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Good Morning...See You at Arts from the Heart.
Amazing Artwork and Fabulous Music by Our Students
6:30-8pm this evening
Sharing in the Eucharist with Family,
Friends, and Classmates
Sending Heartfelt Congratulations and Prayers to
our students receiving their First Eucharist.
Thank you, Lord Jesus, O thank you for giving yourself to me. Make me strong to show your love wherever I may be. Be near me, Lord Jesus, I ask you to stay, close by me forever and love me, I pray.
Artists of the Month
Vivienne De Peters
Matthew Anderson
First Grade
Henry Maass
Second Grade
Madison Flynn
Third Grade
Connor Duras
Fourth Grade
Karina Lam
Fifth Grade
Kristen De Barros-Zanette
Sixth Grade
Adriana Kari
Seventh Grade
Andrew Gjoka
Eighth Grade
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Arts from the Heart

Drop in any time from 6:30-8:00pm tonite

See the work of our hands and hearts created with the talents God has given to each of us!
Tea with Mommy

Our Littles in Preschool and Kindergarten Have Tea with The One Who
Holds Their Hands and Hearts the Closest
Be Sure to Join Us for Arts from the Heart
Today 6:30-8:00pm
Class of 2022
A Few More Decisions Shared
The first weeks of May have been a time for our Class of 2022 to share where they are going from here after June 5. Dressing in their high-school-to-be sweatshirts, and t-shirts and decorating their lockers they have shared their news and given us a chance to celebrate with them.
Class of 2022 You're Invited--Save the Date

May 15th is the official 8th Grade Kick Off for United Youth Ministry.
Shining the Spotlight on Our Class of 2022
During the countdown to graduation, each member of the
Class of 2022 will be featured on Instagram. Be sure to follow us at srsnewtownct to learn more about our soon-to-be graduates!
4th Grade Travels to the Capitol
Beyond the Classroom
A Heartfelt Thank You from Ghana
We recently received a heartfelt thank you letter, filled with excitement and joy, from Sister Angelina and the entire school community in Ghana. As you know, through Sister Thaddeus' religious order, the Holy Family of Nazareth, we have devoted monies from our Lenten Missions, over the years, to help the good Sisters build, furnish, and fill with needed supplies, a school for young children. Holy Family of Nazareth School, now years in operation, continues to grow and flourish and we are so thrilled to be a part, of the bigger family around the world, that helps support them.

Sister Angelina wrote to Sister Thaddeus to share that another of their Sisters, Sister Lucyna, visited and brought $2000 as a gift from our St. Rose School Community. Sister Angelina shared a story about making a decision of how to use the money; as we hear it, I think we see that tried and true belief, that God works in mysterious ways. The school has a big multipurpose auditorium, which is used for many, many gatherings and events. For most of these activities they have used the school projector, and needless to say with so much use, the tired projector recently gave out; right at the time our donation arrived. So the Sisters were able to replace it with more modern and reliable technology in a TV; and as Sister Angelina pointed out, now all children benefit as well as teachers and even parents during their meetings.

In closing, with great gratitude, she says to all..

"May God richly bless you, all the benefactors and the families you are working with! May He reward everything you gave to us. God bless you!"

We can all feel the light of Christ burn brighter in our lives knowing that we were part of a solution for a school far away, but close in heart!
You Are Invited to See and Hear
Arts from the Heart
One last reminder before we go... for an evening of community, amazing art, and inspiring music---------->
A Few More Noteworthy Bits 'n Pieces Before You Go
SRS Special Persons' Day
Looking Ahead and Reminders for Days Ahead...

May 12...Arts from the Heart--Art Show with Band Performance

May 20-21...Godspell at Newtown Middle School; 7-9pm

May 23...Social Studies Final (grades 6-8)
May 24...Math Final (grades 6-8)
May 25...Science/Spanish Finals (grades 6-8)
May 26...Religion Final (grades 6-8)
May 31...ELA Final (grades 6-8)
June 1 and June 2...make-up days for missed finals (grade

June 2...Kindergarten Graduation

June 5...Class of 2022 Graduation at 3pm

June 6...Preschool Graduation

June 6...Field Day/Early Dismissal (rain date June 7)

June 7...Moving Up Day for Students/Early Dismissal
(June 6 if Field Day gets moved to June 7 due to weather)

June 8...Last Day of School/Early Dismissal

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Some Fun Opportunities from St. Rose Parish
Calling all 7th and 8th Graders...There is also an opportunity to earn SERVICE HOURS for helping at Vacation Bible School. Visit www.strosechurch.com and check your school email for more information.
Did you miss the last few editions of Adventures of Student Life? Here are the links to catch up on the stories and smiles of our children.
Blessed Mother, We Love You, We Honor You Today
Holy Mary, Mother fair, filled with love for God;
Pray for us in all our needs.
Pray for us today.