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Smiles and Winter Break Haircuts
to Head Back to School
This week's update was filled and ready to send before we left for break; yet, I was thinking on Tuesday night, I look forward to adding that one last thing before I schedule the newsletter to send. I thought no need to loose sleep over it; although who really sleeps the night before going back to school after a long break? Anyway, I knew I'd have an answer and something to share once I was back in the hallways and classrooms. Of course, our children don't ever come up short when it comes to inspiration! It wasn't even 8:00am on Wednesday, and I had the idea, thanks to Bennett in grade 7. As we passed each other by the Gathering Hall I complimented his haircut and remembering that I had seen a few more of those fresh haircuts just minutes ago...the idea was born! Why not feature some of our young gentlemen and their new haircuts; as it seemed that winter break haircuts were trending at SRS. So here are a few of those handsome young men, happy to stop and smile for the camera! I don't know about you, but when I had this together, looking at it just makes you smile and with the summery feel of the day, it just makes you look forward to the weeks and months ahead with hope!
It's Easy to Catch Our Students
Being Kind!
7th Grade Modeling Body Systems for Science
Drawing life size skeletons after learning the skeletal and muscular systems is the foundation for learning the systems of the body. Our 7th graders are now learning the digestive system and labeling and placing the organs of the digestive system on the skeletons; they will continue adding each system as they move forward in learning the different body systems. We look forward to sharing their finished projects!
Buddies Break for Fun
Remember the great Turkey Trot of November and a little purple turkey named Violet? Well Violet trotted over that finish line and well beyond with the hundreds of food donations from the buddy team of our First and Fifth Graders. The grand prize was free play in the Gathering Hall together. Of course we waited for just the right time for a fun gathering to enjoy and last week they were able to spend time playing and sharing snack together in the Gathering Hall. Nothing exemplifies the love and kindness of Christ more than seeing the older buddies care for and guide their younger buddies and watching the smiles and hearing the giggles and laughs as they spend time together!
Congratulations to Our High Honors and Honors Students!
Celebrating Our JV Boys, JV Girls, and Cheerleading Teams
Late Breaking News from
JV Girls' Basketball Tournament
What a GREAT game tonight against St. Peters! The Rams absolutely DOMINATED the court with heads-up passing, communication, and rebounds! 

Final Score: Rams 22, St. Peters 8

Shivanjali, Anayana, and Anayora had 6 points each and Evelyn Dyer had 4 which all contributed to the St. Rose victory. 

The RAMS will take on the host team, St. Mary's tomorrow night at 6:15pm at St. Marys. 
Creativity Fills the Halls and Walls
Kindness Links Us Together

Dear St. Rose Families, 

Was it spring break or winter break; is it summer or winter? Almost sounds like the start of a Dr. Seuss book! The children were so excited to be back and to go out for recess without heavy coats, gloves, and hats today. Spring was definitely in the air as we returned to school; so much so that it is difficult to believe that we are less than 24 hours away from a predicted snow/sleet/ice storm and most likely an eLearning Day on Friday! Whatever the weather, we are happy to be back together and moving forward as we arrive at the midway point of third quarter.

I hope that everyone had a restful, and a winter break filled with what makes you most happy! Restful is key, as the last days of February and month of March is looking to have a very full calendar, of wonderful events, beginning to spill into April. Please be sure to see the list of some of those days at the end of today's update. We are also planning for the Knowledge Bowl and a few other special days for the month of March and April yet to be added to the calendar.

Of course we are looking forward to next week's celebration of the 100 Days to Graduation for our Class of 2022(rescheduled for Monday). We also have this evening's HSA Meeting (in person), and our Sweetheart Dance and 7th/8th Dance on the calendar for Saturday!

As you know, Monday, we begin "Mask Optional". Families will have the choice of sending their child(ren) to school with or without a mask. We ask that, if your child(ren) will continue to wear a mask that you let their teacher(s) know via email (and please copy Nurse Bonnie and Mrs. Sweeting). This will help us care for all students and their parents' preference.

Being a caring and accepting community; we look forward to partnering with you to make this transition as easy as possible for everyone. Please let your child know if they are to keep their mask on or if they will no longer be wearing their mask. Also, please talk with them about respecting the choice of others; we do not want "masked or not masked" to become a topic of discussion or to be questioned in any way. We also do not want this choice to be a source of unkind words or behavior for any reason. We understand that children, especially the younger ones, are curious and innocently ask questions; we will handle this with TLC if this should occur. I truly believe if we work as partners on this; the transition of some being in masks and others not, will be given little, if any, attention as we move forward.

Speaking of moving forward, next week promises to be filled with activity as we celebrate Reading and Books; including announcing a one read for our student community (more details about this next week). We look forward to the celebration of 100 Days Until Graduation for our Class of 2022! Our classes are beginning to prepare and on Wednesday we will begin our Lenten Journey together. So much to look forward to; so much to be grateful for, we are truly blessed as a community!

Warm Regards!
Mrs. B
The Gathering Hall is a Super Busy Space

Here we visit with our 4 year-olds as
they drop in for their P.E. time
Class of 2022
Shining the Spotlight on Our Class of 2022
During the countdown to graduation, each member of the Class of 2022 will be featured on Instagram. Be sure to follow us at srsnewtownct to learn more about our soon-to-be graduates!
Happy Birthday to Our Superhero, Nurse Bonnie
Nurse Bonnie was honored on Friday as she celebrated her birthday and we celebrated our own Superhero! For three school years Nurse Bonnie has worked tirelessly, not only seeing students daily, but also behind the scenes keeping up-to-date on all the mandates, contact tracing, and other demands of the pandemic that have been required to keep us all safe! The children were thrilled to dress as superheroes and stop by throughout the day to deliver cards, wishes, and a whole lot of gratitude! Thank you Nurse Bonnie, you are our Superhero!
Beyond the Classroom
It's Not Too Early to Think About
Spring and Summer Fun with Team DIG!
Cooking and Chess Return to SRS!
Dance the Night Away on February 26th
A Few More Noteworthy Bits 'n Pieces Before You Go
Updates for Days and Weeks Ahead...

Friday, February 25 is a potential (sounds more definite on Wednesday evening) snow storm; teachers will be prepared for eLearning Day and will contact parents/students in the event of school building closure. Students will be sent home with books and materials, today, to be prepared as well. Please be sure to check email, voicemail, and local news stations before leaving for school on Friday in the event the school building is closed.

Beginning Monday, February 28 MASKS will be OPTIONAL. Please contact your child's teacher (cc. Nurse Bonnie and Mrs. Sweeting) if your child will continue wearing a mask. This will help us care for all students and their parents' preference.

We will return to attending mass in person on March 11.

Information regarding other events and activities will be forthcoming.

Looking Ahead and Reminders for Days Ahead...

February 24...HSA Meeting, in person, 6:30-8:00pm Gathering Hall

February 26....Sweetheart Dance 5-7:30pm;
7th/8th Grade Dance 8:00-9:30pm

February 28...100 Days to Graduation Celebration

February 28-March 4 Celebrating Reading Mania to kick off March
February 28th Daisy-Head Mayzie ...Crazy Hair or Hat Day w/uniform
March 1 The Boy on Fairfield Street...Read Across America Day
March 2 Fox in Sox...wear fun socks with your uniform
March 3 Character Day...dress as your favorite book character
March 4 Movie based on a book...(pack a snack of popcorn or favorite treat for movie watching)

March 2...Ash Wednesday/Lent Begins
Students will visit church to receive ashes
Lenten Mission begins
Lenten Acts of Kindness Calendar begins

March 6...7th Grade Confirmation Retreat, 11:30am Mass

March 7...NO SCHOOL; Teacher PD

March 11...BINGO - Gathering Hall

March 17...St. Patrick's Day

March 21-April 1...IOWA/CogAT testing

April 4-8...International Week
(Passport Day/International Dinner-March 6)

April 11-18...Spring Break

April 30...Confirmation for Class of 2022 at 9:00am

Keep your eyes on your inbox every Thursday to share in the adventures of our students!