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Good Morning...Today is a Good Day for a Good Day!
 "Celebrate God all day, every day. I mean, revel in him!"
Philippians 4:4
My heart is filled with adoration
When I lift my eyes to you.
For you are Lord of all creation,
You make all things new.
It's National Crayon Day!
Sheets of brown paper cover the walls, and some of the bulletin boards, throughout the hallways this morning. They are awaiting our students and their crayons. It's the one day it's ok to "color on the walls" at school. We look forward to sharing the pictures that come to life from everyone taking part in National Crayon Day!
My favorite memory with crayons, was being in school coloring at my desk while we watched the raindrops hit and run down the windows of the classroom. There was a peace and calm to making bright, colorful pictures on those rainy days. Thinking back on school days and now as a teacher, there is nothing like opening a brand new box of crayons, that all familiar smell that takes you back to those memories; just like opening a new can of Play Doh is still a favorite scent from the past.

I loved the new points on each colorful, little stick and the bright waxy perfection of each one. So many possibilities in each box, whether 8 or 64 or even more, anything you could imagine, you could draw with your box of crayons. As you draw, shade, and color, nothing makes you pause like when one of your crayons snaps and breaks. Over the years, I have seen many inventions from students trying to put the crayon back together; trying to recreate that perfect little stick of color. The happy ending to this is that we all learn a valuable lesson, broken crayons still color. So whether you have a box of new crayons, a well loved box, or a bag of those broken crayons that still color; I hope you take some time today to relive your childhood and sit down with your own child and do some coloring!

Here are some fun crayon facts to share with your child.

  • Crayons are the 18th most recognizable smell in the world
  • Crayola alone produces 12 million crayons a day and nearly 3 billion annually
  • Well over 100 million crayons are thrown out every year by more than 15,000 family-style restaurant chains across the U.S.
  • The average child wears down 720 crayons by their 10th birthday.
Knowledge Bowl
Part I of the Competition of Brains and Brawn
The Gathering Hall was a sea of Blue, Yellow, Red, and Green on Wednesday afternoon. The excitement of being together and a little competition brought shouts of joy and cheers from each team. Gathering was our young learners from preschool all the way up to our Class of 2022, it was like Midterms and Finals coming alive as they answered questions about all the things they've learned this year.
Question after question trying to be the first to buzz in.
Waiting with patience and excitement for each question.
Teams sat watching as each grade went up to answer questions to earn points for their color.
Answering with confidence and hoping to win points for the team.
Squeals of joy when you hear, "that is correct"!
It became a nail-biting competition keeping teams on the edge of their seat.
One thing was evident, team spirit and school community were at an all time high throughout the afternoon.
It was definitely a "photo finish" with scores being so close for all four teams. In the end, the RED TEAM took the victory with shouts, cheers, and a little dancing.
The RED Team will have a dress down day and a little surprise for their win; and then it's off to Field Day in June to see if they can bring the brawn to defend 1st Place. The Blue, Yellow, Red, and Green teams will reunite on the field for fun, games, and a bit more competition before ending the school year!
Spring is Taking Over
 Our Hallways and Classrooms
Tissue Paper Crosses by Kindergarten; Poetry Tulips by First Grade; and Adjectives About Me Flowers by Second Grade
Poetry is in the Air as
We Celebrate National Poetry Month
Blackout Poetry by Our Middle Schoolers
Blackout poetry starts with a previously printed page, the author redacts parts of the original work to come up with an original poem and picture for a theme they decide upon.
Our Lenten Journey Continues
Kindergarten makes their Lenten journey with art and a heart for good deeds. The children are creating a class heart filled with the love from each good deed that they offer each day.
Sixth Grade Leads Friday Mass
Lenten Mission Reaches Near and Far

Help Us to Support Local Newtown Organizations That Serve Those in Need and also the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth as they continue to grow their school in Ghana
Each day, during Lent, students can bring in monetary donations to support the Lenten Mission. For each $1, the student will receive a raffle ticket. Each Friday the tickets collected for that week will be entered in a drawing. Students in Pre-K through Grade 3 can win a stuffed animal. In grades 4-8 the prizes will be $5 Dunkin Donuts gift cards. We send our heartfelt gratitude to our students and families for helping us raise over $2,000 for the missions during the past three weeks.
Tag Sale a Huge Success in Helping Others and Building Community with Over $800 Being Raised
Kindergarten, Grades 1 & 2 coordinated a Lenten Drive Tag Sale by collecting new and gently used items from families and staff. All students were invited to shop this past Tuesday. As you can see it was a huge success in many ways. The joy of finding just the right thing, whether a new stuffed friend, a game, puzzle, new shades, fancy hat, or even an iron or hand mixer for mom; no one left the sale empty handed.
You can never have enough bags; especially when they are filled with items from the Lenten Drive Tag Sale! Many left school that day happy, and loaded down with their treasures!
Class of 2022
Fun & Smiles For Their Last Knowledge Bowl
Shining the Spotlight on Our Class of 2022
During the countdown to graduation, each member of the
Class of 2022 will be featured on Instagram. Be sure to follow us at srsnewtownct to learn more about our soon-to-be graduates!
Spring Doesn't Only Bring April Showers;
It Also Brings Warm Weather Uniforms
Spring Uniforms

Spring also means a change in uniforms. Students can begin wearing warm weather uniforms, beginning Monday, April 4. We will use that week before break as a transition period; with warm weather uniforms being required by all beginning Tuesday, April 19, on our return from Spring Break.

Please refer to the SRS Handbook for specific requirements regarding uniforms and related policies.

Here are some of the main items to take note of for uniforms:

The St. Rose of Lima uniform is to be worn with pride and is to be clean, neat, and of appropriate size.Students must only wear the approved uniform for St. Rose of Lima School.All students are required to wear a school uniform. School uniform list and ordering information maybe obtained by visiting:


Girls: Jumpers, skirts and skorts must be of appropriate length (not more than 3 inches above the knee). Shirts or blouses must be tucked in. Girls may not wear make-up, nail polish or jewelry, except
for simple post earrings, a small cross on a chain, and a watch. No hoop or dangling earrings are permitted for safety reasons. Only simple headbands or plain bows are permitted (not headbands that
have objects extending from them). Shoes must be black or brown without heels; no moccasins or boots are permitted. Sneakers may be worn with PE uniforms only. With the regular uniform, athletic shoes
are permitted ONLY if solid black or brown. Hair color must be a natural color (for example NOT blue, green, pink, etc.) and at the principal’s discretion of what is considered “natural color.” and must be clean and neatly combed/brushed.

Boys: Shirts must be worn tucked in. Uniform belt must be worn (grades 1-8). Ties must be the uniform tie unless a special privilege is given to wear other ties. Boys may not wear any jewelry except
for a watch. Shoes must be brown or black dress shoes. Sneakers may be worn with PE uniforms only. With the regular uniform, athletic shoes are permitted ONLY if solid black or brown. Haircuts are to be
neat and the length may not be longer than top of the uniform shirt collar. Hair color must be a natural color and spiked hair may be no longer than 1 inch.
Beyond the Classroom
Cast Begins Rehearsals
Lima Kirkman, grade 6, as Jesus.
Andrew Gjoka, grade 8, as John the Baptist and Judas.
New Members of Scout Troop 770
Fifth graders, Matthew Belisari and Will Lampazzi, "graduated" from Cub Scout Pack 270 by earning their Arrow of Light Rank and joined Scout Troop 770 at
St. Rose. 
A Few More Noteworthy Bits 'n Pieces Before You Go
Looking Ahead and Reminders for Days Ahead...

April 4-8...International Week
(Passport Day/International Dinner-March 6)

April 11-18...Spring Break

April 17...Happy and Blessed Easter

April 30...Confirmation for Class of 2022 at 9:00am

May 12...Art Show 6:30-8:00pm with Band Performance

May 20-21...Godspell at Newtown Middle School; 7-9pm

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Our Children Pray for Peace

God of love,
We pray for peace in our world, and an end to war.
Instead of hatred, let there be love.
Shelter your children and protect us.
Guide us and keep us from harm,
so we can build a world of love and live our lives in peace.

Keep on your toes, keep your head in the game;
tomorrow is April Fools' Day, nothing will be the same!