcoming Events! We also answer financial questions, recap celebrations, and share God is Good moments each week as a way of leaning into our core values of Adventure, Discipleship, and Authenticity. If you ever have any questions or a need you can email those listed in an applicable section below or send us an email HERE.

May Jesus meet you gently as you live into His call this week.

We can't wait to see you for Worship on Sunday!

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New Sermon Series: Scattered

September 17th - October 22nd

After Stephen’s murder, the early church was scattered into the ancient world where they continued to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom and plant churches. From here on out the church would have a stronghold in Jerusalem but be missional as it sought the far reaches of the known world. Persecution continued, but it did not have the desired effect. The more they tried to cease this movement, the further it would reach.

Sunday, September 17th


When threatened with death, the early church scattered into the known world carrying with them their identity in Christ, given by Him before His ascension. They were to be His witnesses. We are still called to be His Witnesses to the world that we are scattered out into. What does that mean? How do we bear witness about what we’ve seen and heard?

Daily Prayers, Digging Deeper Guide and coordinating Life Group Curriculum are available each week on Sunday to further explore this Sermon Series. You can find those resources (for this week and ALL previous weeks) HERE or at the Welcome Center on Sunday.

Adventure:Kids News

This Sunday in Adventure:Kids, the kids continue to learn what Jesus taught while he was on earth. By reading Matthew 6 the kids will learn about behavior.


Key Passage: "Yours, Lord, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the splendor, for everything in heaven and earth is yours. Yours, Lord, is the kingdom; you are exalted over all." 1 Chronicles 29:11

We can't wait to see you this Sunday!

Sermon notes and challenges for families are available on the Adventure: Kids Facebook page,

OR click here for a pdf version.

You're Invited to an Adventure:Kids Team Meeting this Tuesday, September 19th at 5:30pm. This is a time to meet and discuss the vision and details of the 2023-24 year. If you are committed to being on the team, OR just want to find out more as you prayerfully consider joining us, we hope you'll come to this meeting to learn and ask questions! Dinner is provided, RSVP to Callie.

Adventure:Equip Fall Session

Come try a new class! Sundays from 9:00am-9:45am

Adventure:Equip is how Adventure seeks to grow in our understanding of the Bible, doctrine, theology, and practice through classes each Sunday morning. There is a place for you here to learn and grow closer to Jesus alongside your Biblical Community!

There are four classes for adults and teens and a kids class that have just started. Come check one out! You can find the new Fall Session class descriptions HERE! If you want more info or have any questions, please email Cory.

Fall Church Clean-Up

Saturday, September 16th from 8:00am-Noon

All are welcome! Come help us as we make steward what God has so generously provided. There will be indoor and outdoor tasks. Bring whatever outdoor tools you think might be useful for our church grounds and your joyful spirit. We will have some tools available for people too. See you there!

Calling all teens and parents! Please consider joining us for dinner this Wednesday, September 20th, in the Friendship Center at 5:30pm for a time of preparation and planning for the 2023-2024 Adventure Youth season. Your presence and voice matter, so catch hold of the vision, participate in planning, learn how to support, and get excited for the year ahead! Dinner is provided, RSVP to Callie.

Let's Do Lunch

Thursday, September 21st from 11:30am-1:30pm

This group is for older adults to enjoy fellowship, conversation, and delicious food together! This month, invite a friend and join us at Red Robin in Silverdale. Burgers, fries and ice cream treats are not just for children! They offer chicken options, fish, pizza and salads. If need be, we can walk around the mall after eating to burn off the calories. Please RSVP to Marilyn Vivian by 9/18 so servers can be arranged to take good care of our group. Phone/text to 360-443-2206, or email: marviv396@gmail.com

Adventure hosts Family Kitchen!

Friday, September 22nd at 5 pm

Family Kitchen meals are available the last two Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays of each month at First Lutheran Community Church at 5 pm. If you, or someone you know, is in need of a meal, please consider stopping by to grab dinner (no questions asked!).

We Need YOUR Help!  Please prayerfully consider if you might be able to volunteer once a month or on a rotation to help serve our community in this way. We also rely on the generosity of our congregation in providing the food for each meal. Please look for the clipboards that will go around during service on Sunday to sign up. This ministry is currently supporting 40+ people for dinner so thank you for your continued support of our community in this way!

If you have any questions or need more info, please email Natalie or Leslie!

Saturday Seminar with Dr. Josberger

Saturday, September 23rd

8:30am potluck breakfast, 9:00am-Noon Seminar

Saturday Seminars are back! Join us for a seminar on "Ecclesiastes: When the Truth Hurts, the Truth Brings Hope" with Dr. Rebekah Josberger from Multnomah Seminary. Our hope is that together we can dig into more in-depth study of the Scriptures and provide a context for biblical education that, hopefully, leads to a more transformed life.

Teens and adults are welcome to attend.

Cost is $15, cash or check at the door.

Join us at 8:30am for an optional potluck breakfast before the seminar starts at 9:00am.

Please register ahead of time to let us know you are coming HERE.

Questions? Email CJ.

BaseCamp Session 1 for 2023-2024

Fall Session 1 Kick-off is Wednesday, October 4th at 5:45pm

We are really looking forward to another year of BaseCamp! Join us around the table as we equip, encourage, support & challenge each other into the mission God calls us to in every aspect of our lives.  If you've never checked out BaseCamp before, this is a perfect time and place to get connected to this biblical community.

BaseCamp starts at 5:45pm each Wednesday in the Friendship Center starting October 4th.  We will participate in a family style meal paired with questions and activities to help us connect and engage in Jesus-centered discussion and fellowship.  

We've updated the website with questions that have been asked like: "What is BaseCamp?," "What does a typical BaseCamp Night look like?" and "What is the commitment or cost?" So check out the updated details about BaseCamp HERE

BaseCamp returns in a little less than three weeks!

If you are planning to join us


Mark Your Calendars!

There is a baptism class coming up on Sunday, October 1st after church. What is Baptism? Why do we baptize? How do we baptize? What does it mean when we baptize someone? Come and find out and sign up to be baptized, or have your children baptized at Adventure of Faith!

For more information or to sign up you can Register Here.

Ladies! Mark your calendars for a Women's Day Retreat focused on sharing life together one story at a time! This is coming up on October 21st from 9am-3pm. There will be a speaker, breakout sessions, lunch, and more. Cost will be $20. Check back for registration soon!

Trunk or Treat is coming! Start thinking about hosting a trunk, and if you see candy on sale we will be collecting candy donations ASAP! Get excited, we are looking forward to hosting this family friendly event to share the light, love, and joy of Jesus on Halloween with our community!

Weekly Schedule:

Saturday, September 16th:

Fall Church Clean-Up, 8am-Noon, see above for info

Sunday, September 17th:

Adventure Awakens Cafe, open 8:30-10:05am & 11:00-11:30am

Adventure:Equip Fall Classes, 9am, see above for info

Sunday Service, 10am

Confirmation Class, after service

Tuesday, September 19th:

Adventure:Kids Team Meeting, 5:30pm, see above in kids section

Prayer Night Fellowship, 5:30pm, contact Bill, Bruce, or Craig

Adventure Prayer Night, 6pm, contact Craig for info

Men's BSF, 6pm, contact Fred for info

Wednesday, September 20th:

Adventure Youth Teen & Parent Meeting, 5:30pm, see above for info

Thursday, September 21st:

Grief Share, 10am-Noon, contact Jean for more info

Scripture Out Loud, 5pm, contact Amanda or Tish for info

Friday, September 22nd:

Women's BSF, 10am, contact Mary for info

Family Kitchen, 5pm, see above for info

Saturday, September 23rd:

Saturday Seminar, 8:30/9:00-Noon, see above for info

Emmanuel's Clothes Closet, 9am-Noon

Looking Further Ahead:

September 24th: Global Outreach Prayer Meeting

September 27th: Last BaseCamp Summer Hangout of the Year!

October 1st: Baptism Class

October 4th: BaseCamp Session 1 Kick-off!

October 14th: E-Waste Recycling Event

October 21st: Women's Day Retreat

October 22nd: Fall Youth Sunday

October 29th: Congregational Meeting

October 31st: Trunk or Treat

Don't worry if you haven't heard of some of these yet...

put them on your radar and know more details are coming!

This section is a weekly reminder that God is Good!

He is good to us every single day & we will praise His name!

Shared from Sam: This week starts a new sermon series, which means a new set of graphics and posters and stage design modifications for me to work on. I was spurred this week to share some about my process because this is honestly one of my favorite parts of my job. When I approach any graphic creation, it's not just to get info across and catch your eye and make something that looks good (I mean, I do hope it is all those things), but to me it is more than that. It's a way God helps me meditate on His word as I think through the heart of the upcoming sermon series or event. It's a way I can share how Jesus draws me near in images and color and the process of creation that immediately turn my eyes to Him. It's how an image like the one I used for this Scattered series reminds me of how God plants us sometimes in unlikely places but grows us beautifully anyway. There's layers of story and meaning to all of my graphics... ask me about it sometime because inevitably I'll share how God is so very, very Good in the process. :)

This space in the newsletter is a small way we continue to celebrate the goodness of God all year long, and practice being aware of His presence in our lives. So, if you have stories of God's goodness big or small, hit reply to this email and send them our way. We would love to hear them, pray in praise over them and talk to you about sharing them.

To spur your thoughts to God's goodness start by asking yourself these questions:

What Good have you witnessed recently?

What Good has God brought into your life?

What Good has God prompted you to do for one another?

God is Good!!

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